GPS helps mommy keep tabs on her adult son

How this mom track his teenage son using a GPS unit!

Alright, so he is still a teenager, 19 to be exact, but even old enough to be out of the house. He pops the GPS unit into his pocket, and she can find him within a 15-foot radius while he travels. It even sends her a text message if he ends up someplace he shouldn’t be. At this rate, why don’t we strap one of these to every kid and not have to worry about watching them? Even better if we could only insert a microchip in their neck as you would a puppy who tends to run away from home.

Her son is currently in Australia, while she is sitting at home in the UK. He was peering into her computer, watching his every move. He did make the point that if he didn’t want her to know where he’s at, he could leave the GPS in the car. It’s also great to give him a piece of mind by knowing that he would be found if anything happened to him. The GPS device is only the size of a credit card, so easily could be concealed in his pocket. The Traakit, which he’s using, costs £279 with an additional monthly service charge of £11. A small price to pay so that you can give the illusion that you’ve let your wee ones out of the nest while still controlling their every move.

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