How to Add Someone Without It Saying Added by Search

Put on your social ninja disguise and leave guessing about your undercover friend requests on Snapchat!

Snapchat has privacy policies in place, which include notifying users about the method used to add them. But what if you want to go all incognito and prefer not to reveal that you searched for someone and found them? Yes, we understand you want to add someone on Snapchat without it saying Added by Search in the notification and we will show you how to do that, without you looking desperate.

How to Add Someone Without it Saying Added By Search

How to Add Someone On Snapchat Without It Saying Added by Search

Connecting with new friends on social media with a click is indeed exciting. However, sometimes users want things to stay covert. For transparency purposes, when you add someone, Snapchat tells them how they have been added. Whether you searched for them or added them from Quick Add or from a mention. Even though it may seem a bit unfair at first, this adds up to their credibility.

Now, let’s get to the exciting part. While there isn’t a direct way to add someone without the Added by Search remark, there are a few workarounds that you can approach for the same.

Method 1: Add Someone Using their Username

Usually, you search for someone from their display name. As soon as you start typing their name in the search bar, Snapchat automatically suggests you a bunch of profiles. On adding someone from this list directly notifies them that you have searched for them and then have added their profile.

Here we will do the same thing, but we will use their username instead. As you use their particular username, it should show Added by Username when you add them instead of Added by Search. 

1. Find their complete Username.

Also, be particular about the special characters and emojis used in it, if any.

2. Open Snapchat and navigate to the Add Friends section.

3. In the Search Bar, fully type in their Username.

Note: Ensure their profile appears at the top of the search result.

Type in the username in the search bar.

4. Hit that Add Friend button next to their username to send them a friend request.

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Method 2: Use their Snapcode

You might already know that Snapcodes can also be scanned within the app to quickly add friends, and unlock filters or lenses. If you want to add anyone without the Added by Search tag, go for this. As you need to find out their Snapcode first, check their social media handles or ask any of your mutual friends to share that with you. Once you have the Snapcode, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Navigate to the Add friends section and tap the Snapcode icon in the search bar.


2. Tap the photo with the Snapcode for the app to scan it.

3. Tap on Add Friend.

Tap on Add Friend.

Now as they check your add request, it would show them as Added by Snapcode.

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Method 3: Add them from Profile Link

You might have noticed someone or the other having the link to their Snapchat profile added to their social media handles, especially on Instagram. If they haven’t added it on any other platform, ask for the same from any of your mutual friends.

You can add someone using that link. All you need is to:

1. Tap on the link and it will redirect you to Snapchat.

2. Tap on Add Friend.

Method 4: Add them from Story Mention

When someone mentions, i.e., tags their profile on their Snapchat story and you directly add them from there, it does not indicate to them that you Added by Search. Well, keep an eye out for someone to tag them on their story or ask your friends to put up a story tagging their Snapchat.

1. Tap on their mentioned ID on the story.

2. As the pop-up appears, tap on +Add.

As the pop-up appears, tap on +Add.

Method 5: Add from Contacts

It gets easier when you have them saved in your contacts, isn’t it? However, if not, see if you can find someone’s number from Facebook or Instagram, or ask someone for the same. Once you get the phone number, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Save their phone number in your Contacts.

Note: Make sure you have allowed Snapchat permission to access your Contacts. If not, first allow it from Settings.

2. In the Add friends section, tap on All Contacts next to Quick Add.

In the Add friends section, tap on All Contacts next to Quick Add.

3. Navigate to their contact and tap on +Add next to their name.

Just like when you add someone from quick add, it shows Added by Quick Add, in the same way, here it would show Added by Contacts.

Method 6: Create a Fake/Secondary Account 

Well, this is the ultimate way to add someone if the above methods did not help you. However, for this, you would need to create a secondary or fake Snapchat account.

1. Once the fake/secondary account is active, add your main account as your friend.

2. Search for the person you want to add and from the results, long press on their username in the search result.

3. Tap on Send Profile To… and send it to your main account.

From the search results, long press on their profile and tap on Send Profile To…

4. Now, go to the chat from your main account and tap on +Add to send them a request or add them.

Now, go to the chat from your main account and tap on +Add to send them a request or add them.

Note: If it is not possible for you to create a secondary account, you can also send their profile to yourself on Snapchat.

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That is it! We hope this article helped you add someone without it saying Added by Search. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment for us in the box below. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned to TechCult.

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