How to Make a Secret Instagram Account

Live a private life online and keep it concealed from prying eyes by creating a secret Instagram account.

Do you long for a void on Instagram to fill with your thoughts, feelings, and creativity without revealing your identity? If so, then learning how to make a secret Instagram account can come in handy. You can use it to post your paintings, book recommendations, and food vlogs without ruining the color coordination of your original account. Let’s dive right in.

How to Make a Secret Instagram Account

How to Make a Secret Instagram Account

Having two different Instagram profiles can help you manage your personal and professional lives separately. You can post anything without fearing judgment from relatives or coworkers. Moreover, it hardly takes a few minutes so let’s learn how to make a secret Instagram account in the upcoming paragraphs. 

Can you Make a Secret Instagram Account?

Yes, you can create a confidential account on Instagram to post selfies with bae, #staycation pictures, or random thoughts at midnight. It is a perfect way to embrace your true self. This sums up the answer to can you make a secret Instagram account without letting anyone know.

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How to Make a Secret Instagram Account

Creating a secret Instagram account is similar to making a new profile on Instagram. However, there are a few things to remember which will be discussed later in the article. First, let us discuss the steps for how to make an undisclosed Instagram account:

1. Launch Instagram on your Android smartphone.

2. Tap on Create New Account.

3. Enter Username and tap Next.


4. Create a password and tap Next.

Create a password and tap Next | How To Make a Secret Instagram Account

5. Next, tap EMAIL.

tap EMAIL.

6. Enter your email address and tap Next.

7. Then, tap on Complete Sign up and choose Private in Account privacy.

Choose Private | How To Make a Secret Instagram Account

8. Finally, Add profile photo.

Note: You can use any image as your profile picture to keep your account private.

Now you are all set to make your secret Instagram account a place where you can be unfiltered.

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How do I Hide my Second Instagram Account?

To hide your Instagram account, all you have to do is choose the Private option as mentioned in step 8. Apart from this, here are a few things that can help you with keeping this secret:

  • Always use a dummy email address to sign up on Instagram to keep your identity a secret.
  • Avoid linking other Instagram or Facebook profiles with your new confidential Instagram account.
  • If you want to keep your secret account public, avoid sharing your own pictures, videos, or including anything personal in your Instagram bio.
  • Be creative with your Instagram username so your friends or coworkers cannot even suspect if the account is yours.

Learning how to make a secret Instagram account can help you express yourself better. By following the steps mentioned in this blog, you can easily set up a new account and start sharing your creative work with a large audience. Give it a try today and get ready to explore the endless possibilities of your creativity.

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