How Does Discord Make Money?

Uncover the diverse income sources that sustain Discord's operations.

In a short period, Discord has become a powerhouse of communication, bringing gamers and enthusiasts together from all over the globe. With numerous servers and groups, you might wonder how this platform makes money to keep the platform up and running. Let’s take a closer look at Discord’s revenue sources along with profit margin and confirm whether Discord only makes money from Nitro subscriptions or not.

How Does Discord Make Money?

How Does Discord Make Money?

Discord makes money through a multi-pronged strategy that goes beyond its premium subscription service, Nitro. The revenue streams that Discord generates include:

  • Nitro Subscription: Nitro is its premium subscription service that provides users with premium features such as custom emotes, higher file upload limits, and improved server quality. Users can get the Nitro subscription by paying a monthly subscription fee that directly contributes to Discord’s revenue.
  • Game Partnerships: Discord helps game developers and publishers create a gaming-specific communication platform. These partnerships help make games more visible, which is great for Discord and the game developers involved. They can include things like discounts, exclusive in-game content, and more.
  • Advertising Collaboration: Discord allows advertisers to integrate advertising in a user-friendly manner. Non-intrusive advertisements and sponsored content help brands reach their target audience. These help Discord make more money while keeping the user experience the same.
  • Server Boosting: Server boosting is a feature of Discord that lets you get involved in improving a server for free. It is the perfect way to show love for your favorite communities and support Discord.
  • Merchandising and Brand Collaborations: Discord’s brand name and connection to the community are used to sell merchandise or create limited-edition items with well-known brands. This has resulted in extra revenue and made the platform more visible.

Server boosting Discord

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Does Discord Only Make Money from Nitro?

No. The Nitro subscription is a big part of Discord’s business model, but it is not its only source of revenue. The Discord platform relies on multiple revenue streams to sustain and grow. It has done so by offering game discounts, advertising, subscription fees, and much more.

How Much Money Does Discord Make from Nitro?

Recently, Discord made $207 million through Nitro alone. It is one of the most popular features on Discord. It is a paid subscription service that provides emotes, additional file uploads, and other features. It operates on a pay-per-use model. The Nitro Classic and the Nitro plan have different monthly fees. If you use this subscription, you are not just adding more features, you’re also helping the platform grow and become more sustainable.

Nitro Classic and the Nitro

How Much Money Does Discord Make Before Nitro?

When you think of Discord, you probably think of chat rooms, virtual hangouts, and cat GIFs. Before Nitro was introduced, Discord generated its income via various means, such as:

1. Server Boosting

Before Nitro came along, Discord already had a steady stream of money coming in. Server Boosting is a way to make money from your favorite Discord servers. It is like having your own virtual chat room or VIP ticket. You can get cool stuff like better sound, emotes, banners, etc. It also helps maintain the performance of your servers. Once you unlock Boosts, your servers get more valuable, which keeps the cycle going.

2. Game Partnerships

Discord leveraged its gaming roots by partnering with game developers, allowing real-time matchmaking and bringing in more players. This connection led to advertising opportunities and revenue that was based on collaboration. Discord lets game developers sell their stuff, but they charge a 10% commission on every sale. It is a way for Discord to build up their server communities and make more money.

3. Funds and Investments

Discord got its start by raising money through venture capital investments. This helped to expand Discord’s user base and showed investors what the platform could do. As Discord’s number of users increased, its value also increased. These investments enabled this platform to keep innovating, experimenting, and getting better.

4. Merchandise Store

Discord’s foray into the physical world opened a whole new world of revenue. They were allowed to buy branded merchandise, such as clothing and accessories, to show how much they loved Discord. It gave a new source of income and showed Discord’s ability to make it work in the real world. While Nitro’s arrival has undoubtedly changed Discord’s revenue model forever, it is important to remember the strategies used before his arrival.

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What is Discord’s Profit Margin?

Discord charges a 10% revenue share from game developers for distributing their games on the platform. This revenue share helps Discord cover its operational expenses.

This article must have helped you understand how Discord makes money and what is its profit margin. Now you know that Discord’s profits come from a bunch of different things, like Nitro, working with game developers, strategic advertising, and more. Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and explore our website for more useful guides.

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