How to Appeal Blocked Video on Instagram

Appeal effectively and regain access to your block content!

Instagram, a popular social media platform, strives to create a safe and respectful environment for its users. To maintain this, it enforces community guidelines and may block videos that violate these guidelines or contain copyright infringement. However, if you believe that your video was wrongly blocked, you have the option to submit an appeal and seek to have it unblocked. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to appeal a blocked video on Instagram.

How To Appeal Blocked Video on Instagram

How to Appeal a Blocked Video on Instagram

If you believe that your video was wrongfully blocked and doesn’t violate community guidelines, follow these steps to submit an appeal:

Method 1: Using Notification Menu

The first method involves appealing for a blocked video or a reel on Instagram by using the notification menu.

1. Open the Instagram app on your device and go to the notifications menu.

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile.

2. Tap on the message stating that your video has been blocked.

3. Tap on the option that says I agree.

4. Provide your electronic signature for validation under the Electronic Signature section.

5. Finally, tap on the Appeal button to submit your appeal.

Now, all that’s left is to wait patiently for Instagram to review your case and make a decision on whether to unblock your video.

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Method 2: Using Help Center

If your video or reel has been removed or blocked due to a copyright issue on Instagram, you can appeal this decision using the help center.

1. In Instagram, tap on the small profile icon at the bottom right corner.

Open the Instagram app and tap on the profile picture at the bottom-right | How to Appeal Blocked Video on Instagram

2. In the top-right corner, tap on the three horizontal lines to open the menu.

3. Tap on the Settings and Privacy tab and scroll down until you find the More Info and Support section.

4. From here, tap on Help and open Help Center.

tap on Help Center

5. In the search bar, type in appeal blocked video.

6. Scroll down and tap on the article titled How do I appeal the removal of content on Instagram for copyright reasons?

tap on How do I appeal the removal of content on Instagram for copyright reasons

7. Tap on this form link.

tap on this form | How to Appeal Blocked Video on Instagram

8. Now read the article carefully that appears, then tap on I understand and wish to continue option.

9. Fill in the necessary details as asked for in the article.

10. Once you have completed the form, tap on Send to submit your appeal.

tap on Send

Once done, your appeal for a block video or a reel will be submitted on Instagram.

Can I Appeal a Video on Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to submit an appeal on Instagram if your content has been removed or blocked due to copyright infringement issues. To do so, you need to file a complaint with valid reasons and proof. However, if you don’t provide valid proof, your appeal will be rejected by Instagram.

How Long Does It Take for Instagram to Unblock a Video?

Typically, if you have properly credited the original creator and ensured that your content complies with community guidelines, Instagram takes around 24 hours to respond to your appeal and unblock your video. However, the actual duration can vary depending on the nature of the block you are experiencing. In some cases, it might take a few hours, while in others, it could take up to two weeks for a response.

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What Can Cause a Video to Get Blocked on Instagram?

There can be several reasons that can lead to a video being blocked on Instagram:

  • Inappropriate Video Content: If the video contains violence, nudity, sexual, or adult content, it violates Instagram’s strict guidelines and is subject to blocking to prevent the spread of harmful content.
  • Reported by Others: If other users report your video as spam, or if it contains hate speech, harassment, false information, or any content that goes against community guidelines, it can lead to the video being blocked
  • Copyright Infringement Issues: If you apply music or photos that belong to someone else’s account without proper licensing or permission, it can result in your video being blocked.

In this article, we have given detailed information on how to appeal a blocked video on Instagram. If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below. We are always here to help. Let us know which topic you would like us to explore next!

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