How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

Begin baking delectable goodness!

Christmas is just around the corner, and amidst the spine-chilling winters, many of you must be eager to celebrate it cozied up in the comfort of your room. So, how about adding some cookie-making fun to the mix, both in the real and virtual world? Power up your PC, launch Minecraft, and join us to make some deliciously fresh and tender cookies. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you back. Let’s begin!

How to Make Cookies In Minecraft

How to Craft Cookies in Minecraft

Cookies are one of the easiest things to make the game. It is very resource-efficient and easy to make in bulk. One cocoa bean can get you a whopping eight cookies. Although it only restores one-tenth of your hunger chop (2 hunger points) and gives only 0.4 saturation, it is still a good snack to keep your health bar filled. You only need 2 ingredients to make them all – cocoa beans and wheat. So let’s make it.

Step 1: Collect Cocoa Beans and Harvest Wheat

Cocoa beans are generally found in Jungle Biomes which appear next to other biomes such as plains, forests, and swamps. You can distinguish them from other biomes by their tall trees.

  • Find a cocoa pod, generally located next to the jungle trees.
  • Do try to find the orange-brown pods as they contain more seeds compared to the green ones. Usually, green pods contain only one cocoa bean whereas orange-brown ones have two to three beans.

Once you collected enough cocoa beans you need to harvest wheat in the farmland. If you already have wheat, you can skip the process.

  • Convert an area of dirt or grass into farmland using a hoe.
  • Fill four blocks of the farmland with water, either on the same horizontal level or one block higher. Changes in the color of the farmland to a darker shade indicate that it has been watered.
  • Keep it bright using sunlight or a torch.
  • Plant seeds on farmland and wait for two to three Minecraft days. Once the seeds turn into tall, yellow wheat stalks, break them and collect wheat in your inventory.

You can also explore the map to find wheat (having a map tool such as Amidst can be very helpful). 

Cocoa Beans in Minecraft

Step 2: Prepare the Cookies

Do remember, you need wheat and cocoa beans in the ratio of 2:1. So, 2 parts of wheat and 1 part of cocoa beans to make 8 Minecraft cookies. 

  • In your 3×3 crafting table, place the cocoa bean in the middle of the 2nd column followed by wheat placed on both sides.
  • Once done a pack of 8 cookies will appear in the box to the right.
  • Move those cookies to your inventory box and savor them in your quests.

Note: You can even trade for cookies. Just find a village and a farmer and trade with them until you reach the journeyman level. After that, you can trade three emeralds for 18 cookies.

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How to Craft Cookies in Minecraft Survival

Minecraft Survival game mode makes your character vulnerable inside the environment and forces you to craft materials and store them in your inventory grid as tools to go further in the game. You can follow the same recipe and ingredients that is 2 parts of wheat and 1 part of cocoa beans as mentioned above to make cookies in both the survival mode and 1.19 update.

How to Make Cookies In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the multiplayer version of the game. Unlike previous iterations that used to run in Java, this operates in bedrock codes which is also the inspiration behind its name. It also follows the same recipe as mentioned above.

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How to Make Cookies Jar in Minecraft

Jars are an essential tool that helps you in stacking up to 5 items under one label. This helps in saving up space in the inventory. You would need the following items to make a cookie jar – 1 Iron Ingot; 4 Glass Panes or other building material; 1 Cookie; and 2 Redstone Dust.

  • Open your crafting grid, place the Iron Ingot in the middle of the top column, and in the same row place your cookie and Redstone Dust under the Iron Ingot.
  • Surround the cookie and the Redstone dust with Glass panes on either side.
  • Once done a cookie jar will be created on the right side of your crafting grid, which can then be shifted to the inventory.

Having your inventory stocked up with easy-to-go snacks such as cookies will keep the bar full throughout the game. We hope our guide helped you make cookies in Minecraft and its different modes and editions. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section.

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