How to Get Google Maps Quickest Route with Multiple Destinations

Google Maps is a powerful navigation tool that millions rely on for directions, and it becomes even more valuable when you have multiple destinations to visit. If you’re planning a trip with multiple stops and want to find the quickest route to efficiently reach all of them, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Google Maps to plan a route with multiple destinations, allowing you to optimize your journey, save time, and make the most out of your travels. Let’s get started and discover how to plan your multi-destination trips with ease.

How to Get Google Maps Quickest Route with Multiple Destinations

How to Get Google Maps Quickest Route with Multiple Destinations

Decide where you want to travel first, then divide that stop into as many as you want to add—you simply need to organize them in the right order.

Option I: On PC

1. Go to Google Maps on website.

2. Then, click on Direction icon.

click on Direction icon

3. Add a starting point and destination.

Add a starting point and destination

4. Click Add symbol on the left, beneath the location.

plus icon

Note: Pick a different location if you want to include a stop. You may add up to 10 different destinations. You would have to manually rearrange the destinations in the order to obtain fastest route on Google Maps for all of your destinations (10 stops maximum).

5. Go ahead and click on a route to access the directions.

Option II: On Mobile phone

1. Open your Google Maps

2. Tap on Search bar and type your destination.

3. Then, select the Directions.

click on Directions. How to Get Google Maps Quickest Route with Multiple Destinations

4. Tap on the three dots on the right-side corner, select the Add stop option.

Click on Add stop

4. There will be a third waypoint, “B,” visible. To select a second destination, tap it.

Note: You can also drag it to rearrange the waypoints.

Hence, this is how you can get Google Maps quickest route with multiple destinations 

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What To Do if the Fastest Route is Not Displayed by Google Maps?

At times Google Maps may not show you the fastest route due to minor errors like outdated updates or some background apps that may interrupt the app. You can solve this by updating the app and by clearing caches.

Method 1: Update Google Maps

Firstly you can try to update the Google Maps app as shown the steps below.

1. Go to Google Play Store app.

2. Next, in the search bar above, enter Google Maps to open it.

3. Tap on Update button.

Method 2: Clear App Cache

Another way to fix the issue is by clearing the app cache files.

1. Navigate to the Settings app of your phone and open it.

2. Now, open Apps & permissions in it.

Open Apps and permissions. How to Get Google Maps Quickest Route with Multiple Destinations

3. Next, select App manager from the list of options.

Select App manager

4. Now, locate Google Maps from the list and open it.

5. Further, tap on Storage in the App info.

6. In it, first, tap on Clear data and then on Clear cache.

tap on Clear data and then on Clear cache. How to Get Google Maps Quickest Route with Multiple Destinations

How to Use Google Maps to Determine the Shortest Route to Several Locations

The reason why Google Maps does not display the shortest routes is that Google Maps will hunt for an alternate route if the quickest path contains a controlled access road if the access is temporarily limited.

Fortunately, there are resources you may utilize to determine the shortest path between several locations. Though it does have some shortcomings, Google Maps is one of the most widely used. We’ll go step by step on how to use Google Maps to locate the shortest route and discuss another route planner that will significantly simplify your life.

The shortest route can be easily planned using Google Maps. Follow the given steps to use Google Maps quickest route with multiple destinations

1. Launch Google Maps app.

2. In the search bar, type your destination.

3. Tap on Directions.

click on Directions

4. To let Google know you’re driving, make sure the car symbol is selected.

The distance and travel time for each route are displayed next to them in Google’s list of possible routes. Choose the route with the least distance if the shortest distance is what you prefer. Google Maps typically chooses the shortest route by default. The program may not always show the shortest route in terms of miles, though.

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What is Google Maps Travel Planner?

Whether you’re planning a single journey or a group outing, Google Maps can help you identify the most effective routes. Google Maps could be your ideal traveling companion if you want to fulfill your vacation objectives but are unsure of how to get there. You may access Google Maps from anywhere, and it aids in planning your trip. As a result, if you frequently travel, then Google Maps travel planner has got you covered.

For adventurous travelers, Google Maps works best for locating a number of locations that are spread out along the route. It aids in finding pertinent data and the travel time needed to get there. Along with providing multiple routes to get to your destination, it also displays real-time traffic.

