God of War Valkyrie : Locations and Hidden Chambers

Explore mysterious locations and chambers to face the fierce Valkyries.

Valkyries, often depicted as elegant yet fearsome figures, hold a special place in Norse mythology. In God of War, the Valkyries are no less impressive, guarding their chambers with unparalleled might. Defeating each one grants players powerful rewards but facing them can be an adventure in itself. To engage in combat with them, players must first find Valkyrie locations in God of War, which we will reveal in the guide below.

God of War Valkyrie Locations

God of War Valkyrie Locations

The Valkyries are some of the toughest enemies in God of War, but they are also some of the most rewarding. Defeating all nine Valkyries will earn you the Valkyrie Wings, a powerful artifact that will give you a significant boost to your stats. To defeat them, here are some of the best locations and hidden chambers that you would need!

1. Gunnr: Thamur’s Corpse, Midgard

Gunnr Thamur's Corpse, Midgard

In Thamur’s Corpse, Midgard, Valkyrie Gunnr awaits within the Hidden Chamber of Odin, situated next to the enormous door adjacent to Thamur’s hand in the snowy area. While the door and its ice seal are initially visible upon arrival, access is granted only after obtaining Thamur’s Chisel later in the level. Make your way up from the boat dock towards Thamur’s Corpse to discover this Valkyrie concealed within the chamber.

2. Eir: The Mountain, Midgard

Eir The Mountain, Midgard

In Midgard, specifically at The Mountain, Valkyrie Eir’s location is within a Hidden Chamber concealed at the rear of the expansive mines. Positioned next to the platform where elevator control occurred earlier in the narrative, the door to this Valkyrie remains inaccessible until after accomplishing The Magic Chisel quest, even though the spot can be identified during the initial visit to The Mountain.

3. Kara: The River Pass, Midgard

Kara The River Pass, Midgard

Located between The River Pass and Foothills in Midgard, Valkyrie Kara is another God of War location that can be found within her Hidden Chamber of Odin situated beneath Freya’s hut in the Witch’s Cave. To reach this chamber, venture to the Light Bridges beneath the pathway leading to her home, gather Shock Crystals from a nearby branch, and use them to ignite red tree sap with Shock Arrows.

Ascend the resulting platform, where the ice-sealed entrance awaits. This chamber shares space with the Turtle’s Tribute treasure map room, accessible by descending from the elevator, crossing the blue-light bridges, and climbing the wall ahead to unveil the door leading to the Hidden Chamber of Odin.

4. Geirdriful: Foothills, Midgard

Geirdriful Foothills, Midgard

Found in the Foothills region, Valkyrie Geirdriful’s location is reached by ascending the path from Sindri’s shop, guiding you up a cliff. As you advance, a divergence in the trail emerges, with the rightward route leading to Geirdriful’s Hidden Chamber of Odin, marked by an ice seal. This spot is accessible during the initial visit to the Foothills, though entry hinges on completing The Magic Chisel quest.

Commencing from the stone circle by Sindri and the gondola connected to The Mountain’s main quest, opt for the right path, ascending a wall and proceeding through the forest area. Ultimately, you’ll encounter both the door to the Hidden Chamber of Odin and the residing Valkyrie.

5. Rota: Helheim

Rota Helheim

Located in Helheim, Valkyrie Rota’s hidden chamber can be accessed once you’ve finished the mainline quest, The Sickness. Upon your return to Helheim, proceed towards the Bridge of the Damned. Nearby, a small bridge on the left leads to a red sap wall. After demolishing the wall, you’ll find Rota’s Hidden Chamber of Odin accessible via a descending lift.

Additionally, in Helheim, upon arriving at the Realm, journey to the far end of the World Bridge and veer left after ascending a brief set of stairs. Here, the Chamber of Odin is, serving as the entrance to Valkyrie Rota’s domain. Note that entering this chamber becomes possible only upon the completion of The Sickness quest.

