How Long Can a Procreate Animation Last?

Perfect animation timing for captivating Procreate designs.

Procreate is a digital illustration and graphic designing software made especially for iOS and iPadOS. If you are into design and animation, this tool could be exactly what you need. In this guide, you will learn how long can a Procreate animation last and how well it works. So, let’s start.

How long can a Procreate animation last

How Long Can a Procreate Animation Last?

The length of your animation depends on how many frames per second (fps) you have selected. The run time of your animation will decrease if you will increase the frames per second. If you select the maximum limit of 250 layers then your animation can last for about 10 seconds at 24 fps, 8 seconds at 30 fps, and 4 seconds at 60 fps. You can also compile several animations using online video editor tools to increase the duration of your animations.

Is Procreate Good for Animation?

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The responsiveness and precision that come with Procreate make you feel like you are writing on paper. It has a wide library of brushes to select from making it an artist’s first choice. Hence, Procreate is a good choice for animation. Procreate animations usually last about 100-120 frames which is more than enough for a short animation.

Does Procreate Have an Animation Timeline?

Procreate offers its users the feature of having a visual timeline on their frames just underneath their drawings. This can be done by using the animation feature on Procreate, enabling a process called onion-skinning as well as instant playback options.

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What is Procreate Animation Frame Limit?

Procreate allows up to 120 frames only. You cannot further increase the number of frames more than this.

Is There a Way to Do Long Animations on Procreate?

In Procreate, a layer is a transparent image that you can use to insert new components into your artwork, without making changes to the existing components. These layers can be stacked upon each other allowing users to edit, modify, paint, erase, and rearrange individual layers without making any changes to existing layers.

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If you want to produce long animations then a simple way is to add more layers. The more the number of layers, the more will be frames and the more will the duration of the animation. You need to keep in mind that the maximum number of layers you can select would be 250.

We hope our guide helped you to understand Procreate and how long animation lasts using this graphic designing software. Follow our page for more fascinating tech-related advice and tips. Feel free to leave behind comments and suggestions.

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