Reasons to Use Google Maps Instead of Other Travel Planning Tools

  • Aids in Scheduling Road Trips: Whether your goal is a long-distance trip or a quick excursion to a nearby spot, Google Maps helps you pick the ideal locations for your road trip Itineraries. It will also offer restaurant suggestions once you’ve decided on the tour’s location. Your trip would so be one to remember.
  • Simple to Use While Traveling: Using Google Maps to plan a trip is simpler because you can access or download it from a mobile device. So, once your road trip itinerary is prepared, you can keep Google Maps open and follow the routes. Additionally, it gives you the choice to use offline maps that include crucial information like approximate time, turning spots, and remaining distance.
  • Offers effective routes: No matter how far away your location is, Google Maps can help you find affordable routes in a matter of seconds. Road restrictions including closed-off areas, backed-up traffic, and construction sites are taken into account while planning a trip. You’ll probably arrive at your location quickly if you use the Google-approved maps as your guide.
  • Information on Additional Locations: With regard to the chosen locations, Google Maps keeps you informed of all the information it possesses. Along with sharing data on price, availability predicted arrival time, and customer reviews. Additionally, you can go through the photos that the owner or other users of the mapping platform have posted.
  • Google Map that can be modified: Users of the well-known mapping platform are free to edit the information and add new details for each site. As a result, it will bring to memory important information related to the chosen stop. To your generated route map, you can also add a color code and different icons for the directions. For instance, you can add the dot icon for hotels or resorts as you choose.
  • Connects automatically to other Google Maps: You would have many Google Apps on your smartphone if you were a Google user. You may access information on any other app or device thanks to the automatic syncing of such apps with the mapping platform. In short, you can get the route plan through seamless interaction with Google-based services. The fact that you have the Google Maps app downloaded will ensure that other Google products are kept current.

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How to Use Google Maps to Plan Routes with Multiple Stops

Prior to beginning a road trip, which can take time, preparing the itinerary should be your top priority. The method can actually be made quite simple to understand if you refer to the guide below, and you will also be able to figure out how to create the shortest and fastest path. Google Maps won’t be usable at all, though, if you add more than 10 destinations.

Google Maps makes it quite simple to organize a multi-stop destination if you’re running a few errands around town.

However, because it only supports a restricted number of destinations and lacks any optimization features, Google Maps can occasionally be unpleasant.

We’ll jump right to the point, which is to design a route with several destinations since you already know how to add numerous destinations to Google Maps as was previously mentioned.

It’s not too difficult to use Google Maps fastest route multiple stops to plan a route. Therefore, if you enter many stops on Google Maps, you must change the addresses during the time you should be driving.

Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t have the capability to automatically rearrange the addresses, so if you want to take a quicker route, you’ll have to do it manually.

If you are going for a shorter route then, first

1. Organize Stops

The list must be divided into separate lists with nine addresses each if it has more than nine stops.

  • through pin code
  • either by street name or number
  • by urban quadrant

2. Include Starting Point of all Stops

If you’re starting from a different location than where you are now, you must specify it in Google Maps because it will automatically enter your current position. You might not know which stop will be the first or perhaps the last, so simply hazard a guess. Later, it can be fixed. Finally, once you’ve entered every stop, it’s ready to go on to the following action.

3. Move Steps Around

  • So that Stop A is closest to your starting position, and you don’t needlessly go backwards, it’s time to try to make all the stops follow a line. Any address in the list can be grabbed and moved up or down in the list by pressing and holding the = sign next to the address.
  • Drag Stop I up to Stop A on the list, for instance, if it is closest to where you wish to start.
  • Drag the addresses about the city until they are organized logically. Zoom in to identify the letters if there are numerous stops near one another.
  • Now, if you are considering the fastest route
  • A straight line isn’t necessarily the shortest path, so you’ll need to take some additional considerations into account to create fastest route on Google Maps.
  • You should take note of how long Google Maps fastest route multiple stops, currently estimates the entire trip time before experimenting with the route.

Listed below are a few ways to fasten the journey:

  • Whenever feasible, go on the roads and interstates.
  • Avoid traveling through school zones or streets with a high number of red lights.
  • When Google reveals a red area of your journey, this means traffic has slowed down.

By simply paying attention to highways and traffic bottlenecks, your journey could be shortened by thirty minutes.

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We hope that this explanation of Google Maps quickest route multiple destinations proved useful to you. Also we have briefly explained about Google Maps travel planner. Please let us know in the comments area if you have any ideas or questions for us.

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