Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

Troubleshoot error to get your Office Suite back on track.

The frustrating Office Error 70003: Your organization has deleted this device message can be a nightmare for organizations and users alike. This error message occurs when your device has been deleted from your organization’s Office 365 directory. This means that the device and user cannot access services associated with Office 365, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Office 365 Groups. Are you also facing the same issue? Then, this article will help you. Keep reading!

Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

How to Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

Error 70003 is a common issue for Office users, and it can have a wide range of causes. Understanding the root of this issue is essential in order to solve it, so here are some of the most common reasons for Your organisation has deleted this device issue.

  • Issues with your Microsoft Account
  • Firewall blocking Office 365 features
  • Incorrectly configured Windows registry
  • Corrupt Office files
  • Device conflicting with the app
  • Insufficient system resources
  • Network connection issues

Quick Answer

Follow the below steps to fix the Office error:

1. Open the desired application (MS Word).

2. Click on File > Account.

3. Click on Update Options next to Office Updates.

4. Click on Update Now.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to update.

Fortunately, there are several methods that can be used to fix this error. Below listed are the methods that you can use to fix this error.

Method 1: Open MS Office from Installation Location

Opening the software from the correct directory helps to ensure that all the dependent components are functioning properly. It is also important to open Microsoft Office from its installation location because it helps to prevent any conflicts between different versions of the software.

For example, if you have multiple versions of Microsoft Office installed on your computer, it is important to open the application from its designated directory in order to avoid any conflicts between the different versions.

Note: MS Word is taken as an example here. Follow the steps appropriately based on your conflicting Office app.

1. Right-click on the app Shortcut and select Properties, as shown.

right click and select properties option. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

2. Switch to the Details tab in the Properties window.

3. Locate the source of the application through the Folder Path.

Locate the source of the application through the Folder Path

4. Now, navigate to the source location and Run the application from there.

Method 2: Disconnect Problematic Account

When the user experiences a Microsoft 365 error 700003 it means that the connection to the user’s account has been lost. This could occur because the user has forgotten their password, the profile has been corrupt, or the account is outdated. In any case, the user cannot access their account until the issue has been resolved. Disconnecting the problematic account from the system is the best way to ensure that the user can access their account again.

1. Open the Settings app by clicking on Windows + I keys together.

2. Now, click on Accounts.

click on Accounts setting. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

3. Now, switch to the Access work or school tab and click on your account.

4. Then, select your account and click on Disconnect.

select your account and click on Disconnect button

5. Wait until the account is disconnected from your PC and log in to Office again using your credentials.

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Method 3: Disable Firewall Protection (Not Recommended)

Firewall protection is an essential part of a computer’s security system. It blocks out potentially dangerous data from entering the system and helps to keep malicious software from being installed. Unfortunately, sometimes firewall protection can cause issues with certain programs, such as Microsoft Office. In order to fix this error, it is necessary to disable firewall protection.

Note: When disabling firewall protection, it is important to keep in mind that it is a security measure that is in place to protect your computer and its data. As such, it is important to only temporarily disable the firewall protection, and then re-enable it when the Office error is fixed.

Follow our guide on How to Disable Windows 10 Firewall to implement the task.

How to Disable Windows 10 Firewall

Method 4: Disable Add-ins

Microsoft 365 error 700003 is a common issue that users face when using Office applications. It can be caused by a variety of issues such as corrupt or outdated add-ins, corrupt system files, or incorrect configurations. The error can prevent users from being able to use certain Office applications, or it can cause certain features of the application to not work properly. Disabling the add-ins can help to identify which add-in is causing the issue and can help to fix the error.

1. Open the desired application (MS Word) and click on File.

Open the File menu in MS Word. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

2. Select Options, as shown.

Select Options from the menu. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

3. Next, click on Add-ins. Select COM Add-ins in the Manage drop-down menu. Then click Go…

Manage COM Add-ins MS Word Options

4. Here, untick all the Add-ins that you have installed, and click OK.

Note: If you do not use such add-ins, we suggest that you click on Remove to remove it permanently.

Check the box for Add ins and click on Remove then OK

5. Restart the application and check if it opens & works properly.

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Method 5: Update Windows OS

Updating Windows can help to resolve the issue by providing the latest system files and drivers that the application needs. Also, it can also be beneficial in resolving other Office errors as well. Microsoft releases regular updates that include bug fixes and security patches, which can help to resolve issues with Office applications. Follow our guide on How to Download and Install Windows 10 Latest Update to update your Windows PC.

