How to Get Chegg Answers for Free

Finding the right balance between academic commitments and leisurely activities has been a dawning task these days. Although applications such as Chegg do sound helpful, let’s be honest, paying up for their subscription package sounds like a big hole in one’s pocket. If you also feel the same then, fear not as we will be sharing some loopholes that we found on how to get Chegg answers for free online!

How to get Chegg answers for free

How to Get Chegg Answers for Free Online

Tried to get the right answers for your assignment questions, only to see the preview is locked? Not anymore! Let’s look at the methods below and unlock Chegg answers for free online.

Method 1: Use Chegg Trial Period

If committing to a Chegg subscription seems like a big financial burden to you, then you can always utilize their services under the trial period. But to avail of these services, you do have to pay the first-month fee. But it is fully refundable. A general subscription package will cost you up to $14.95 per month. But they do run a lot of offers on their website all the time, so it is easy to find a discounted price as well. Once you have completed your assignment, you can always cancel your subscription and your refund will be initiated between 4 and 7 business days.

Note: We would advise you to resort to it as a last option since continuously doing this can lead to the blacklisting of your email account.

chegg homepage | get chegg answers for free

Method 2: Use Reddit

Reddit is a micro-blogging website where you share your opinions on anything that you find interesting. It is also a great place to find simple hacks and tricks albeit most of the things posted are very generic and the credibility behind the statements is shaky at best, you can still stumble upon things that genuinely work. If you get lucky, you can also find Chegg usernames and passwords of other people for free but we would advise you to cross-check your answers with a friend to make sure that the answers are correct. Also, you can get the Chegg answers instantaneously by searching r/CheggAnswers subreddit.

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Method 3: Use Discord

Discord has always had groups surrounding academic activities but not a lot of people were privy to it. This impression soon changed with the emergence of online classes due to lockdowns. New and improved groups have also emerged where people are open to sharing resources.

Surfing through these academic channels can help you find people who are also facing similar difficulties with their assignment and you can propose to either pitch in collectively to buy a subscription package or hope to use one that is already been subscribed by one of the users in the channel. A few Discord servers to access Chegg for free are Study Space 2, Homework Answers, StudyhelperPRO, and Numerade Unlocker FREE.

study space 2

Method 4: Join A Chegg Answers Telegram Group

Joining a Telegram group can also be a great way to get Chegg answers for free online. Once you join a telegram group, all you have to do is post your question over there and wait for the admin to get back to you. The entire process can be a little time-consuming so this method is not really suited for assignments that come with a time crunch. Also, these groups are generally flagged by Telegram due to violating copyright issues or sharing plagiarised content. So the chances of them being deleted are very high, and starting over with the entire process of finding a new Telegram group can be very exhausting. Also, you can make use of Telegram bots to get answers. One such bot is Chegg Solution Trabko.

Chegg Solution Trabko

Method 5: Use Google Opinion Reward to Pay for Chegg Subscription

Google Opinion Rewards is an easy way to earn credit points to pay for your Chegg subscription. It is a new feature that has recently been extended to India too where users using Android or iOS are paid to take on Google surveys. The amount received varies from country to country. You can also use the amount to buy or pay for other applications inside the Play Store.

Note: Most of these sites work as an alternative to Chegg and similarly you do have a subscription cost to pay to access their services but the fee is comparatively pocket-friendly. If price is still a major issue, you can access their services through their trial period.

Google Opinion Rewards

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Method 6: Use Google Search

The easiest way to find solutions for free is to search the question in Google, Bing, or any search engine for that matter. If you are able to find a URL link to the question then the chances of finding the exact solution increase exponentially. The accuracy of your solution can’t be predicted so cross-checking it with your classmate will be a good measure.

Method 7: Share Chegg Account with Friends

Chegg | Google Opinion Reward to Pay for Chegg Subscription

Chegg’s library is very massive with something for everyone. Whether you are doing research work, collecting data, or need tutoring regarding a certain topic, they got you covered. This is why the subscription package seems so appealing. Unlike Netflix, there is no ban on sharing passwords with your friends or colleagues. So buying a pack collectively can be really resourceful and pocket-friendly while no compromise is being made in your academics.

Method 8: Use Chegg Unblockers

You can access free material for a limited period through a trial pack by using sites such as Chegg unblockers or by following any of the methods listed above to complete your assignments without breaking the bank. Be careful whenever you log into a third-party website and double-checking your answers is also highly advised by our team. You can also use the Chegg unblocker Chrome extension to get full answers.

Chegg unblocker

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Method 9: Use Third-Party Apps

Using third-party apps does come with its fair share of danger, as most of them not only work but can extract your personal information, spread malware, or harm your devices in other ways. Having said that there are few recognized alternatives to Chegg that can be equally effective with your academic queries and come at a fraction of the price. Some of the sites that we found genuine are:

We all know that Chegg is a one-stop platform for all our academic needs but as students, we do operate under a very strict budget. The above-mentioned methods on how to get Chegg answers for free are really efficient in bridging the gap between quality assignments and good grades. If you have any other queries regarding this article please pin them down in the comment section.

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