How to Create Tinder Without Phone Number

Embark on your matchmaking journey with Tinder without sharing your phone number!

With over a million users, Tinder has become a widely used dating app worldwide that connects users with their potential matches. If you are looking for a partner but feel hesitant to share your phone number for privacy reasons, you can opt for alternative methods to create a Tinder account without a phone number. So, let’s begin your matchmaking journey, safely and privately! 

How to Create Tinder Without Phone Number

How to Create Tinder Without Phone Number

Tinder is a popular dating application that requires users to sign up with a phone number. Without a phone number, it is not possible to create an account on Tinder. However, if you prefer not to give your own phone number for Tinder verifications, there are a few alternatives available. These alternatives allow you to sign up for Tinder while keeping your phone number private:

Method 1: Use Someone Else’s Phone Number

If you don’t want to provide your phone number for the Tinder verification process, you can ask your friends, coworkers, or family members for phone numbers who aren’t on Tinder and don’t plan on creating an account. All you need is their phone number to receive a verification code that Tinder sends during the sign-up process. Once they share the verification code, you will be able to register for Tinder without your own phone number.

Method 2: Use Free Tinder Verification Code Services

Several services offer free Tinder verification codes. One popular service is ReceiveSMS. You can use this service to get a verification code for creating a Tinder account. All you need to do is:

Note: By using this process, your account might get banned or shadowbanned. This is because many people use the same number to create accounts which violates the Tinder community guidelines, resulting in accounts being banned.

1. Go to the

2. From here, select a Country from the provided list.

3. Choose a phone number and tap on the Read received SMS.

tap on Read received SMS | create Tinder without phone number

4. Copy the number provided by ReceiveSMS and use it to create your Tinder account.

Your Tinder account will be created. You can also use other services such as DatingZest 

Method 3: Use Third-Party Virtual Phone Number Apps

There are a lot of third-party app that provides a virtual phone number. You can use Dingtone, CoverMe, or Private Line to create a Tinder account without using your phone number. This helps you protect your privacy.

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Why Does Tinder Need My Phone Number?

Though Tinder doesn’t make your phone number visible to other users, it still requires your phone number for a few primary reasons including:

  • To confirm you are a human, not a bot
  • To prevent users from creating multiple Tinder accounts
  • To keep your identity secure

How to Get a Fake Phone Number for Tinder

Getting a fake phone number can make the Tinder verification process much easier. It’s not only providing a convenient way but also decreases the chance of having your account hacked by someone. Various services provide the option to acquire fake phone numbers through a monthly or yearly subscription plan. If you are looking to get a burner number, you can use CoverMe or Privateline application. Follow these steps to get a fake phone number for Tinder using these apps:

Method 1: Use CoverMe

CoverMe is a private messaging application that provides a burner number for users who want to create a Tinder account without a phone number.

1. Download CoverMe from Google Play Store.

2. Once the app is downloaded on your device, tap on the Choose Your Number option.

3. From here, select a Country.

select a country | create Tinder without phone number

4. Now, from the next page, choose a number from the available list.

5. From here, choose your plan to purchase a burner number.

Once you have purchased the second number, you can use it to create a Tinder account.

Method 2: Use Private Line

Private line is a popular application that provides over 200 area codes in Canada and the US. You can use this app to get a fake phone number to create a Tinder account. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Visit the Google Play Store and download Private Line.

2. Now, choose an Area code.

choose area codes

3. From the next page, select your private number.

4. Make a purchase to use the number. After making a purchase, use it while creating a Tinder account.

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How to Create a Tinder Account with Fake Account

To get a fake phone number for Tinder, you can follow the methods mentioned in the above given heading how to get a fake phone number for Tinder. Once you have acquired a fake phone number, you can proceed with the following steps:

1. Open the Google Play Store and download Tinder.

2. After downloading the application, tap on the LOG IN WITH PHONE option to create an account.


3. Now, enter the fake phone number and tap on the Continue option.

4. After that, enter the received Verification code and tap on Continue.

enter verification code

Now, you will be able to use the Tinder application.

Creating a Tinder account can provide a wide range of options that align with your specific needs. We hope these alternative methods were helpful for you and that you were able to create a Tinder account without a phone number. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below. Keep visiting our page for more helpful guides.

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