How to Fix System Interrupts 100 CPU in Windows 10

System interrupts are not a bad thing contrary to its name. It is an official part of the OS that works as a bridge between the hardware and software to display all resources used by the hardware. System interrupts are usually used to test or check the CPU usage of your computer. The need to fix system interrupts 100 CPU windows 10 stems from the high usage of CPU because of a range of processes that run in the computer. This article will immensely help you in knowing the reasons to Why is my CPU usage so high in Windows 10 and how to lower and fix this.

How to Fix System Interrupts 100 CPU in Windows 10

How to Fix System Interrupts 100 CPU in Windows 10

100% usage of CPU must be fixed to avoid any future damage to the functionality of your computer.

Why is my CPU usage so high on Windows 10?

High CPU usage might be because of a variety of reasons that may be connected to external as well as internal issues. The most prominent being Multiple Background Apps and processes and Antivirus usage.

Method 1: Restart Computer

A tried and tested method on how to fix system interrupts high CPU usage Windows 10 that can do wonders to solve most of your issues. As starting Windows is a complicated process, therefore, restarting the computer is a viable option when you want to fix system interrupts 100 CPU Windows 10.

1. Click on Windows icon.

2. Now, click on Power

3. Click on Restart

Click on windows icon click on power click on Restart | fix system interrupts 100 CPU windows 10

Method 2: Update Device Drivers

Many times, it happens that drivers become obsolete to work with the current updates on your Windows. This is when it becomes necessary to update them so that they can properly coordinate with the Operating system to interact with the other peripheral or internal devices that help a computer run smoothly and to fix 100 CPU memory and disk usage Windows 10. Please read How to Update Device Drivers on Windows 10 for further process.

Update Device Drivers on Windows 10

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Method 3: Disable USB Root Hubs

A USB Root Hub works by managing power to individual external devices through a computer’s USB ports. This is done by tracking the Plug-in and Plug-out of various USB devices.

Note: Make sure to avoid disabling the USB Root Hub meant for your Keyboard and Mouse. For this, you can Click on Properties. Then open the Power dialog to check the attached devices.

1. Press the Windows key + X key to access the Power Menu. Then, click on the Device Manager option to open it.

Windows key and X key click on device manager

2. Find and expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.

3. Right-click on each USB Root Hub leaving the USB hub for your keyboard and mouse.

4. Click on Disable device

Right-click on each USB Root Hub Click on Disable device | fix system interrupts 100 CPU windows 10

Method 4: Disable Fast Startup

Every computer has its own Boot time which can be increased by using the Fast Startup feature which reduces the boot time to a minimum. This speed can sometimes cause problems with the hardware and puts an extra load on the CPU which will force you to fix system interrupts 100 CPU windows 10. Please read How to Disable Antivirus Temporarily on Windows 10 to know the entire process as well as a little background on Fast Startup.

Disable Fast Startup

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Method 5: Disable Magic Packet

A Magic Packet is a wake-up command usually from a remote device most probably from a local Network which is why it is also called Wake ON LAN. It brings a computer to wake up state from a power-saving sleep mode. It may work wonders for how do I fix system interrupts at 100% CPU.

1. Follow Step 1 of Method 3

2. Find and Click on Network Adapters. Right Click on the specific Network Adapter and click on Properties.

3. Click on the Advanced box.

4. Scroll down in the Property dialog box to find Wake on Magic Packet and Wake on Pattern Match.

5. Select Disabled in the Value dialog and click on OK.

Method 6: Disable/Remove Hardware Devices

It may be possible that a particular hardware device might be interrupting the system’s optimum performance. This situation asks for a solution to fix 100 CPU memory and disk usage windows 10 by either disabling or removing hardware devices one by one to test the CPU performance individually.

Note: If you are not sure of what hardware device is critical for your computer functioning and what is not then please make use of some other method. But you can still try removing the device as it may not critically affect the computer’s functioning.

1. To disable a hardware device, open Device Manager using step 1 in Method 3.

2. Here find all those hardware devices that aren’t critical for a computer’s normal functioning such as DVD /CD-ROM drives.

3. Right-click on the device you find as not critical and click on Disable Device

Open Device Manager Click on Disable Device

4. Cross-check the CPU usage in the Task Manager to know if it has gone down. If it hasn’t then try disabling another device.

Follow these steps to remove devices and check usage simultaneously:

1. Remove one device at a time, wait a few minutes and see if the CPU Usage has gone down. If not, try removing another device until you find the hardware that is causing this issue.

2. After finding the problematic hardware try and update its driver. If it doesn’t work go to the support page of the said device to find further solutions.

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Method 7: Stop Apps Running in Background

Background apps do consume a lot of CPU usage which might be running without your knowledge. These apps might be causing the mentioned error which can be resolved by following our guide. Stop Apps from running in the background on Windows 10

Close Background Apps | fix system interrupts 100 CPU windows 10

Method 8: Disable Antivirus

As discussed in the above reasons Anti- viruses such as McAfee and Bitdefender can sometime hinder the normal functioning of a PC. Scanning a hard drive for requires a lot of CPU usage which can cause the said error. How to Disable Antivirus Temporarily on Windows 10

Disable Antivirus Temporarily

Method 9: Update BIOS

Updating your BIOS is one of the last steps to fix system interrupts 100 CPU windows 10 before you go further with professional troubleshooting methods. It stands for Basic Input and Output System and works by initializing most devices in a computer including the GPU and CPU. It acts as a bridge between the hardware and its operating system. At a point in time, it becomes necessary to update it for avoiding any performance degradation. Follow the methods explained in What is BIOS and how to update BIOS seamlessly that too in three ways. Choose whatever works best for you.

Update BIOS settings

Method 10: Repair System files

Another Windows system tool that scans for missing and damaged Windows system files is System File Check (SFC). Right, it sounds like CHKDSK. As opposed to CHKDSK, which analyses your entire drive for faults, SFC selectively checks for Windows system files. However, it is important to double-check that everything is fully operational before executing the SFC command. Here is our guide on How to Repair System Files on Windows 10.

sfc scannow repair command | fix system interrupts 100 CPU windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are System Interrupts?

Ans. System interrupts are used to show the system resources consumed by all the hardware interrupts occurring on your computer. It controls the flow of information between your computer system and hardware. In Task Manager, it will appear as a process.

Q2. How to lower CPU usage?

Ans. To lower your CPU usage you should make sure that no background apps are running that might hinder the optimum performance of the CPU. These might be also because of viruses and anti-virus that increase CPU usage by scanning the Hard Drives on a usual basis.

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We hope the above article on how to fix system interrupts 100 CPU windows 10 was helpful and you were able to fix the issue. Let us know which one of the above methods worked for you in resolving this CPU usage issue. Also, don’t forget to comment if you have any queries and/or suggestions.

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