How to Increase Spotify Blend Percentage with Friends

Build a stronger blend and bond!

Talking about sharing your music taste with your friend?

Spotify Blend combines the preferences of both into a single and personalized playlist which is updated daily based on the listening activity.

Spotify Blend Percentage reflects the music compatibility between two users.

Do you want to know how it works and how to increase it? We will guide you on the same. Let’s begin.

how to increase spotify blend percentage with friends

How to Increase Spotify Blend Percentage with Friends

Spotify Blend Percentage gives you an idea about how much you vibe with someone.

While Spotify has not publicly disclosed the algorithm used to calculate the percentage, here are some tips that can help you increase the same:

  • Listen more to the same music that your friends listen to.
  • Like the songs added by your friend
  • Introduce your friend to a genre they haven’t explored, and let them do the same for you.
  • Remove songs that do not belong to your friend’s music preferences as that also can impact the blend percentage.
  • Continue adding new tracks and listen to the existing ones as well.

As the exact details for the calculation of Spotify Blend Percentage are not yet available officially, specific actions will increase or decrease it.

However, we suggest you do not force it.

The more you naturally listen to similar music, the higher your Blend score will climb.

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How Does Spotify Blend Work

Now only for free users, the Blend feature is also available for those who get Spotify Premium.

It is based on the genres of the tracks, artists, and favorites added. 

As soon as you create one and your friends join it, Spotify peeks at your listening habits and keeps a tab on what people in the playlist listen to.

Based on what you both like, it picks songs you might both enjoy to blend your tastes together.

You get a cool automatically generated playlist to share that is updated daily.

How Much Spotify Blend Percentage Is Good

While there’s no magic number for a good Spotify Blend percentage, it all depends on your expectations and how similar your music tastes are with your friends. 

  • Below 50%: You and your friend have quite different music tastes even though your Blend might have some overlapping songs.
  • 50-70%: Good range for a Blend with a mix of your styles and some shared favorites. You might have some musical overlap but also unique preferences.
  • 70-90%: Indicates strong musical compatibility. Your Blend will be full of songs both of you enjoy.
  • Above 90%: Wow, you and your friend are practically musical twins. It reflects your shared music choices, almost like a personalized playlist you both made together.

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What is the Highest Spotify Blend Percentage Possible?

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t officially disclose the highest possible Blend percentage.

So, based on user reports and community discussions, it seems the highest score achievable is nearly 99%.

Here’s why reaching 100% might not be possible:

  • Overlaps and differences can be the reason. Even the most compatible friends might have some unmatched musical preferences.
  • Blend’s algorithm might not capture every single niche preference in someone’s listening history.

How to Make Spotify Blend with Friends

It’s quite easy to invite a friend to make a Spotify blend with you.

1. Open the Spotify app, tap on the search icon at the bottom, and search for Blend.

2. Select Blend Genre from the search results.

Select Blend Genre from the search results

3. Under Made For Us, tap Create a Blend

4. Tap on Invite and share the link with people who you want to create a Blend playlist with.

Note: You can invite up to 10 friends to a Blend. 

Once your friends join the Blend, you’ll see it listed in the Made for You tab.

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How to Make Spotify Blend With an Artist

Unfortunately, as of now, Spotify doesn’t let users create a Blend directly with an artist. 

You can only create them with friends or other users through invite links. However:

  • When you search for Blend, Spotify automatically shows some automated results created with different artists. 
  • Some artists have created their own fan Blends using third-party tools or have partnered with Spotify for special promotions. Look for announcements or links on their social media handles.
  • Search for Blend playlists on Spotify with [Artist Name] + Blend in the title to find fan-made ones if any.

What Do the Different Colors in Spotify Blend Mean?

Spotify Blend’s color palette consists of six different colors that indicate different music tastes and have multiple meanings.

  • Red: Loud and energetic music genres, such as rock, pop, and electronic
  • Orange: Usually upbeat like pop, dance, and hip-hop
  • Yellow: Happy and cheerful like pop, folk, and country
  • Green: Soothing relaxed music like classical and jazz
  • Blue: Deep thoughtful songs including indie, folk, and more
  • Purple: Soulful light music

You cannot manually change these colors. Instead, they are determined by Spotify’s algorithm based on the type of music you are listening to.

We hope our guide helped you increase your Spotify Blend percentage and cherish your shared musical taste even more.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to TechCult for more such tips and tricks.

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