How to Message a Tattoo Artist on Instagram

Efficiently convey your ideas and express your interest through DMs.

When it comes to reaching out to a tattoo artist on Instagram, effective communication is key. Crafting a concise and engaging message that showcases your interest and respects your time is crucial. In this guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and etiquette to help you compose a professional and thoughtful message, ensuring a positive interaction with your tattoo artist on Instagram.

How to message a tattoo artist on Instagram

How to Message a Tattoo Artist on Instagram

Messaging a tattoo artist on Instagram is a convenient way to communicate your ideas and discuss tattoo designs. Introduce yourself, express interest in their work, and kindly request further information or a consultation.

Keep the following points in mind while sending a message to a tattoo artist on Instagram.

1. Begin by Greeting Them

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Polite greetings serve as a means to bridge the gap between you and the artist, fostering a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere by eliminating formalities. Moreover, they demonstrate genuine care for the individual’s well-being. Furthermore, if you are aware of the artist’s name, utilizing it in your greeting can leave a lasting impression, implying a level of familiarity between both parties.

2. Try to Appreciate Their Work

The focus should be on conveying how much you are impressed by their work. Make sure that the appreciation is based on their Instagram posts and their entire profile. Additionally, talk about how their skills and final output stand out from other tattoo artists. Let them know you’ve followed them for a while and are extremely interested in their creativity.

3. Describe the Details of the Tattoo You Wish to Have on Yourself.

As a customer, it’s very important to understand your own needs especially when it comes to getting a tattoo forever. If you are sure about the tattoo you want then explaining the same thing to the artist shouldn’t be challenging as most professionals will understand their customer’s needs.

Tell them the style, design, and color of your desired tattoo. But keep in mind that you give them a clear and brief description of the tattoo. This will allow the tattoo artist to analyze what you exactly want.

4. Inform Them About the Size

Tattoos have different sizes and it is important to know the size of the tattoo that will suit you. Describe the place and the size of the tattoo to the artist. For easy reference, you can attach a picture of the design you have in your mind.

For example, if you wish to have a tattoo on your arm then the size of the tattoo must sync perfectly with your arm.

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5. Informing the Tattoo Artist About Your Availability

Since tattoo artists are often busy. To avoid confusion, it is a good habit that you mention your availability to them. Tattoo artists can now check their schedules and look out for the available slots. Once they find an empty slot they may inform you about it to get fix the appointment.

6. If You Have Questions, Ask Them

If you have questions then you can ask the tattoo artists for getting the clarification. The questions can be related to safety measures or something closely related to their tattoo treatment.

7. Sign Off

Now that you’re done telling and asking everything, it’s important to provide your contact details like phone and full name to the artist. Don’t forget to thank them for their precious time and efforts in replying to you. And to maintain the continuous contact mention that you’re looking forward to their response.

Now, wait for the artist to reply to your message and avoid needlessly double texting them. But you can ping them again if you think they’re taking longer time than you expected.

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Should You Message a Tattoo Artist on Instagram?

Instagram is filled with tattoo artists. The entire platform is their market to sell their art. If you visit profiles of different tattoo artists then it becomes easy for you to rate them. You can find plenty of information about the tattoo artists on their Instagram handles.

Messaging a tattoo artist is not a big deal and if you wish to have a tattoo then you should not be reluctant about it. The tattoo artists remain online most of the time therefore chances are high that they will get back to you using different communication routes like emails, calling, or messaging.

We hope this guide helped you and now you can confidently message a tattoo artist on Instagram with professionalism. Building a strong rapport through effective communication will contribute to a successful collaboration and a memorable tattoo experience. Drop your queries and suggestions in the comment section below.

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