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Why is My HDMI Splitter Not Working? Try Out 5 Proven Solutions!

Get your HDMI Splitter back on track for seamless media sharing.

Using an HDMI splitter is an excellent way to watch movies and shows on multiple TVs at once or play games on different screens simultaneously. But sometimes, like with other TV accessories, you might face problems with HDMI splitters. This article will explain why these might not work and how to fix them. Keep reading to get it working again.

Why is My HDMI Splitter Not Working

HDMI Splitter Not Working

HDMI splitters are fantastic for people who love monitors or TVs, but everything needs to work together well for them to function properly. Sometimes, your HDMI splitter might encounter a few issues that prevent it from working correctly. There are several common reasons why this happens, and in the following sections, we will identify each of these reasons and provide solutions to fix the problem.

  • Incorrectly Plugged Cables
  • TV Set to Wrong Output
  • Incompatible Cables 
  • Insufficient Power
  • Pending Devices Updates
  • Broken HDMI Splitter

Although troubleshooting HDMI splitter issues may seem difficult, they are actually rather straightforward. Everyone can complete it quickly. To get your HDMI splitter to work, use the techniques listed below:

Method 1: Use HDMI Cables that Match Resolution

The first thing you should think about is your connections if you have an HDMI splitter configuration intended for 4k HDR resolution. Although many HDMI cables support 4K, not all of them can provide you with the finest experience. There are various sorts of HDMI cables. Several cables support HDR, a greater refresh rate, and more bandwidth.

Nevertheless, if you don’t utilize the proper cable with your splitter arrangement and playback devices, you can get problems like fading and unclear images. And this could be one of the steps to solve why my HDMI splitter doesn’t work error.

Here are some steps that you can take to ensure you get the compatible HDMI cable:

1. Verify the output resolution of your source device.

2. Identify whether it produces video in 720p, 1080p, or 4K.

3. Use HDMI 1.4 or above if your device can output 4k.

HDMI cable

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Method 2: Use HDCP- Compliant HDMI Cables

Consider using HDCP-compliant cables if you have an HDMI splitter setup for streaming and gaming consoles. All cables may not be HDCP compliant. This feature is missing from older models. But this capability should be included in newer cables so you won’t have to worry about it.

Here are some steps that you should follow if you discover your cables are not compliant and to fix the HDMI splitter to work:

1. Get dependable HDCP-compliant cables for your splitter setup.

connecting a standard HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the TV | HDMI splitter not working

2. Look for stickers or tags on the wires that indicate HDCP compliance.

3. Purchase an HDMI splitter with HDCP stripping capabilities.

Method 3: Limit HDMI Cable Length

If your splitter is connected to several HDMI devices, signal loss may result and can be the reason for the HDMI splitter not working. Long wires are one of the most frequent causes of HDMI splitters failing to function properly. The most effective solution for this issue is to reduce the length of the cables.

hdmi cable

Note: If your setup necessitates running HDMI cables beyond 20 feet, think about utilizing an extender.

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Method 4: Ensure HDMI Splitter has Sufficient Power

The two types of HDMI splitters were previously described. One is passive and doesn’t require external power, while the other is active which does require power. You must select the splitter that has a power supply if you plan to connect numerous screens to it. This will solve why my HDMI splitter doesn’t work error.

You may be certain that the device can broadcast the content you want to view to devices connected by using it as both a splitter and a repeater or extender in addition to its splitter function.

Nevertheless, the power supply on HDMI splitters is not the finest:

1. Don’t use an HDMI splitter powered by USB.

2. Never use a passive HDMI splitter.

3. Get an HDMI splitter with a power supply.


Method 5: Check Devices for Firmware Updates

It’s time to think about changing the firmware of your connected device if none of the troubleshooting techniques discussed can fix your HDMI splitter issue. Even if you are connecting TVs or game consoles, you should check to see whether any of those require an upgrade at that time.

Consider the below-given instruction to get your HDMI splitter to work:

1. Verify your input devices for any software updates.

2. Verify your output devices like TVs for any firmware updates.

Update the Firmware of your Samsung TV | HDMI splitter not working

We hope you have got detailed information on how to fix your HDMI splitter not working. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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