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6. Gondul: Muspelheim

Gondul Muspelheim

In the realm of Muspelheim, Valkyrie Gondul presents an elevated challenge. Before facing her, you must assemble the four parts of the Muspelheim Language Cipher to gain entry to this fiery realm. Once within, you’ll encounter a sequence of combat trials across five arenas, each escalating in difficulty.

Climbing the fiery mountain involves conquering these trials, culminating in the sixth and ultimate arena where Valkyrie Gondul awaits your confrontation. It’s important to note that accessing Muspelheim mandates the discovery of all Muspelheim Ciphers within Midgard.

7. Olrun: Alfheim

Olrun Alfheim

Valkyrie Olrun’s location in Alfheim involves taking a boat near Sindri’s shop, rowing across the vast lake, and veering left to reach a dockable beach. Proceed through a tunnel to discover Olrun’s Hidden Chamber of Odin at its conclusion. Alternatively, at the expansive lake housing the light temple, stay close to the left coast until you locate a beach suitable for docking your boat.

The entrance to the Hidden Chamber of Odin lies at the tunnel’s end within the cliff face, situated just left of a larger opening with a lit torch. This site can be encountered on your initial visit to Alfheim, but access to the chamber is only attainable after completing The Magic Chisel quest.

8. Hildr: Niflheim

Hildr Niflheim

Valkyrie Hildr proves to be a challenging find in God of War, as her location requires navigating the intricate Niflheim labyrinth. To access this realm, you must first gather all four Niflheim Language Cipher Pieces. Once accomplished, you’ll gain entry to Niflheim via the Realm Travel Room in Tyr’s Temple.

Queen Sigrun: Council of Valkyries, Midgard

After successfully locating and conquering the challenges posed by all eight Valkyries, a final test awaits. Venture to the Council of Valkyries, bringing the heads of the defeated Valkyries. Here, you’ll confront Sigrun, the Queen of the Valkyries, in an ultimate boss battle. Although tougher, this encounter follows a similar pattern to previous Valkyrie fights, making it manageable if you’ve reached this point. Upon defeating Sigrun, the Chooser of the Slain Trophy is unlocked.

To reach this area, head to the two wooden oarsmen at the northern end of the Lake of Nine, disembark on the left-hand beach, ascend the wall on your right, and navigate through the area past Sindri’s shop. Proceed through the door at the top, cross the bridge, and enter the Council of Valkyries to place the helms on their thrones. Engaging with a realm tear, Sigrun will challenge you, and victory will grant you the Chooser of the Slain achievement.

Who are the 8 Valkyries in God of War?

The 8 Valkyrie include Gunnr, Geirdriful, Eir, Kara, Rota, Gondul, Hildr, and Olrun.

Where are all 8 Valkyries in God of War?

The Valkyries are found in the Hidden Chambers of Odin, which are scattered throughout the nine realms. To open a Hidden Chamber, you will need to use Thamur’s Chisel, which you can acquire during the story.

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Where is the Easiest Valkyrie?

Of the nine Valkyries, the easiest one to defeat is Geirdriful. She is a powerful opponent, but she is not as difficult to defeat as some of the other Valkyries.

Here are some tips for defeating Geirdriful:

  • Use the Leviathan Axe’s light and heavy attacks to deal damage to Geirdriful.
  • When Geirdriful flies into the air, use Atreus’ arrows to knock her down.
  • Be careful of Geirdriful’s powerful attacks, such as her spinning blades and her ground pound.
  • Use Spartan Rage when you are low on health.

Some General Tips for Defeating Valkyries

Here are some tips to defeat Valkyries:

  • Level up Kratos and Atreus as much as possible.
  • Equip powerful gear and enchantments.
  • Learn the Valkyries’ attack patterns and how to dodge them.
  • Use Spartan Rage strategically.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Resurrects if you need them.

Finding the locations of Valkyries in God of War is a testament to the game’s immersive world-building and captivating storytelling. Each Valkyrie embodies a unique blend of combat styles and challenges, requiring players to adapt their strategies to emerge victorious. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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