10 Ways to Fix Excel Opening in Protected View Stuck

Break free from protected view and access your spreadsheets in no time

Knowing how to use Excel well is an important skill for many jobs. If you are already good at using the program, you may have noticed that Excel frequently opens files in Protected View which prevents you from editing them. If you are also dealing with this problem, you are at the right place. We have the perfect guide to help you resolve the Excel opening in the Protected View issue.

10 Ways to Fix Excel Opening in Protected View Stuck

Fix Excel Opening in Protected View Stuck

Any new file that has been downloaded from the internet or another source is initially displayed in the Protected View, also known as the read-only view. In this view, the document can not be altered. So, if you are here to get this issue fixed, keep reading this guide for effective fixes.

Why is Excel Trying to Open in Protected View?

The file downloaded from an unknown location can potentially harm the devices if they contain malware. This is the primary reason behind the protected view. Let us take a look at when a file is viewed in Protected View:

  • Any file obtained via the Internet has a significant likelihood of including bugs that might seriously harm the device.
  • If it is shared from another person’s OneDrive.
  • When it is accessed from an unsafe location or folder.
  • If an Outlook user receives a file from an unreliable sender.
  • When downloaded using any email, the file is displayed in read-only mode.
  • A document that has been restricted by the File Block is displayed in the protected view.
  • When Excel is unable to verify and altering it might damage your device.

Let’s look at some efficient and straightforward solutions to your issue with Excel opening in protected view stuck.

Method 1: Disable Protected View

Although the protected view helps shield our device from potentially harmful files, they might very well be the culprit of how poorly the system is operating. If Excel freezes or crashes, the easiest method is to turn off the Protected View function. Just follow the procedures to deactivate Excel’s protected view-

1. Open the Excel program.

2. Click on the File option present in the Ribbon.

Select File.

3. Select Options.

4. Click on Trust Center present in the Options Menu.

Open Trust Center | excel opening in protected view stuck

5. Further, open Trust Center Settings.

Open Trust Center Settings.

6. Within Trust Center Settings, open Protected View.

Choose Protected View.

7. Click on the Uncheck Boxes you would like to disable the protected view on.

Check the boxes | excel opening in protected view stuck

8. Click on OK.

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Method 2: Eliminate Multiple Formatting of Cells

It is occasionally necessary to collaborate with others when working on a joint project or task. Since there are so many individuals working on the application, varied cell formats created by everyone involved in the project may result in major software problems, such as freezes and crashes.

If a workbook has many worksheets with various cell formatting, the situation becomes worse. One can only ensure that the workbook is at the very least modified, has the same cell formatting, and has a limited set of worksheets. For this, you can refer to our guide on How to Clear Formatting in Excel Using Shortcut.

Select the Clear Formats option

Method 3: Use Advanced Command

It’s usually a good idea to use the many Excel tools at your disposal to maintain seamless operations. The likelihood that the Excel file will cause the system to crash can be considerably decreased by using the Advanced Command. The instructions below will assist you in fixing the Excel opening in the protected view stuck:

1. Open the File option in Excel and click on the Options Menu.

2. Click on the Advanced option in the menu.

Select Advanced option.

3. Within the General portion of the Advanced options window, check the Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) option.

Check the Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) box.

4. Then, click on OK.

Click OK | excel opening in protected view stuck

Method 4: Employ Add-ins Command

Just as we can utilize the Advanced Command option we can also employ the Add-ins command that will help ensure a few crashes and freezes of the Excel application. To employ the Add-ins command and fix Excel from opening in protected view stuck, follow the instructions mentioned below-

1. Open the Options Menu in Excel.

2. Select the Add-ins option.

Select Add-ins option.

3. Within the Manage dropdown menu, select the Excel Add-ins option.

From Manage drop-down menu select Excel Add-ins.

4. Click on Go.

Click on Go | excel opening in protected view stuck

5. Select the Solver Add-in option displayed on the Add-ins window.

Check the Solver Add-in box.

6. Click OK.

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Method 5: Update Excel

To maintain seamless functioning, one must always keep all the applications on their device updated. An old version of Excel may make it difficult to load the file, cause it to crash, or worse, prevent you from saving the carefully created document. Any bugs or defects that might be the root of the problem will be fixed by updating the system. Follow the instructions listed below to update the application and fix the Excel opening in the protected view stuck issue:

1. In Excel, select the File option.

2. Click on Accounts.

Open Accounts.

3. Next, click on the Update Now option to update your application.

Click on Update Now.

Method 6: Enable Excel Safe Mode

The Excel application will experience fewer crashes and functionality issues if Safe Mode is enabled. Running Excel in Safe mode can minimize any problems users could have. To enable Safe Mode in Excel and fix Excel crashing protected view, follow the instructions listed below:

1. Press the Windows + R buttons together on the keyboard.

2. In the Run window that appeared, type excel.exe /safe.

Type excel.exe /safe on the Run Window.

3. Click on OK.

Click OK.

Method 7: Activate Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration

The Excel tool’s tendency to crash is resolved by turning on the Disable hardware graphics acceleration option, which also enhances overall effectiveness. Graphics need more processing energy and resources, which can occasionally be too much to handle and cause Excel to crash. To activate this option, follow these steps:

1. From the Options Menu, click on Advanced.

2. Within the Display portion, check the Disable hardware graphics acceleration box.

Check Disable hardware graphics acceleration box | excel opening in protected view stuck

3. Click on OK.

Method 8: Unblock the Document

By unblocking the Excel file directly, the protected view can still be enabled. If you want to keep the protected view enabled but switch it off for one specific file, you may do so using this approach. Follow the steps listed below to use this method-

1. Right-click on the received and saved files.

2. Click on Properties.

Open Properties.

3. In the General tab, click on the Unblock option.

4. Click OK.

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Method 9: Disable Antivirus Program Temporarily

Another requirement for hassle-free program functioning and the health of your device is to keep your antivirus application up to date. A system’s bugs that can be causing issues for the software can be removed by an antivirus program.

However, this scenario might also go the other way, where your antivirus program could be to blame for your Excel opening in protected view stuck. Make sure the antiviral program you downloaded for your computer does not interfere with the Excel program. To do so you can turn it off temporarily with the help of our guide on How to Disable Antivirus Temporarily on Windows 10

Disable Antivirus Temporarily (If Applicable) | excel opening in protected view stuck

Method 10: Quick Repair Excel

In addition to crashing and freezing, there may be other problems affecting how the Excel software functions that are just hidden from view. You may do a Quick Repair on the program itself to guarantee that every problem is fixed once and for all. To ensure that Excel is on the quickest road to recovery, follow these procedures-

1. Open the Control Panel from the Windows search bar.

2. Click on the Uninstall a Program option.

Select the Uninstall a program option.

3. Further, select the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 option.

Choose the Program Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019.

4. Click on Change.

Click Change.

5. Select the Quick Repair option and click Repair.

Why Can’t I Turn Off Protected View in Excel?

There are quite a few reasons that can be responsible for Excel opening in protected view stuck or you being unable to turn it off. Let us examine the factors that can cause the Excel file to act this way:

  • Protected view enabled
  • Outdated Excel
  • Multiple-member file formatting
  • Faulty add-ins
  • Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration inactive 
  • Antivirus interference
  • Damaged and corrupted file

We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix the Excel opening in the protected view stuck issue. Let us know which method worked for you best. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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