How to Add Response Buttons in Gmail

Gmail always remains at the forefront with features that improve interaction and ease of communication. For example, Response Button is a simple yet powerful tool to facilitate email communication. Especially, it is beneficial for professionals who are overwhelmed with a huge amount of Emails. Let’s get to know how to add a response button in Gmail.

How to Add Response Buttons in Gmail

How to Add Response Buttons in Gmail

Gmail Response Button is the option that enables you to type pre-written messages ready for use, called Canned Responses. It allows users to include pre-defined or custom responses in their emails as it can help achieve prompt replies and promote an active flow of communication. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process of adding a Gmail response button extension.

  1. Navigate to Gmail and go to Settings (Gear icon).
  2. Choose See all settings and select Advanced from the top panel.
  3. Turn on Enable for Templates and click Save Changes.
  4. Now, go back to Gmail and click Compose.
  5. Write a response message you want to add as a template.
  6. In the lower-right corner, click three dots.
  7. Go to Templates and select Save draft as Template.
  8. Then, click on Save as new Template.
  9. Finally, give a name to the template and hit Save.

Click Save as New Template

You can use the saved templates for a quick reply in the future.

How to Delete or Edit a Template

If you wish to change the text for an existing template or remove it from the canned responses, then you can stick to the following steps.

Option 1: Edit a Template

  1. Access Gmail and click on Compose to write a new email.
  2. Type the text in the email.
  3. Click the three dots and select Templates.
  4. Choose Save Draft as Template and select the existing template you want to edit.
  5. Lastly, click Save to overwrite the template.

Click Save

Option 2: Delete a Template

  1. Navigate to Gmail and start composing a new email.
  2. Click the three dots at the lower right side.
  3. Select Templates and click Delete Template.
  4. Then, choose the existing template you wish to remove.
  5. Click Delete.

Click Delete Template and choose the template | How to Add Response Buttons in Gmail

How to Create a Vacation Autoreply

In case your Gmail account is unavailable, e.g., during a trip, when you don’t have access to the Internet, you can create an automatic reply to inform the people that you won’t be able to read or respond to their e-mails immediately. People will be sent a reply email written in your autoresponder when they write you a message. 

  1. Navigate to Settings in Gmail.
  2. Click See all Settings and scroll down to Out-Of-Office Autoreply.
  3. Turn on the radio button for Out-Of-Office Autoreply On.
  4. Enter the details of the date and subject.
  5. Type the text in the box and click Save Changes.

Click Save Changes

Your vacation reply starts at midnight on the commencement date and ends at 11:59 PM of the end date unless you end it before this time. Normally, your autoreply goes only to the person who writes for the first time.

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Canned responses speed up your email communication and you won’t have to copy the same text every time you make the usual responses. We hope this manual helps you to add a response button in Gmail easily.

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