How to Convince Your Parents to Get Snapchat

Discover the perfect approach to persuade your parents to get on this popular messaging app!

We all love Snapchat, don’t we? Why? Because of its unlimited number of creative filters and privacy. But if you’re a teenager, it’s a must to get their permission before joining the app. Parents generally do not allow their kids to have Snapchat but it is in our hands to convince them. Today, you’ll get to know how to convince your parents to get Snapchat. So, just dive in and use the listed reasons to convince your parents.

How to convince your parents to get snapchat

How to Convince Your Parents to Get Snapchat

Having a Snapchat account is fun! But requesting our parents to let us have an account might be a bit difficult. No need to brainstorm different ideas and reasons as we present you all the valid reasons to get a Snapchat account. Just go through the reasons below and convince your parents!

1. Free to use: Snapchat is completely free to download. You can download the app from Play Store or App Store without paying anything and you need not pay anything to access any content. Since the app is free to use, you can explain to your parents that there is no trouble in using the app.

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2. Avoid being left out: As Snapchat and snaps are so popular among peers and school discussions with friends mostly contain Snapchat, explain to your parents that you often feel left out.

3. Become close to other kids at school: Tell your parents that sharing snaps lets you get to know other kids well, leading to building a good bond with them. When you share each other’s daily activities, you become close to them and can have many cool friends!

4. Cool filters to enjoy for a while: When you want to have a Snapchat account, the first thing that you must explain to your parents is the awesome filters of Snapchat and the ways that they will help you to have fun. So, let them know that the filters help you laugh and relieve stress and take away your boredom instantly.

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5. Fun to use: While explaining to them about the filters and all, they must acknowledge that the app is very fun to use. Using the app for a while with friends can be so much fun and tell them that they too will love it!

6. Group chat with friends: The feature of group chatting plays a key role when you describe the app’s features to your parents. They’ll accept that staying connected with friends after school increases your bond and makes you feel happy.

7. Curious to see yourself in different filters: One of the most common reasons to convince your parents to get Snapchat is the curious filters of the app. While telling them that you enjoy filters, make sure to tell them you are so curious to see yourself on different filters like the face swap and puppy face with tongue hanging out!

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8. End-to-end encrypted messages: One of the common reasons that parents tend to reject the request for a Snapchat account is privacy and safety online. If they are aware of the fact that Snapchat’s chat is end-to-end encrypted and no one outside of the chat can access them, they might allow you to be on the app.

9. More private than other social media platforms: If you explain to your parents the privacy features of the app in comparison to other apps, they’ll easily understand the app’s privacy policy and parental controls without thorough research

10: Less or no chance of getting messages from strangers: When told about privacy, the most important thing that you should not forget to let them know is, there is no chance of getting messages from strangers. They should get the point that only people from your friend list can text you.

What Age Should You Get Snapchat?

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The minimum age to enter Snapchat is 13 years. But at this age might not be acceptable for your parents to let you have an account. Hence it is up to you and your parents when to create an account.

Is there a Kid’s Version of Snapchat?

Yes. There is a kids’ version of Snapchat known as Snapkidz. This version is for kids, and they will be able to create snaps but there is no option to send or receive snaps. They can save their own snaps locally on their device.

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What are Good Reasons to Have Snapchat?

The reasons are already discussed above and go through them to understand all the reasons to have no doubts. Some of the good reasons to have Snapchat are:

  • Cool filters
  • Updated privacy controls for teens
  • End-to-end encryption, group chats, etc.

Should I Let My 12 Year Old Have Snapchat?

Officially as per the app’s restriction, you should not allow your 12- year-old to have Snapchat. but if you think that your kid is mature enough to have Snapchat, you can let him/her have an account. This entirely depends on your family decisions and your kids’ mentality.

Why Should I Let My Kid Get Snapchat?

You should let your kid get Snapchat because

  • The app is fun to use
  • They’ll be way more connected with their friends.
  • They will also enjoy the moments while using the app and the app is also safe to use.

How Do You Explain Snapchat to Your Parents?

You can explain Snapchat to your parents that it is a social media app where people share photos known as snaps with their friends and family and it is a safe app that is also free to use.

We hope that you have found the answer to how to convince your parents to get Snapchat through this article. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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