How to Clear Twitter Cache on Android

Refresh your Twitter app by deleting its data buildup on your phone.

Twitter, now referred to as X, is a popular social media networking app available on iOS and Android. While this app usually functions smoothly, it can gradually collect excess cache and data, leading to sluggishness and unresponsiveness. If you are wondering how to clear the Twitter cache on Android and iPhone to improve its performance, you are on the right page! Continue reading to discover the step-by-step methods to do so effectively.

How to Clear Twitter Cache on Android

How to Clear Twitter Cache on Android

Is your Twitter app running slowly? Don’t worry! This is likely due to the cache stored in the app. Clearing the cache on your Android device is a simple step that will restore a smooth experience with the application.

Deleting the Twitter cache is essential to:

  • Stop the accumulation of unnecessary data
  • Prevent the app from becoming slow and unresponsive
  • Helps optimize storage space on your phone

To clear the Twitter cache on Android, follow these steps:

Note 1: You can safely clear the Twitter cache, which will free up storage on your phone and improve Twitter’s performance. This process won’t remove your login data, saved settings, or any other important information.

Note 2: Since Android smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any on your device.

1. Open the Settings menu on your Android phone.

2. Tap on Apps & notifications.

Tap on Apps and notifications.

3. Tap on SEE ALL APPS.

Click on SEE ALL 73 APPS.

4. Swipe down and tap on the X app (or Twitter app if not updated yet).

Scroll down to X app and tap on it.

5. Tap on Storage & cache.

Tap on Storage and cache.

6. Finally, tap on CLEAR CACHE.

Finally, tap on CLEAR CACHE.

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How to Clear Twitter Cache on iPhone?

Follow these steps to delete the cache on your iPhone:

1. Launch the Settings app and tap on the General option.

2. Select iPhone Storage.

Select iPhone Storage

3. Now, choose Twitter or X app from the list.

4. Lastly, tap on Offload App.

How Often Should You Clear Your Twitter Cache?

It’s recommended to clear the cache periodically, especially when you notice the app’s performance is slowing down. You can do this every few weeks to maintain optimal performance.

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We hope you learned how to clear your Twitter cache on Android and iPhone to maintain a smooth and responsive Twitter app. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Moreover, we’re all ears to your suggestions on what you’d like to explore next. Stay connected and happy tweeting!

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