How to Change Text Color in Chat on Snapchat on Android

People often wish to go beyond plain text to make their Snapchat chats more interesting. One way to do this is by changing text color can enhance the visual appeal of your messages and help them stand out. If you’re wondering how you can switch text colors on Snapchat in Android to make your chats more exciting. This guide will show you how to do it, so you can make your conversations stand out with different colors that match your style.

How to Change Text Color in Chat on Snapchat on Android

How to Change Text Color in Chat on Snapchat Android

Changing your Snapchat text color is like adding a splash of color to your conversations. It helps your message stand out, grabs attention, and lets your personality shine through. Different text colors can reflect your current mood, or draw attention to specific details within your chat that ultimately help you communicate better.

However, the feature of changing text color is only available on Snapchat+, which is a paid version. 

  1. Open Snapchat on your phone.
  2. Go to your friends or the group profile for which you want to change the text colors. 
  3. Swipe down and tap on the Custom Chat Colors option.
  4. Now, pick the color of your choice, tap on Save and your text color will be changed. 

tap on the Custom Chat Colors option

Why is My Text on Snapchat White?

If your Snapchat text has turned white, it becomes difficult to read other users’ messages and even more difficult to understand your typed messages. There can be several reasons: 

  • You may have accidentally set the chat color to white. 
  • If you have set the chat color to white but your background is also white, your text will not be visible. 
  • There can be minor glitches or server issues that are affecting the text color. 
  • If your device’s brightness is too low the text may blend in with the background and appear similar to white color. 

Can We Change Font Size in Snapchat? 

Yes, you can adjust the size of your Snapchat text on Android by using the two-arrow icon located to the right of the text input area. After typing your text, simply drag the arrow upwards to increase the text size or downwards to decrease it.

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Changing text color in Snapchat chats on Android adds a touch of creativity and a visual appeal to your messages. So go ahead, experiment with different colors, and stay tuned to TechCult for more such feature-related guides. 

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