How to Create Poll on Telegram

Telegram polls are an excellent tool for the active participation of the audience, as well as the opportunity to collect opinions or make a group decision. Surveys polls are engaging whether you use them in a community channel or just for fun with friends. If you are also pondering how to create a poll on Telegram, this article is for you. All right then, let’s get started and make a poll on Telegram!

How to Create Poll on Telegram

How to Create a Poll on Telegram

Polls can be useful if you are a group admin, a businessman, or an individual who likes to have plans with friends or colleagues. Telegram polls help in starting a discussion or knowing about the participants. Below are the ways by which you can start a poll on Telegram.

Option 1: Within a Telegram Group

You can easily create a survey poll in a chat or group by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Telegram app and open the group to create a poll.
  2. Tap the attachment icon (clip icon), then choose Poll from the options.
  3. Type your question and answer options.
  4. Finally, tap CREATE to send the poll to the group.


Option 2: Using a Poll Bot

Another way to make a poll is by using the bots. For this:

  1. Open Telegram and tap the search button.
  2. In the search box, type @pollbot and search.
  3. Click the first search result and a new chat with the bot opens up.
  4. Tap Start, then tap Create New Poll.
  5. Send your question and answer options to the bot via message in the same chat.
  6. When the poll is ready, you’ll see a link.
  7. Tap the link and select the group you want to send the survey.
  8. Tap the OK button to confirm sending.

Tap Create new poll

How Can Polls Be Helpful?

Telegram polls are the first choice for better discussions and interaction in the virtual space. Polls help to gather feedback and engage your Telegram community. They can be helpful in many ways.

  • Captivate Your Group Members: The main aim of creating a poll in Telegram is to engage the audience. The polls make the process more social because it gives the members an option to contribute their opinions. The audience actively takes part in the Telegram poll, thus increasing engagement.
  • Collecting Feedback: Opinion polls are the most effective way to get valuable insights and feedback from your subscribers in telegram. If you create the poll, you get real information that enables your decision-making process.
  • Effective Decision Making: Poll results are participants’ preferences based on popular trends. Therefore, audiences can help in making good and effective decisions.
  • Audience’s Active Participation: Engaging users in polls, makes them feel more important and included in the process. The overall impact is a better-engaged community.
  • Smooth Communication: Telegram polls improve the flow of communication and make the data collection process quite manageable. They are quicker and reduce the time and energy required to conduct individual surveys.

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Polls are insightful and instantaneous means to gather public opinions.

We hope our guide helped you create a poll on Telegram. We’ll appreciate your feedback and queries regarding the topics in the comments area below. Keep visiting TechCult for more helpful and interesting how-to guides.

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