How to Curve Text in Cricut on Android

Adding a touch of curve to your text can take your Cricut projects from plain to extraordinary. Whether you’re customizing a mug, creating a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, or designing, curved text can enhance your project. In this guide, we will show you how to curve text in Cricut without any hassle on Android.

How to Curve Text in Cricut on Android

How to Curve Text in Cricut on Android

Cricut Design Space can be considered one of the best options for personalized designs. The app also provides a range of images, text styles, and project ideas for inspiration and various features for customization.

However, it doesn’t allow you to curve text directly, so the process requires a workaround. If you want to curve text in the Cricut mobile app, then follow the below steps:

  1. Sign in to your Cricut account.
  2. Tap on the Plus icon to create a New Project.
  3. On the canvas page, tap Shape and insert any shape you like. It will act as a guide for the text you want to curve.
  4. Now, click on the T icon and select the Font of your choice.
  5. Place your text above your shape, click the Action icon in the popup menu, and select Ungroup.
  6. Manually place the text letters in the form of a curve.
  7. Finally, remove the shape, tap on Action, and select Weld from the popup menu.

tap on Weld

How to Curve an Image on the Cricut App

Cricut Design Space does not offer a built-in feature to curve an image as the app primarily focuses on text and vector graphics.

However, you can use other features such as Slice and Layers to get similar results. You can ungroup and cut your image into smaller sections and then layer it again in a curved manner.

  1. Open Cricut and create a New Design.
  2. Select two shapes of your choice.
  3. Overlap them a little and then select them as a whole by dragging your finger from top to bottom of the shapes.
  4. Now, in the slider bar find and tap on Slice.
  5. Your shapes will be sliced in the way you overlapped them. The result will be similar to ungrouping letters.
  6. Now, manually arrange sliced shapes in curved form.

tap on Slice

How to Draw a Curve on Cricut

In the Cricut app, you don’t have an individual option that allows you to draw a curved line. But, you can easily create one using a few symbols, or images that are provided by the app.

Follow the steps to create a curve using symbols and alphabets.

  1. Open Cricut and tap on the Plus icon to create a New Design.
  2. Now, many alphabets and symbols such as S or ~ can be used to create a curve in your Design.
  3. Select Text, type S, and edit the font style and size accordingly.
  4. Tap the Lock icon to unlock the Size lock near the font size. 
  5. Then extend, rotate, or change operation as per your preference. You will have a curved line in your Cricut project.

draw curved lines

Can You Curve Welded Text in Cricut Design Space?

No, you cannot curve welded text in Cricut Design Space. Curving text and welding text are two separate actions that affect the text in different ways.

Welding text permanently combines the letters into a single shape and is no longer editable as individual letters.

Therefore, if you weld text before curving it, the software won’t recognize the letters as separate entities and won’t allow curving.

Why Can’t I Curve My Font in Cricut?

If you are unable to curve text in Cricut even after following the above workarounds, then some of the common reasons can be causing the issue:

  • You can curve or edit your text multiple times in Cricut, but when you apply Weld to the final result, your text will become uneditable.
  • If you have multiple lines in a single text box, then the curved tool will not be able to function.
  • The curved tool will also not work unless you have ungrouped your text letters.

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We hope our guide helped you curve text in Cricut on Android and add a creative touch to your designs.

Let us know some more cool Cricut tricks in the comment section and stay connected to TechCult for tutorials.

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