How to Increase Bass on Spotify Android

If you are listening to songs on Spotify but the beats are not hitting the right way because of pressed tunes, volume may not problem but simply in the low bass. If you like the thump and echoes in songs, it is important to increase the bass on Spotify so you can enjoy music better on Android. But how do you do so? Let’s find the solution!

How to Increase Bass on Spotify Android

How to Increase Bass on Spotify Android

By adjusting the equalizer settings from Spotify, you can tailor the sound to your preferences, giving the bass that extra energy you wish. The steps to increase song bass are pretty simple, follow them as shown below:

1. Open Spotify and swipe left from the homepage or tap your profile picture.

2. Tap Settings and privacy.

3. Scroll down to Audio Quality and tap on Equalizer under it.

Scroll down to Audio Quality and tap on Equalizer under it

You will be redirected to Audio Settings on the device.

4. Tap on Equaliser and set it as per your preference.

Note: You can tap on the Adapt sound option and choose your preferred bass option.

Can I Use Third-Party Equalizer Apps to Increase Bass While Using Spotify on Android?

Yes, Android users can use third-party equalizer apps from the Google Play Store to adjust bass levels while listening to music on Spotify.

Do I Need a Premium Subscription to Spotify to Use Equalizer Apps for Bass Adjustment?

No, you do not need a premium subscription to Spotify to use third-party equalizer apps to adjust bass. These equalizer apps work independently of Spotify. Therefore, they can be used with any audio source on your Android device.

Can I Customize Bass Settings for Specific Songs on Spotify?

No, Spotify does not provide control over bass settings for individual songs or playlists on its Android app. Any bass changes made will apply to all audio.

Will Increasing Bass Affect Audio Quality or Battery Life on Android Device?

Depending on the intensity of the adjustments made, increasing bass levels using equalizer settings or apps may affect audio quality and battery life. Excessive bass boost can alter audio and consume more battery power, especially if using system-wide equalizer settings.

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Now that you know how to increase the bass on Spotify on your Android device, blast music at parties or enjoy loud music of your choice. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comments section. Keep visiting TechCult for more tech-related know-how.

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