How to Get All 3 Flowers in Blox Fruits with Locations

⁠Blox Fruits lets you pick cool races like Humans, Shark, Angel, and more and then sends you off on epic adventures. One standout mission in this game comes from the Alchemist, and if you ace it, you’ll evolve your race to V2. But, there’s a catch; you have to fetch three flowers: blue, red, and yellow to complete the mission. In this article, we’ll explore where to find the 3 flowers in Blox Fruits and how to get them easily.

How to Get All 3 Flowers in Blox Fruits with Locations

Where are the 3 Flowers in Blox Fruits Found and How to Get Them

In Blox Fruits, you’ll find various plants needed for the Alchemist quest. The Alchemist gives you this task to gather these plants, helping you level up your race. Once you finish the Flower Quest, you can upgrade your race to V2. Below, we’ve listed the plants with their specific colors to help you find them easily.

To Collect the Blue, Red, and Yellow Flowers in Blox Fruits:

  • Alchemist Location: Green Zone: behind some giant vines, below a Red mushroom. If you still can’t find him, here’ an easy way. Search near the spawn point of the marine quest giver and Fajita’s spawn point.
  • Requirements: Level 850+, Completed Colosseum Quest and $500,000

Note: To get yellow, red, and blue flowers in Blox Fruits, you need to look around the places given below and also in other places like Dark Arena. 

How to Get Red Flower in Blox Fruits

Here’s how you can find that elusive red flower in Blox Fruits. Also, remember red flowers spawn only during the daytime.

Get Red Flower in Location 1:

1. Navigate to the Green zone.

2. Continue straight until you see a quest giver next to crashed plane parts.

3. Ensure you’re at least at level 850 to begin their special quests.

4. After completing the quests, you’ll discover the red flower nearby.

red flower location

Get Red Flower in Location 2:

1. Now, move left from the location 1 and look for a stone structure.

2. Look for the red flower around it.

Get Red Flower in Location 3:

1. Go to the Kingdom of Rose.

2. Locate the left side of a bridge.

3. Identify a red building in that area.

4. Look for a flower between the bridge and the building.

Get Red Flower in Location 4:

1. Remain in the Kingdom of Rose.

2. Move left from the bridge’s location.

3. Continue until you reach a mansion.

4. Explore the area around the mansion.

You may discover the red flower in this area.

Get Red Flower in Location 5:

1. Stay within the Kingdom of Rose.

2. Locate a factory in the area.

3. On the left side of the factory, identify some odd green podium.

4. Climb up to the second podium.

5. Look around, and you’ll likely find the red flower.

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How to Get Yellow Flower Drop Chance in Blox Fruits

Finding the yellow flower is relatively simple compared to the red flower. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Head to the Second Sea.

2. Engage in battles with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) while in PCS form.

3. Defeat these NPCs during your encounters.

4. After defeating them, be aware that there’s a chance the yellow flower might show up.

Note: Pay close attention to these battles, especially in places like the Kingdom of Rose, as the flower may appear during your fights.

How to Get Blue Flower in Blox Fruits

Finding the blue flower is not easy because it only shows up at night. So, if you’re on a server where it’s daytime, you’ll need to wait. Here are the locations where you might find it:

Get Blue Flower in Location 1:

1. Go to the left side of the main island.

2. Search for a small island nearby.

3. Enter a cave located on this small island.

4. Inside the cave, find a hole at the top and go inside.

Here, you’ll discover two blue flowers.

Get Blue Flower in Location 2:

1. Head to Graveyard Island.

2. Explore the lower section of the island.

3. Next to the tombstone named Fuddlo, you can find another blue flower.

blue flower in Blox Fruits

Note: If you can’t find the flower next to it, look around the island.

Get Blue Flower in Location 3:

1. Head to the Kingdom of Rose.

2. From there, hop onto a boat heading to Usopp Island.

3. Here, you can find two flowers: one in the green patch and the next near the tree.

After collecting all three flowers, return to the Alchemist, and he’ll have Rave V2 ready for you.

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Make sure you check all the needed conditions and search everywhere to improve your chances of finding these flowers. We hope you found this article helpful and that you now know where are the 3 flowers in Blox Fruits. Stay tuned to Techcult for more such guides!

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