How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft Bedrock

Craft a bubble elevator in Minecraft Bedrock to effortlessly transfer items, creatures, and players.

One of the most delightful features of Minecraft is the freedom to build extraordinary structures, including elevators that effortlessly transport players across various levels of a building or edifice. In this guide outlining the creation of a bubble elevator in Minecraft Bedrock, we will explore an innovative and entertaining method of traversing between floors.

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft Bedrock

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft Bedrock

If you’re familiar with Minecraft, you’re well aware that one of its most gratifying elements is the power to construct grand structures. And what better opportunity to showcase your creativity than by crafting an entertaining and distinctive means of crossing levels? Enter the bubble elevator. Today, we will discover the process of crafting a bubble elevator within the game. So, let’s get started!

Quick Answer

To make a bubble elevator in Minecraft Bedrock, follow these steps:

1. Pick a location and place a vertical column of Soul Sand blocks.

2. Plant Kelp and keep adding blocks to extend it.

3. Now, add water to push players up the elevator and test it.

4. Finally, build an entrance and exit for your elevator. 

What is a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft?

A bubble elevator in Minecraft is an elevator that employs bubbles generated by underwater sources to lift players vertically. It offers a swift and efficient method of ascending and descending stairs while also imparting a visually appealing touch to any edifice. Moreover, bubble elevators can facilitate the transfer of items, creatures, and players alike.

But how do you build a bubble elevator in Minecraft? It’s quite simple, and this guide will show you how to do it step-by-step. So, get ready and head to the next section on how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft bedrock. to impress your friends and add a new element of creativity to your builds with a bubble elevator.

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How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft with Kelp

Are you tired of manually building up tall structures in Minecraft, block by block, just to get to the top? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a new solution that will save you time and energy. Introducing the bubble elevator! This innovative elevator is automatic, which means that as soon as you step into it, you will be carried up to any height you desire without having to lift a finger. And the best part? It runs on water!

Minecraft Kelp | how to make a bubble elevator in minecraft bedrock

Despite being completely submerged, you won’t drown once the elevator is up and running. It’s a game-changer, especially for players who want to save time and effort. The bubble elevator is compatible with both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, so players on any platform can take advantage of this amazing technology. It’s incredibly easy to learn, and you’ll be using it like a pro in no time.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft using kelp:

Materials needed:

  • Kelp
  • Soul Sand
  • Water bucket
  • Building blocks (e.g. cobblestone, dirt, etc.)

Note: If a player wishes to make the elevator travel down instead of up, they can do it by swapping the soul sand with a magma block.

Step 1: Choose a Location

Pick a location that is suitable for building the elevator. It’s best to find a deep enough body of water where you can build the elevator without having to dig too far down.

Step 2: Place Soul Sand

Next, place a vertical column of Soul Sand blocks in the center of the area where you want to build your elevator.

Step 3: Plant Kelp

Plant kelp on top of the Soul Sand blocks. The kelp will naturally grow towards the surface of the water.

Step 4: Extend Kelp

Keep adding kelp blocks on top of each other until you reach the desired height for your elevator. Remember, the higher it is, the longer it will take for players to reach the top.

Step 5: Add Water

Place water source blocks at the bottom of the elevator column, and let the water flow through the kelp plants. This will push players up the elevator.

Step 6: Test

Test out your new bubble elevator by jumping into the column and swimming up it. If it doesn’t work, make sure there is enough water flowing through the kelp.

Step 7: Build Entrance/Exit

Build an entrance and exit for your elevator, preferably at the top to avoid drowning. You can use any type of block for this.

Step 8: Decorate

Now that your bubble elevator is complete, you can decorate it to your liking. Add lights, signs, or any other decoration you prefer.

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There you go! You’ve successfully built a bubble elevator using Kelp in Minecraft! Enjoy the convenience of traveling up and down your structures with ease.

Players can customize their bubble elevators to match their unique requirements and tastes with a little bit of creativity and experimentation. So give it a shot and enjoy the convenience of this one-of-a-kind means of transportation in Minecraft Bedrock! We hope that this guide on how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft Bedrock has helped you. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can leave them in the comment box below.

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