How to Install and Use WhatsApp on iPad Without iPhone

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WhatsApp indeed reigns as a global messaging app, connecting friends and family all over, right on the go. And the best part? It is supported on multiple platforms, via its standalone app or WhatsApp web. But here’s the catch: no dedicated app is yet released for iPadOS. So, the question arises: Can you install and use WhatsApp on your iPad without an iPhone and if so, how? Let’s find that out!

how to install WhatsApp on an iPad without an iPhone

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad without iPhone

As there isn’t an app version of WhatsApp for iPad right now, you cannot technically install it. You would need to log in to your account via WhatsApp web on Safari browser, simply with a QR code scan. Now when it comes to using WhatsApp on an iPad, in the absence of an iPhone in hand, there’s often been an unfortunate barrier.

With the multi-device feature on WhatsApp, you can link your iPad to your iPhone or Android smartphone and use it from both devices in real time. Now, as it is a one-time setup, you do not have to keep the primary device nearby or online always to use WhatsApp on the iPad. Follow the steps below to set up:

1. Launch the WhatsApp Web website in the Safari browser on the iPad.

You’ll find a set of instructions on the screen explaining how to log in to your account and on the right will be a QR code.

QR code on whatsapp web

2. Open WhatsApp on your Android device/iPhone, move to Settings and click on Linked Devices.

3. Tap on Link a Device.


4. Scan the OR code displayed on the iPad.

Once scanned, both devices will be linked and you can start using WhatsApp on your iPad. However, to continue using it without having to keep the primary device online, you’ll have to add it as a shortcut. 

5. In the WhatsApp Web in Safari tab, tap on the share icon next to the address bar.

6. Tap on Add to Home Screen, followed by Add.

That’s it! WhatsApp Web shortcut will not be added to the home screen and you can just tap on it to access WhatsApp easily.

How to Use WhatsApp on iPad Without QR Code

Is the WhatsApp web QR code not working while scanning? You can link WhatsApp and use it on your iPad even without a QR code. Follow the steps below:

1. Open WhatsApp Web in the Safari browser on the iPad.

2. You’ll see the Link with phone number instead option. Click on it.

You'll see the Link with phone number instead option. Click on it.

3. Select the Country code, enter the primary account phone number, and click on Next.

You’ll receive an 8-character code on the screen.

4. Now on the iPhone or Android device, tap on Enter code notification and unlock it.

5. Tap Confirm to confirm the location and device being paired.

6. Unlock the phone again and enter the 8-digit code that appeared on the iPad.

Without the QR code being scanned, both devices will be linked.

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We hope our guide helped you install WhatsApp on your iPad without an iPhone. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such tips and tricks.

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