How Accurate is Snapchat Last Active?

Evaluate the Last Active feature of Snapchat and its reliability.

You can discover the availability of your Snapstreak buddy through the last active feature to continue the streak on Snapchat. However, it’s important to determine if the displayed timestamp is accurate or if it shows the status from the app running in the background. To resolve this uncertainty, this article aims to explain how accurate the last active feature can be on Snapchat and its impact on communication. 

How Accurate is Snapchat Last Active?

How Accurate is Snapchat Last Active?

A few aspects determine the accuracy of the activity status on Snapchat. So, let’s start by understanding which of those in-app settings can affect the last active status.

How Long Does Snapchat Show Active?

In simple terms, your Snapchat location is visible for only 24 hours. After this time, if you don’t reopen Snapchat, your location will disappear from the Snap Map. However, if you enable Ghost Mode, your Snapchat location will immediately be hidden, and it also affects the last active for your account, as it will no longer be accurate.

Snapchat location in Snap Map

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Can Snapchat Last Active Be Wrong?

Yes, sometimes. Snapchat’s last active timestamp may not always be accurate or reliable. When a user enables Ghost Mode, their last activity timestamp and live location become hidden. This means that friends or other users won’t be able to see their last active status or track their real-time location. While Ghost Mode offers privacy, it also prevents the accurate display of the last active timestamp. Unfortunately, Snapchat does not provide the option to hide only the last available status without hiding the live location as well.

Impact of Inaccurate Snapchat Last Active on Communication

Less or totally accurate last active data can cause misunderstandings among Snapchat friends. Even if you are active but your Ghost Mode is enabled, it can result in miscommunication and frustration between you and your friends. Sometimes, you are inactive on Snapchat but show available status, and if your friends send you messages but you do not reply because you are actually inactive, your friends might think you are ignoring them or not responding at the time.

From this guide, you have understood how accurate is Snapchat last active feature and its determining factors. So, you should not depend solely on the last active feature for making assumptions about friends’ activity or availability. Share your thoughts about this article in the comments section, and keep exploring our website for regular updates and tips.

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