How to Create 3D Animations Using Cartwheel

Are you a potential cartoonist looking for the best option to create 3D characters? Or do you want to make a 3D animated video for your SNS account? Whoever you are, you can use Cartwheel to generate your dream projects. It is an AI-driven tool that has transformed animation for creators at all levels. This article will elaborate on how to Create 3D Animations Using Cartwheel. So, read till the end!

How to create 3D animations using Cartwheel

How to Create 3D Animations Using Cartwheel

Jonathan Jarvis, co-founder and CEO of Cartwheel and an animator, recently said that animators often face the ‘blank screen’ dilemma, investing hours into a project without seeing the final appearance. Therefore, Cartwheel aims to save creators time for basic motions like walking. Here’s how you can use cartwheel to generate 3D animation:

  1. Join the Beta on the Cartwheel by signing up using your email address.
  2. Navigate to on your browser.
  3. Describe the animation action in the prompt box. You can also use pre-generated characters like Lin, the company’s lead 3D character.
  4. Once your description is completed, you can command to generate animation.
  5. Export generated animated video for editing.

You can also create expressive captions and stylize them using effects in Cartwheel.

Image Source: Cartwheel


Features Offered by Cartwheel

  • AI-generated Animations: Cartwheel has pre-built basic motions that you can easily use in your project. You can create them with short descriptions like ‘play tennis’ or ‘Laugh hysterically’.
  • Easy to Use: cartwheel is a user-friendly interface. Even a novice can use it to create an animated video.
  • Fast Generation: Cartwheel can generate your desired animation within minutes with pre-built common actions. You need not waste hours of labor to create a simple action like walking.
  • Export Animations: If you are satisfied with the AI-created animation, you can easily export it to any 3D editore for further improvement and editing.

Device Compatibility: Cartwheel can support and work on older GPUs or CPUs.

Benefits of Cartwheel for Animators

Cartwheel is designed for animators, game developers, filmmakers, and even hobbyists without using troublesome traditional animation techniques. It offers several benefits to these people.

  • Simplified Animation: 3D animation often requires extensive knowledge of animation principles and proficiency in software. But not anymore! Cartwheel has made the animation so simple that even a newcomer in the field can create animated videos.
  • Innovation and Efficiency: Cartwheel gives fresh ideas in the ‘blank screen’ problem of animators by offering a range of animation options. It can efficiently be run in different device models producing fast results for your command.
  • Quick and User-friendly Interface: Creating 3D animations can be complex and time-consuming. But, cartwheel has made it fast and easy with its pre-defined 3D characters and animated actions.
  • Cost-effective: The models used by Cartwheel are small and can be run locally, hence making it a budget-friendly tool for the creators.

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Cartwheel offers a wide range of animated actions and characters making it easy to use for a beginner. We hope this article helps you Create 3D Animations using Cartwheel. Don’t forget to share your animation experience with Cartwheel or any queries in the comments below. Keep visiting the Techcult website for more interesting and insightful articles and guides.

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