How to Change Icons Back to the Default On Android

Giving your phone’s layout a whole new look is something we do regularly just to experiment or for a fresh look. However, there are times when we crave a familiar look and just want to get back to our default user-friendly interface. This process is quite manageable by modifying your launcher settings. Let’s explore how to change icons back to default on Android, restoring their original aesthetic.

How to Change Icons Back to the Default On Android

How to Change Icons Back to the Default on Android

Changing the appearance of your home screen or app icons is fun and reflects your style. But, if you have grown tired of these custom icons, simply follow these steps to revert to the default launcher.

Method 1: Restore the Original Home Screen

Every phone comes with a default launcher that has its own layout and app icons. To get back your app icons, you can simply restore the original home screen by clearing its data and then opting for it as the primary launcher.

  1. Open Settings and tap on Apps.
  2. Go to Apps management and tap on the Home app to access its info page.
  3. Now, tap on Storage usage and select Clear data.
  4. Go back and set the Home app as your launcher.

tap clear data

You will get the old home screen back and you can now rearrange the app in any way you like.

Method 2: Install the Application Again

If you want to restore the original icons of Android apps, you can also reinstall them from the Play Store. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Uninstall the targeted app from the device.
  2. Once done, go to the Play Store, search for that app, and tap Install.

tap on install

Once installed, the old app icon will be restored automatically.

How to Restore Missing App Icon on Android

Missing app icons is a recurring issue for many users and it consumes a lot of time to locate them again. But, through the methods mentioned below, you can easily get your hands on the app icons that mysteriously vanished from your home screen.

Method 1: Restart Device

If there are minor glitches in the device or the particular app faces some technical issues, a simple restart can remove them and restore your missing icon.

Method 2: Check if You’ve Deleted the App

Chances are that you or someone unknowingly uninstalled that app from your phone and now you are struggling to find it.

Go through the installed apps from the app section in the settings to confirm the same. If it’s not there, you must download it again from the Google Play Store.

Method 3: Re-enable Disabled Apps

Sometimes, we accidentally disable an app. In such cases, it will disappear from the Home screen. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to re-enable those apps :

  1. Open Settings then tap Apps and App Management.
  2. Search for the app icon that is missing and tap on it.
  3. Check if it is disabled, tap on Enable to restore it on your home screen.

enable the app

Method 4: Use Phone Widgets

Phone widgets often have the popular app icons or those you use regularly. You can get the app icon back this way.

  1. On the Home screen, press hold on a blank space for the Widgets catalog to appear.
  2. Find the missing app icon from the widget options. When you find it, select and drag it to the home screen.
  3. Tap on the Home screen and press & hold to a space and you will have the app icon again on the screen.


Why are App Icons Missing On My Android Phone

Missing app icons can cause you trouble during urgent tasks. That is why you must figure out the reason for this action to prevent it in the future.

  • Sometimes, app icons get accidentally removed from the home screen, even though they are safe in the app menu, but disappear from the home screen.
  • When you update your phone, there are chances that it will restore a few settings on your device including the home screen, removing any additional app or widget.
  • If an app crashes or encounters an error, its icon may disappear until the issue is resolved.

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The methods provided in this guide will change icons back to default on your Android. Share your favorite launcher app with us in the comment section and stay tuned to Techcult for more guides.

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