How to Mass Unfollow Everyone on Instagram in 2024

Declutter your feed effortlessly and curate your digital circle!

Has your Instagram following ever felt like a crowded room with no familiar faces? If you’re nodding to this, then it’s time to bid farewell to these accounts and make room for some known faces. This article will tell you how to mass unfollow Instagram.

how to mass unfollow instagram

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram in 2024

Sometimes, you might follow a lot of people randomly in the hope of getting follow back. However, if that purpose isn’t achieved, you can unfollow everyone who hasn’t followed you back. You can also choose to unfollow in bulk In these kinds of scenarios, unfollowing in bulk is the only solution.

You can try categorizing your following into different types to know best on whom to unfollow: inactive accounts, fake accounts, those who don’t follow you back, and who unfollowed you. There is no in-built feature to do so. So, you need to use third-party apps like Phantom Buster. Though this tool is free, you need to enter your card details to mass unfollow on Instagram. Remember to cancel before the amount has been debited.

Note 1: We do not endorse any such apps/tools that offer such services; therefore, use these at your discretion.

Note 2: If you don’t want to use any app to mass unfollow, then you can unfollow users one by one by going to their profile or from your following list.

Now, let us look into the steps on how to mass unfollow Instagram using Phantom Buster:

1. Open the browser on your device and go to the Phantom Buster site.

2. Tap on Try for free and then create your account.

3. Now, enter the details asked on the screen and tap on Next.

tap on next

4. Now, link your Instagram account by the extension.

5. Add the profile URLs you want to unfollow.

Note: You can also add the URLs to Google Spreadsheet and link it to Phantom.

6. Now, select unfollow or unfollow only if they don’t follow you and set the time frequency.

7. Now, start it and wait until all the accounts are unfollowed.

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How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram Without Getting Blocked

The unfollow limit per hour is 200. So to unfollow without getting blocked, remember to do it within the limit. Try to set a small limit per hour and don’t unfollow the account back to back. 

How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram PC

Refer to the section below to mass unfollow on Instagram PC:

Method 1: Use Instagram Mass Unfollow Tool

To mass unfollow on Instagram using rolls, you can either refer to the sections above or use the Combin Growth tool that’ll tell you and remove the users that don’t follow you. Follow the steps mentioned below to use it:

1. Open the browser on your device and go to the official Combin Growth site. 

2. Click on Try For Free and install the tool for your device.

click on try for free

3. Login with your Instagram username and password.

4. Now, click on users in the left panel and click on Not Followers.

5. Click on Select All or choose users manually.

6. Click on Unfollow icon.

Method 2: Use Mass Unfollow Instagram Extension

The best mass unfollow Instagram extension is Superpowers for Instagram. Follow the steps mentioned below to use mass unfollow Instagram extension:

1. Open the browser on your device and search for Superpowers for Instagram.

2. Click on Add to Chrome to download the extension.

click on add to chrome

3. Now, open the extension and click on Options.

4. Select the mass unfollow option.

5. Now, go to your Instagram and then go to your following list.

6. Click on Unfollow All or select the accounts to unfollow.

Method 3: From their Profile

Follow the steps mentioned below to mass unfollow on Instagram PC from their profile:

1. Go to the user’s profile whom you want to unfollow

2. Click on the Following and then Unfollow.

click on unfollow

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Method 4: From Following List

Follow the steps mentioned below to mass unfollow on Instagram PC from the following list: 

1. Go to your profile and click on following at the top.

2. Click on Following next to the username you want to unfollow.

3. Click on Unfollow again to confirm your action.

click on unfollow in the pop-up

How to Auto Unfollow on Instagram for Free

To auto-unfollow on Instagram for free, you can try different third-party tools and apps like Phantom Buster. Remember, using and choosing the third-party tools and apps are to be done with care and take into consideration the possible risks.

To sum up, always remember, that it’s quality over quantity. It’s not about reducing the numbers, it’s about creating a space for the things you like and enjoy. Hope this article helped you with how to mass unfollow Instagram. Keep reading our blogs for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries below in the comment section.

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