4 Ways to Delete Comments on Reddit

Curate your Reddit interactions by selectively removing comments on the platform.

Have you ever encountered a captivating Reddit post that caught your interest and made you want to comment? However, as time goes by, your perspective changes, and you wish to retract your previous words. In such situations, knowing how to delete all your comments on Reddit can be extremely helpful. If you want to learn how to do this, make sure to follow this tutorial until the end.

How to Delete Comments on Reddit

4 Ways to Delete Comments on Reddit

There are times when we regret a comment we made on social media. Thankfully, unlike many other apps, you can easily delete and remove comments on Reddit. If you use Reddit primarily on your Android smartphone, here is how to delete your comments with just a few taps:

Quick Answer

Here are the steps to delete a comment on Reddit:

1. Visit the official Reddit website on your browser.

2. Click on the Profile icon from the top right corner.

3. Select Profile from the drop-down menu.

4. Navigate to the COMMENTS tab.

5. From the comment you want to delete, click on the three-dotted icon and select Delete.

Method 1: From Reddit App

1. Open the Reddit app on your Android phone.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your Reddit account.

2. Tap on your Avatar icon from the top right corner, as shown.

3. Tap on My profile.

Tap on My profile

4. Next, switch to the Comments tab.

tap on Comments

5. Now, tap on the target comment you wish to delete.

6. Tap on the three-dotted icon.

7. Tap on Delete.

8. Finally, select Delete from the confirmation popup to confirm your decision.

tap Delete | How to Delete Comments on Reddit

It is how to delete comments on Reddit from the app.

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Method 2: Via Reddit Website

This method is suitable if you only wish to remove a few comments. For this, all you have to do is:

1. Navigate to the official Reddit website in your PC/laptop browser.

2. Click on Log In.

3. Enter your Username and Password and click on LOG IN.

4. Click on the Profile icon from the top right corner of your dashboard.

5. Click on the Profile option from the drop-down menu.

Choose Profile from the drop-down menu

6. Next, click on the COMMENTS tab.

click on COMMENTS

7. Now, click on the three-dotted icon present next to the comment you wish to delete.

8. Click on Delete.

Click on Delete

9. Finally, click on Delete again to confirm your decision to delete Reddit comments.

Method 3: In Bulk from Old Reddit Website

If you wish to get rid of all comments at once, here is what you need to know:

1. Go to the old Reddit website.

2. Click on your Reddit username from the top right corner.

Click on your username

3. Next, click on comments from the top.

4. Press Ctrl + Shift + I keys simultaneously to open Developer tools.

5. Click on Console, as shown below.

Click on Console | How to Delete Comments on Reddit

6. Copy and paste the following code and press Enter key:

var $domNodeToIterateOver = $('.del-button .option .yes'),

currentTime = 0,

timeInterval = 1500;

$domNodeToIterateOver.each(function() {

var _this = $(this);

currentTime = currentTime + timeInterval;

setTimeout(function() {


}, currentTime);


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Method 4: In Bulk Using an Extension

You can use another option, which is an extension that deletes all your Reddit comments.

Note: Please use the Google Chrome browser only for this method as this works only on Chrome.

1. In the Chrome Web Store, search for Nuke Reddit History.

Nuke Reddit History extension |

2. Click on Add to Chrome option to install the extension.

Click on Add to Chrome option to install the extension

3. Click on Add extension from the pop-up.

Click on Add extension from the pop-up

4. Click on the Extensions icon from the toolbar and click on the Nuke Reddit History extension, as shown below.

Click on the Extensions icon from the toolbar and click on the Nuke Reddit History extension

5. Then, click on Overwrite & Delete All My Comments. All your comments will be deleted.

click on Overwrite and Delete All My Comments

By reading this article, you now know how to delete comments on Reddit and manage your expressed thoughts. So, the next time you want to retract a comment, you know exactly what to do. By learning this simple skill, you can have more control and use the app with confidence.

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