How to Host a Discord Bot

If you’re a professional player or streamer, you’ve probably been on Discord. Commonly used to communicate during gameplay and streams, it is one of the most popular applications out there. To make your experience better and easier, Discord also offers bots that you can use to simplify tasks. But what if you need to create a bot that can suit your own specific needs? Well, you’ll be happy to know you can host a Discord bot too! Let’s see how.

How to Host a Discord Bot

How to Host a Discord Bot

Hosting your very own Discord bot gives you the freedom to develop it to suit your needs. This way you can customize your servers and make it a personalized experience. Since Discord does not offer us an in-built software to host bots, you need first to create one from a trusted web hosting platform. So, stay tuned to know how it’s all done.

1. Visit the official website of Silly Developer and click on Join at the top right corner.

2. Create an account by entering username, password, and Email address and click on Register.

3. Now, login and verify your account from Email.

4. Click on the Store icon in the left menu and then on Create Server.

5. Type in a name under Server name and a bio under Server description.

6. Under Resource Limits, enter your preferred number in Server CPU limit, Server RAM limit, and Server Storage limit.

7. Under Feature Limits, add your data in Server allocation, Server backups, and Server databases.

8. Click on Available Nodes under Deployment and select Delta (UK) | 57% free | 35 credits.

9. Click on Select a nest. . . under Server Nest and click on Code Languages.

10. Then, click on Server Egg and select code language your bot is made with. Here, we have selected Node.js.

11. Now, click on Create.

click on Create

12. Right-click on your desktop’s home screen and select New.

13. Click on Compressed (zipped) Folder.

14. Open your downloaded bots file and copy all files excluding cache and modules.

15. Paste the file in the ZIP folder.

16. Now, open the Silly Development tab again and click on Files from the top ribbon.

17. Click on Upload.

18. Select your ZIP file and click on Open.

19. Click on the three dots below New File and select Unarchive.

20. Tick on Host ZIP folder and select Delete.

22. Now, click on Startup from the top ribbon.

23. Click on JS FILE and enter your main file under the box.

24. Click on Console from the top ribbon and click on Start.

Note: If you get any errors during bot processing, simply go to Startup and add the package name as asked.

25. Now, open the Discord and go to your server.

26. Select the SERVER CREATOR bot from the left panel to check if it is active.

This way you can see your bot has successfully been developed and host it on Discord.

Does Hosting Bot Cost Money?

Discord bots are created from web hosting domains that generally charge a subscription fee for their services like Ultrahost, Hostinger, and Kamatera. However, you can also find some free-to-use domains as well as paid software that offer one-month free trials.

What Do I Need to Host a Discord Bot?

You will need several data to host a Discord bot such as:

  • The bot’s source code is written in a programming language such as JavaScript for Discord.js or Python for
  • A server or cloud platform where you can deploy and run your bot’s code. This can be a VPS dedicated server, or cloud service provider like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Heroku.
  • Any libraries, modules, or packages required by your bot’s code to function properly.
  • A token generated by Discord for your bot, which is used to authenticate and connect the bot to Discord servers.

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By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to easily host a Discord bot and create your own personalized experience. Keep visiting TechCult to know the latest tech walkarounds. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comments section.

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