How to Change Profile Picture on Instagram

Upgrade to a new visual identity!

When someone visits your Instagram profile, one of the first things they see is your profile picture.

Many people base their first impressions on the image. Therefore, having a beautiful photo is vital.

Want to change your profile picture on Instagram?

Then, we bring you a helpful guide that will resolve all your doubts and queries about the same.

How to Change Profile Picture on Instagram

How to Change Profile Picture on Instagram

Your profile photo says a lot about you, whether you’re an individual or a business.

Everyone has a social media presence, and it’s even more crucial to stay on top of the social media and the image you present to the world.

Therefore, there are no restrictions on how frequently you can change your profile picture on Instagram.

Option 1: On App

Here is a brief explanation of how to change your profile picture on Instagram App:

1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page.

2. Tap on Edit profile under your profile information.

3. Tap on Edit picture or avatar.

4. Choose New profile picture.

Note: You can also tap on Import from Facebook to use a photo from your Facebook profile.

Choose New profile picture

5. Choose the image you want to use as your Instagram profile picture and tap on Next.

6. Edit your photo if you want to and tap on Next.

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Option 2: On PC

To modify your profile photo on a Desktop or PC, follow the below steps:

1. Go to the Instagram website and log in to your account.

2. Click on Profile in the left pane.

3. Click on Edit profile and then Change photo next to your Instagram username.

Click on Change photo

4. Choose Upload Photo and choose the image you want.

Instagram will immediately add your newly chosen image to your profile.

Why is My Instagram Profile Picture Not Working?

Many Instagram users are having trouble uploading pictures due to Instagram technical glitches or unstable Internet connection.

So, you can follow the below tips to fix this issue:

  • Log out of Instagram and back in again
  • Update the Instagram app to the latest version
  • Ensure a stable Internet connection
  • Clear Instagram app cache
  • Use the Instagram web version

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Why Does it say I Can’t Change my Profile Picture?

Is Instagram saying, Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture. Please confirm you have an internet connection and try again in a moment?

Then, you have to wait until Instagram fixes the error since the issue is on the Instagram end.

Why is Instagram Removing My Profile Picture?

There are several reasons why Instagram might erase your profile images, so don’t worry.

In the future, you ought to refrain from making similar errors.

  • Avoid posting offensive pictures that violate Instagram Community Guidelines
  • Avoid using third-party apps and software to submit content to your account, which would shadowban your account
  • Due to a corrupt app cache or outdated app version

Instagram Community guidelines

Why is My Profile Picture Black?

Occasionally, you can discover that some or all of the Instagram profiles are black or empty.

Actually, there may be technical problems with Instagram black profiles or deliberate human action.

Don’t worry! You can fix these Instagram images or profile pictures appearing black.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I change my profile picture using a mobile browser?

Ans. Yes, you can use a mobile browser to change your profile picture on Instagram.

Q2. Why can’t I change my profile picture on Instagram?

Ans. The reasons behind this issue are Instagram server issue, unstable Internet connection, and corrupt app cache.

With the help of this straightforward article, we hope you now know how to change your profile picture on Instagram.

However, feel free to post any comments, questions, or worries in the space provided below, and we’ll try our best to address them.

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