Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

When the most recent episodes of your favorite Hulu show are not updated, it might be annoying. Issues with copyright violations could be one of many possible causes. Do not worry, we are here to determine the cause of Hulu missing episodes and provide a fix. Not only that, but if you are annoyed that Hulu skips to end of episode, we will get to the problem’s origin and work to find a solution.

Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

How to Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

Here, we have shown the troubleshooting methods to solve Hulu skipping to next episode problem.

Why are Hulu Skipping Episodes?

Hulu may skip episodes for several reasons:

  • Hulu server being down can be one of the reason.
  • Sometimes the VPN you are using might be the problem.
  • Another reason could be Hulu’s internal technical issues with their system. For example, if the episode does not meet the technical standards for streaming, it may not be uploaded.
  • Also, if your device is not compatible, Hulu skipping episodes is possible.

Let us examine the methods of how to fix Hulu missing episodes issue.

Method 1: Wait till Hulu Server is Online

If the Hulu server is down or experiencing issues, the missing episodes may be a result of this Hulu skips to end of episode issue and not a problem with your device or app. Here’s how:

1. Search for Hulu server status on a search engine.

Search for Hulu server status on a search engine

2. Tap on Downdetector.

Tap on Downdetector

3A. If you see User reports indicate no current problems at Hulu then there is no problem.

downdetector hulu. Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

3B. However, if there are known issues, wait for the problem to be resolved. Hulu usually post updates on the status of the service in their help center or social media.

Method 2: Re-Login to Hulu

Re-logging into Hulu in the context of fixing missing episodes on the platform refers to signing out of your Hulu account and then signing back in again, as this can sometimes resolve issues with missing episodes. Here’s how:

1. Open the Hulu app.

2. Tap on the Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Tap on the Settings icon.

4. Then, select Log out.

5. Open the Hulu app again, and log back in using your credentials (email and password).

hulu app login

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Method 3: Increase Internet Speed

Here’s our guide on how to boost internet speed on android phone follow the instructions in it to boost up your internet speed. This process can also refresh the connection to the Hulu servers and fix any data corruption that might have caused the problem.

VoLTE calls. Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

Method 4: Delete Watch History

By clearing your watch history, you may be able to access episodes that were previously hidden due to the way Hulu’s algorithms work. Follow the steps below to delete your watch history:

1. On your device, open the Hulu app and log in to your account.

2. Now, tap on Continue watching or View all.

3. Then, tap on the three dots icon on the movie thumbnail.

4. Now, tap on Remove from watch history.

remove from watch history Hulu

5. Finally, Confirm or you can Cancel to go back.

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Method 5: Update Hulu App

By updating the app, you may be able to access new features and bug fixes that could resolve any issues with missing episodes. Additionally, the update could also address any technical issues the app may have had that were preventing certain episodes from being streamed. Here’s how to update the app:

1. On your device, go to the Play Store.

2. Search for the Hulu app and look for the Update button next to it.

update hulu app play store. Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

3. Now, tap on Update and wait for the app to download and install the latest version.

Once the update is complete, open the Hulu app and check to see if the missing episodes are now available.

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Method 6: Turn Off VPN

To understand how VPN works click on the link. What is a vpn and how it works. To turn off a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to fix Hulu skipping to next episode, you will need to follow these steps:

Note: Please know that Hulu uses geolocation to determine which shows and movies are available to users. If you are using a VPN to access Hulu from a location outside of the United States, you may not be able to access all of the content that is available to users in the US.

1. Open Settings on your phone.

2. Then go to the Network & Internet or Connections menu.

3. Now, tap on VPN and select the VPN profile.

tap on VPN option

4. Now, look for a button or option to disconnect or turn off the VPN.

5. Now, once the VPN is turned off, close the software and open the Hulu app.

6. Finally, check if the missing episodes are now available.

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Method 7: Clear Hulu App Data

Clearing the Hulu app data is a possible solution if Hulu ending episodes early because it can resolve issues caused by a corrupted or outdated cache. When the Hulu app data is cleared, the app will delete any stored information, including login information, settings, and temporary files. This will reset the app to its original state, and it can help fix problems that may be caused by a corrupted cache. Follow our guide Clear cache on Android and clear the Hulu app data to fix Hulu skips to end of episode issue.

clear cache and data of android app. Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

Method 8: Reinstall Hulu

Reinstalling the Hulu app is yet another solution to fix if Hulu skips to end of episode. When the Hulu app is reinstalled, the user will be downloading a fresh version of the app which can help fix problems that may be caused by a corrupted app.

To reinstall the Hulu app on a mobile device:

1. On your home page search for the Hulu app.

2. Long press the app, until the menu selection screen comes up.

3. Tap on Uninstall to remove it.

hulu uninstall

4. Go to Play Store and search for Hulu.

5. Then, tap on Install.

install Hulu app. Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

6. Once it is installed login with your credentials again.

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Method 9: Contact Hulu Support

Reporting a problem to Hulu is the last option you can try if you are not able to figure out why Hulu skipping to next episode. Because it can alert the Hulu support team to an issue that may be affecting a specific user or a group of users. By reporting Hulu skips to end of episode problem, the user can provide Hulu with information that will help them investigate and resolve the issue. Here is how you can report your issue to the Hulu support team:

1. First visit the Hulu Help centre and log in to your Hulu Account.

Hulu support page

2. Now, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Get in Touch.

3. Now, select your issue using the drop-down menu.

4. Now, type your issue in brief.

5. Tap on Submit after filling out all the required fields.

6. Now, phone number will be displayed on the screen.

6a. You can either call on that number if the wait time is short.

6b. If the wait time is long you can type your phone number to prefer a call back.

How to Fix Hulu Not Keeping Track of Watched Episodes

Regular users suggest that they have been facing issues like Hulu not keeping a record of episodes you left from or Hulu skips last 10 minutes of an episode, randomly and it’s been there for a while. Now, there could be a few reasons why Hulu users are facing this issue.

  • One possibility is that the user is not logged in to their account when they are watching episodes.
  • Another possibility is that the user is watching episodes on multiple devices and the watch history is not syncing correctly.
  • Another reason could be that the Hulu app is not updated or is not running the latest version, which could cause the watch history to not be recorded correctly.
  • It could also be because your cache data is full.
  • Lastly, it could be a technical issue with Hulu, that could be caused by a temporary glitch or a bug in the system.

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Let’s get on some methods for Hulu not keeping track of watched episodes

Method 1: Reboot Device

Rebooting a device can clear out any temporary data or glitches that may be causing Hulu skips last 10 minutes of an episode problem. To reboot your device, read our guide on how to restart or reboot your Android device.

restart android device. Fix Hulu Missing Episodes Issue

Method 2: Don’t Press Pause and Exit

This is a specific method that users can try in order to ensure that their watch history is being recorded correctly. When a user pauses an episode and then exits the app, Hulu may not register that the episode has been watched. Instead, users are advised to press the back button on their device to return to the episode list or main menu, rather than pausing and exiting the app. This will ensure that Hulu registers the episode as having been watched.

By using this method, the user can avoid any issue of the watch history not being recorded correctly, as the app will not be paused and closed but instead, it will be in the background, thus the watch history will be recorded.

Method 3: Remove Watch Later

If Hulu is not keeping track of the episodes you have watched, you can try removing them from your watch later list to see if that resolves the issue. To do this, follow the same steps as mentioned above in Method 4.


We genuinely hope that our approaches for Hulu missing episodes were useful. Please let us know which method worked for you. If you have any queries or suggestions you can let us know in the comment area below.

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