How to Change Spotify Icon in Windows 10

One of the main reasons Windows 10 is a public favorite operating system is its ability to let users fully customize their desktops. Be it accent colors, themes, or taskbars, we can personalize almost anything according to our choice! Did you know you can also change your Spotify icons in Windows 10 without any third-party apps? That’s, right! Let’s jump right in.

How to Change Spotify Icon in Windows 10

How to Change Spotify Icon in Windows 10

Now you can show off your unique style to your friends by completely revamping your desktop how you wish. Without wasting much time, let’s see how.

  1. Right-click on the Spotify app.
  2. Select Properties from the drop-down menu list.
    Note: You can also click on the Spotify app and press the Alt and Enter keys together.
  3. Click on Shortcut from the main menu.
  4. Now, click on Change Icon…
  5. Select Browse… from the pop-up window.
  6. Select the image of your choice and click on Open.
  7. Then, choose the new icon image from the window and click on Apply.

Select Browse. . . from the pop up window

By following these easy steps outlined above, you can successfully change the Spotify icon.

Will Changing the Spotify Icon Affect its Performance in Windows 10?

No, simply changing Spotify should not affect its performance in Windows 10.

How Do I Revert Back to My Old Spotify Icon?

If you have changed your mind and wish to get the old Spotify icon back, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Right-click on the Spotify app shortcut from your desktop and select Properties.

2. Click on Shortcuts from the menu.

3. Click on Restore Default.

That’s it, your old icon should be back for Spotify.

Can I Change Spotify Icon in Windows 10 Taskbar?

No, you can only change the Spotify icon from desktop shortcuts. Changing it in the taskbar is not supported by the operating system in Windows 10.

Can I Use Animated Icons for Spotify Shortcut in Windows 10?

No, Windows 10 does not support animated icons or GIFs as app shortcuts.

What Image Format is Supported as App Icons in Windows 10?

You can use static image formats such as ICO or PNG as icons for any app shortcuts in Windows 10.

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We hope this guide helped you change the Spotify icon on your Windows 10 desktop. Now you can create icons that speak your personality.

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