How to Make Keyboard Bigger on Android Phones & Tablets

Easy ways to resize the keyboard for your fingers to glide across it for swifter typing

In smartphones, the size of the keyboard size does matter. We mean, you won’t want to squint at tiny keys or struggle to hit the right letters, would you? Let’s make typing easier for you on an Android device by making the size of the keyboard bigger. Ultimately, if you don’t find the larger keyboard size attractive enough, we will discuss how you can bring it back to normal.

how to make keyboard bigger on android

How to Make Keyboard Bigger on Android

Smartphones these days involve a lot of typing, whether composing witty messages, or heartfelt emails. A bigger keyboard is comparatively comfortable to use and allows you to type with precision and ease. Android holds no back when it comes to customization and let’s go through a few steps as we route to the perfect bold typing experience.

Quick Answer

To make your keyboard bigger on an Android device:

1. In the Additional Settings of your device, tap on Languages and input.

2. Select Manage keyboards and choose the keyboard you use.

3. Tap on Preferences followed by Keyboard height.

4. Choose the preferred height from the list and save.

Can I Make Keyboard Larger on Android?

Yes, you can make the keyboard on a smartphone larger by modifying the keyboard settings. 

1. Navigate to the Settings app on the Android device and choose Additional settings.

2. Tap on Languages and input.

3. Select Manage keyboards.

4. Choose the keyboard you’re currently using. In our case, we are using Gboard.

Choose the keyboard you're currently using (e.g., Gboard).

5. Again go back to Settings then tap Preferences.

6. Tap on Keyboard height.

7. Change the size to your liking. We have to increase it, so we chose tall.

Change the size to your liking

The keyboard’s size will increase.

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How Do I Get My Android Keyboard Back to Normal

If you’re having problems with your bigger keyboard Android and want to restore it back to normal, perform the following steps:

1. Tap on Additional settings in the Settings of your Android device.

2. Tap on Language and input followed by Manage keyboards.

3. Select the keyboard you use.

4. Again go back to Settings then tap Preferences.

5. Tap on Keyboard height and select Normal from the list.

Tap on Keyboard height and select Normal from the list

If you use Google Keyboard, there are multiple predefined sizes. For any other keyboard, the options might differ or you might have to adjust the size manually. 

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We sincerely hope that you found this guide to be helpful in making the keyboard bigger on your Android device. If you have any further queries or suggestions, leave a comment for us.

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