How to Fix Steam Too Many Login Failures from Network Error

Are you facing Steam Too Many Login Failures from Network Error? Here are some practical ways to tackle the issue. 

If you are a gamer, then you must be aware of the gaming platform Steam. Steam is a gaming platform with millions of active users and the largest video game license supplier in the world. Steam is easy and safe to use. The navigation is pretty easy, and it rarely encounters any issues. However, the ‘Too many login failures’ is common, and you should know how to work around it to play your games without breaks. This can be frustrating as Steam locks you out at the network level and halter your gaming experience. Here are some ways that you will help you the next time you face it.

How to Fix Steam Too Many Login Failures from Network Error

How to Fix Steam Too Many Login Failures from Network Error?

Why do you get face Steam – Too Many Login Failures from Network error?

Steam can lock you out of your account on the network level if you try to login with the wrong password repeatedly. Since Steam is a gaming platform, you may think that security isn’t a concern. However, it is crucial considering Steam holds the billing information of each of its users. Whenever you purchase a game or accessory in Steam, there is a risk of your billing information and your phone number being hacked. To protect your data from such attacks, Steam uses security to protect your account which sometimes leads to the ‘too many login failures’ from network error. This error means that your current network is banned temporarily from performing any activity on Steam. The message ‘There have been too many login failures from your network in a short period of time. Please wait and try again later‘ confirms the error.

Fixing the Steam too many login failures from your network

1. Wait for an hour

Wait for an hour to Fix Steam Too Many Login Failures from Network Error

Waiting for an hour is the simplest way to let the error pass. There is no official information on the lockout time, but regular players report that it generally lasts for 20-30 minutes and can stretch to an hour. It is not the most appealing measure to take but if you aren’t in a hurry, then try to use the method. Lockout periods can also last longer than an hour so you should also be aware of other alternatives below.

Don’t access Steam while waiting as it may reset your timer. Be patient or try other methods stated below.

2. Switch to a different network

Switch to a different network

The ‘too many login failures’ appears when you fail to log in several times from a network. Steam blocks the suspicious network temporarily to prevent data breaches. Thus, the above-mentioned problem can be solved instantly, if you switch to a different network. A second network is generally not available at homes so you can try to use a VPN or a mobile hotspot.

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a) VPN


A VPN or a Virtual Private Network masks your networking identity and encrypts your data. Using a VPN makes Steam think that you are logging in for the first time and can access your account. The best VPN service that perfectly masks your network and encrypts your Data is the ExpressVPN. There are other free versions available as well, but ExpressVPN guarantees the best features.

If you are already using a VPN, then disconnect and connect directly. It will have the same effect. Use the method until the ban uplifts for your network.

b) Mobile Hotspots

Mobile Hotspot | Fix Steam Too Many Login Failures from Network Error

Almost all smartphones allow you to create a hotspot. Connect your PC or laptop to the mobile hotspot until the ban lifts, and you can then switch to your original network. Using a mobile hotspot may charge you for mobile data, so use it with caution. You can also go Wi-Fi hunting and use a neighbour’s Wi-Fi for a while until the lockout is over.

3. Restart the Modem

Restart The Modem | Fix Steam Too Many Login Failures from Network Error

If you are using Modem to access your Wi-Fi network, then try restarting it again. This isn’t a sure-shot method but can help you escape the VPN and mobile hotspot hassle. Use the Power button to switch the Modem off. Wait for about a minute before switching on the Modem again.

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4. Seek Support 

The lockout period shouldn’t exceed for more than a day or two, but if it does, then you should look for other problems. Go to the Steam Support page and make a support account if you don’t have one. Find the ‘My Account‘ option and find ‘Data related to your steam account‘ option.

Steam | Fix Steam Too Many Login Failures from Network Error

Click on ‘Contact Steam Support‘ at the bottom of the page, opening a new window. List all your problems and be specific with the details. Also, mention the time you are locked out to get the best possible solution. On Average, there is a 24 hours waiting period before you get a reply.


These are the best ways to surpass the Steam too many login failures from network error. Waiting for an hour is the easiest method. However, if you don’t want to wait, use a VPN or switch to a different network. Be cautious while using a VPN service and don’t compromise with the safety by using a free VPN.

You would not lockout of Steam for more than a day, if it’s more than 48 hours then you should contact the Steam Support Team in the case. Prevention is always better than cure! Next time, don’t rush while filling in the account name and password to avoid being in a pickle.

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