Fix Sling TV Down on Android

Fix Sling TV Down on Android

Sling is a famous internet TV network and a competitor of Dish and other cable services. This online TV service provider not only streams live TV shows but also provides viewers to watch online movies and international channels. It is quite a talk of the town for American viewers for its exceptional and hassle-free use on devices like phones, tablets, desktops, and other streaming platforms. Amid all these pros, users have been facing Sling error 4-402 on their devices. Just like anything digital, Sling TV also has its cons but we have got you covered with our guide on how to fix Sling TV down on Android. So, without delaying anymore, let us get started with knowing about 4-402 error and some methods to resolve it.

Fix Sling TV Down on Android

How to Fix Sling TV Down on Android

Error 4-402 on Sling TV usually occurs due to bug issues in the software. This results in the content on Sling TV not playing properly or simply not loading. Also, this error code is quite common to face in the Sling TV app and therefore needs a permanent solution for an uninterrupted viewing experience. For Android Sling TV users, we have gathered some efficient methods that will help you to fix error code 4-402.

Note:  As Android phones do not have the same settings and these settings differ for each brand, the steps mentioned below may change slightly from your device. The methods stated below are performed on Vivo 1920.

Method 1: Relaunch Sling TV App

For Sling TV down on Android problem the first thing you can do is to launch the app again on your OS device. If your Sling TV stops working, shows the loading error, or does not operate a channel, then there may be a technical glitch leading to the problem. Thus, relaunching the app helps in resolving it which can be done with the help of the below-stated steps:

1. Close the Sling TV app on your Android device.

2. Now, tap on the Settings app icon on your device Home Screen.

Open Settings. Fix Sling TV Down error 4-402 on Android

3. Select the Apps & permissions settings.

Select Apps and permissions

4. Then, tap on App manager.

Open App manager. Fix Sling TV Down on Android

5. Locate the Sling TV app and tap on Force stop.

Tap on Force stop. Fix Sling TV Down error 4-402 on Android

6. Now, launch the Sling TV app again to check if it is working fine.

Method 2: Change Channels

Sling error 8-4612 or 4-402 is mostly due to a software bug that can interrupt you from watching a particular channel. Therefore, try to change channels on your Sling TV app to see if the problem persists with other channels as well. If not, then a single channel might be facing some technical issues.

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Method 3: Sign Out of Other Devices

It is common to see Sling TV users signing onto different devices to view their favorite shows conveniently. But multiple sign-ins can also create a problem in the form of error or simply cause Sling TV to not load. Therefore, it is suggested to log out of all other devices and keep yourself logged in to your Android device. You can sign out of other devices using the steps below:

Note: Before attempting the steps, ensure that you know your login credentials.

1. Open the official Sling TV website and log in to your account using the correct credentials.

Sling TV website

2. Navigate to My Account.

3. Select Personal Information and open Device History.

4. Here, sign out of all devices.

Method 4: Clear App Cache

Sling TV down on Android can also be caused due to loaded cache of the app resulting in loading and buffering issues. Therefore, clearing it is essential, and to do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Launch your Android device Settings.

Open Settings. Fix Sling TV Down error 4-402 on Android

2. Go to Apps & permissions setting and open the App manager.

Open App manager

3. Now, Locate and tap on the Sling TV app.

4. Then, tap on Storage.

Tap on Storage

5. Finally, select the Clear cache option.

Tap on Clear cache. Fix Sling TV Down on Android

Once you have cleared the cache, try to run the app again to see if it’s working fine now without showing a 4-402 error.

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Method 5: Allow location access to Google GPS

Sling TV streams live and require a location for the customized content that you want to watch on it. And if it is unable to do so, you may find it challenging to load the app and scroll through your favorite channels. In this case, you should allow your location access to Google GPS on your device.

1. Open the Settings of your smartphone.

Open Settings

2. Then, tap on the Location setting.

Open Location setting. Fix Sling TV Down error 4-402 on Android

3. Tap on App access to location.

Tap on App access to location

4. Ensure that your location is ALLOWED ALL THE TIME for Google and Maps.

ALLOWED ALL THE TIME for Google and Maps. Fix Sling TV Down error 4-402 on Android

Method 6: Update Sling TV App

An outdated application on your Android is the main reason for software bugs and issues that you encounter with running the apps. So is in the case of Sling TV down on Android, therefore, ensure that all the apps on your Android phone are up to date. You can read our guide on how to automatically update all Android apps at once for a thorough look.

Update the Sling TV app on Android. Fix Sling TV Down error 4-402 on Android

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Method 7: Reinstall Sling TV App

Another method to help out all the Android users with the Sling error 4-402 is by reinstalling the app again on their devices. If updating the app did not give you a fruitful solution then a fresh install of the app surely can. Reinstalling the app helps in resolving the issue of corrupt downloads or bug issues related to the older version. So, try it out with the steps given below:

1. Launch your device Settings.

Open Settings

2. Go to the Apps & permissions setting.

Select Apps and permissions. Fix Sling TV Down error 4-402 on Android

3. Open App manager.

Open App manager

4. Locate the Sling TV app and tap on it.

5. Select the Uninstall option.

Select Uninstall. Fix Sling TV Down on Android

6. Now, open the Play Store app and download Sling TV again.

Open Play Store and download Sling TV

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is the Sling TV app on my Android showing an error 4-402?

Ans. The most probable causes of the Android Sling TV app showing 4-402 error are bugs in the software of the app, technical glitches, and an outdated version of the app.

Q2. What will clearing the cache do to the Sling TV app?

Ans. Clearing the cache will help to delete extra saved files on your Sling TV app that are interfering with its working.

Q3. Is there any other way to sign out of all the devices than to visit the official Sling website?

Ans. Apart from signing out of all the devices from the official Sling website, you can also do it by manually signing out of the devices like your Android, TV, laptop, and more where you have already logged in with your Sling account.

Q4. Can I download the Sling TV app on Android for free?

Ans. Yes, downloading the Sling TV app on Android is available for free.

Q5. Can Android phone restart help in resolving the 4-402 error code?

Ans. If the error 4-402 on your Sling TV app on your Android phone is due to a technical glitch, restarting your device can be of help.


As discussed earlier, everything digital has its pros and cons and so is the case with the Sling TV app. This amazing digital network for TV viewers is a way to watch their favorite shows while they stream live in the other part of the world. But with all these amazing features comes error code 4-402 which can be a mood spoiler for Sling users. We hope that our guide helped you in one or another way to resolve Sling TV down on Android issue. Let us know which one of the methods worked the best on your smartphone to settle down the problem. If you have any more queries or valuable suggestions to give, drop them in the comments section below.

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