Update Windows

Method 6: Update MS Office

Updating MS Office is one of the best ways to fix Office Error 70003. An up-to-date version of Office will have all the latest features, as well as bug fixes and security updates. This means that any errors that were present in previous versions will be fixed and that your Office applications will be more secure from malicious attacks. Furthermore, if you are using an unsupported version of Microsoft Office, then updating to the latest version may be the only way to fix the error.

1. Open the desired application, for example, MS Word.

2. Click on File on the top-left corner of the screen, as depicted.

Click on File. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

3. From the given menu, select Account.

select Account in file option ms word

4. Here, click on Update Options next to Office Updates.

click on Update Options next to Office Updates. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

5. Now, click on Update Now, as depicted.

click on Update Now

6. Follow the instructions in the Update Wizard.

7. Do the same for other MS Office Suite apps too.

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Method 7: Re-login to Microsoft Account

Removing the account and device is one of the most effective ways to fix office error 70003: Your organization has deleted this device. By removing the account and device, the user can reset their Office product and start fresh. This will help to ensure that all of the Office components are working properly and that any corrupt files are removed. Removing the account and device can also help to clear any viruses that may be on the system, as they will no longer be able to access the Office product.

Follow our guide on How to Close and Delete Your Microsoft Account to delete your Microsoft account on your device.

Remove the Account and the Device

Now, to delete your device, follow these steps.

1. Hit the Windows key, and type Command prompt. Click on Run as administrator.

open Command prompt as administrator. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

2. Now, enter the following commands one by one and hit enter after each command.

dsregcmd /leave 
dsregcmd /status 

3. Once the commands are executed, register your device again and this method will fix your issue.

Method 8: Use Repair Wizard

Using a repair wizard is a great way to quickly and easily fix error 700003 in Office 365. It is much easier than trying to troubleshoot the issue yourself, and it can save you a lot of time and frustration. So, if you are experiencing the error, then make sure that you use a repair wizard to fix the problem.

1. Open the Windows Search bar, type Control Panel, and click on Open.

Open Control Panel

2. Set View by > Category and click on Uninstall a program option under Programs, as shown highlighted.

click on Uninstall a program option under Programs

3. Right-click on the Microsoft Office program and select Change.

Note: Here we have shown Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 as an example.

right click on microsoft office and select change option in programs and features uninstall a program menu

4. Choose the Repair option and click on Continue.

Choose the option of Repair to open Repair Wizard window. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

5. Follow the on-screen Repair Wizard to complete the process.

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Method 9: Reinstall MS Office

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then try uninstalling MS Office and then install it again.

Note: Implement this method only if you have the required MS Office Installation Disk or Product Code.

1. Launch the Control Panel and go to Programs and features window as done earlier.

2. Right-click on Microsoft Office program and select Uninstall.

Note: Here, we have shown Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 as an example.

right click on microsoft office and select uninstall option in programs and features uninstall a program menu

3. Follow the instructions given by Uninstall Wizard.

4A. Buy and install Microsoft Office 365 through the official website.

Purchase and Install Microsoft Office through the official website. Fix Office 365 Error 70003: Your Organization Has Deleted This Device

4B. Or, use MS Office Installation CD.

5. Follow the Installation Wizard to complete the process.

Method 10: Use Office 365 Online

If all other methods fail to work, then try to open the application again. If it still fails to launch, you can try using the Office 365 Online service. This is a web-based version of Office that can be accessed through any web browser. It includes the same features and functionality as the desktop version but without the need to install the software. Try to use Office 365 online on your PC to fix the issue.

1. Open your browser and navigate to Microsoft 365 login page.

Use Office 365 Online

2. Click on the Sign in button and log in with your credentials.

Method 11: Contact Support

If you are experiencing this error, it is important to contact Microsoft Support as soon as possible. Microsoft Support is available 24/7 and can provide you with the assistance you need to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

When you contact Microsoft Support, they will ask you to provide details about the error, such as which version of Microsoft Office you are using, what program you were using when the error occurred, and any other information that might be relevant to the issue.

Contact Support. fix Office error 70003

In addition to providing assistance with Error 70003, Microsoft Support can also provide you with advice on how to prevent this issue from occurring in the future. They can provide you with tips and tricks for optimizing your system and avoiding errors in the future.


Office error 70003: Your organization has deleted this device is a common problem that can be caused by a number of different factors. It is important to take the necessary steps as discussed in this guide to identify the cause and then take the appropriate actions to resolve the issue. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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