Fix YouTube Music Recap 2023 Not Showing Up

Troubleshoot YouTube Music Recap issues with these practical tips and fixes.

YouTube Music Recap 2023 is a feature that provides personalized stats on a user’s listening habits from the past year. This includes top artists, songs, moods, genres, albums, playlists, and more. The Recap page will be among the playlists, along with top stats in stories. But some folks are complaining that their YouTube recap of 2023 is not showing up therefore in this guide we share tips on not only how to fix it but also how to share it with friends and family.

Fix YouTube Music Recap Not Showing

Why is YouTube Music Recap 2023 Not Showing or Not Visible? How to Fix

You need to meet certain criteria and have the necessary settings configured to access and view their YouTube Music Recap of 2023 otherwise you will see a message saying “Nothing to hear here“:

  • Insufficient Listening Time: YouTube Music Recap may not be showing if the user has not met the minimum eligibility requirements. For Seasonal Recaps, at least 4 hours of listening time per season is required, and for End-of-Year Recaps, 10 hours of listening time across YouTube platforms is necessary.
  • Autodelete Setting: Recap is not available to users who have autodelete set up for activity older than 3 months. This means if the user has configured their account to automatically delete activity older than three months, they may not have access to the Recap feature.
  • Content Preferences: If a user predominantly listens to made-for-kids music, Recap may be unavailable to them. The feature might be designed to provide meaningful insights based on a diverse range of music preferences, and limited variety in content could affect the availability of Recap.
  • Recent Changes to Watch History: Recap might be temporarily unavailable if the user has recently deleted or edited their YouTube watch history. Making such changes could impact the availability of Recap as it relies on historical listening data to generate personalized recaps.

Quick Answer

Ensure to use your phone to view it as it’s only available on the mobile app and not the web version. Since YouTube would need to access your history to create a recap thus, do not edit or delete viewing history.

Method 1: Fix Network Connectivity Issues

A poor internet connection can hinder the seamless syncing of your music history. Forget your Wi-Fi network, and then reconnect to it. If that doesn’t work switch off the power supply to the router and then turn it back on. You can also try switching the airplane mode on and then off after 10 seconds.

Method 2: Update YouTube App

An outdated YouTube music app would face problems while showing your music recap. This is why you should always keep it updated by visiting Google Play Store or the App Store.

Method 3: Switch off Autodelete Setting

This can be done by going into the native Google app on your smartphone:

1. Tap on profile pic. (Make sure this is the email you use with YT music)

Tap on your profile pic in Google app on ANdroid phone.

2. Tap on Manage your Google Account.

3. Go to Data and privacy and scroll down to History settings.

Tap on Data and privacy and then Youtube History in settings of Google app.

4. Here tap on YouTube History. Then Turn on YouTube History and turn off the auto-delete option.

Tap on Turn on for YouTube history in Google account settings.

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Method 4: Reinstall YouTube Music

If there is a temporary glitch because of which the music recap of YouTube music is not showing up then try uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube Music app.

Install Youtube music application available in Google play store.

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How to See YouTube Music Recap 2023?

To see your YouTube Music Recap in 2023 follow below given steps:

1. Open the YouTube Music app on an Android or iPhone device.

2. Tap on your profile pic and then tap on Recap.

Tap on Your Recap in YouTube music app to see a music recap of 2023.

How to Share YouTube Music Recap 2023

Here’s how to share your YouTube Music Recap of 2023:

1. Open the YouTube Music or YouTube app.

2. Open your 2023 Recap page.

3. Tap on it to customize your shareable cards.

4. While viewing the recap, tap on Share.

5. From the share menu, tap on any app to send the recap.

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The recap feature is designed to provide personalized insights into your music habits, and sometimes, a simple glitch can make it disappear. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can easily fix YouTube Music Recap 2023 not showing up. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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