Fix Cellular Network Not Available for Phone Calls

In recent years, smartphones have evolved beyond our wildest dreams, sporting features that were once thought impossible. Regardless of the many feathers on its cap, phones were created to make calls. When the sophisticated smartphone is unable to deliver on its core function, it can be extremely frustrating for the users. If the bars on your phone have disappeared and you are unable to contact others, here’s how you can fix the cellular network not available for phone call error on your device.

Fix Cellular Network Not Available for Phone Call

Fix Cellular Network Not Available for Phone Calls

Why is my phone not allowing me to make calls?

It is a well-known fact that phone calls occur through mobile networks. If your area is devoid of any network towers, then making phone calls is a difficult task. Additionally, errors with the cellular network can also be caused by incorrect configuration of the device or hardware related issues. Regardless of the cause behind the problem, you can fix a cellular network that is not available by going through the following guide.

Method 1: Check Network Connectivity in Your Area and Relocate

Before proceeding you have to make sure if you are receiving connectivity or not. On your smartphone, search for the signal strength meter on your status bar. If the signal strength is low, it could be the reason behind your phone not being able to make calls. Try moving around the house and see if you get any bars on your phone. You can also try conducting a speed test with Ookla to determine if there is a strong cellular network in your area. If there is no mobile tower in your area, then getting a cellular network is not possible.

Method 2: Disable Aeroplane Mode to Fix Unavailable Cellular Network

Aeroplane mode or flight mode is a feature that prevents a device from connecting to any network. You could have accidentally turned on the feature on your device, resulting in the loss of cellular connectivity. Here’s how you can disable the Aeroplane Mode on your smartphone:

1. Open the Settings application on your Android device.

2. From the various settings, tap on the option titled, ‘Network and Internet’ to proceed.

Open Settings and Tap on Network and Internet

3. Tap on the toggle switch in front of the ‘Aeroplane Mode’ option to turn it off.

Enable Aeroplane Mode | Fix Cellular Network Not Available for Phone Call

4. Your device should now be connected to the designated mobile network.

Method 3: Enable Roaming Data

‘Roaming’ occurs when your network is configured to a different location than the one you are currently staying at. The device tends to disable the cellular network as roaming charges can get pretty high. With that being said, here’s how you can enable roaming data on your device:

1. On your Settings App, once again navigate to ‘Network and Internet.’

2. Tap on the ‘Mobile Network’ option to reveal all network-related settings.

Under Network and Internet, tap on Mobile Network | Fix Cellular Network Not Available for Phone Call

3. In front of the ‘Roaming’ menu tap on the toggle switch to turn the feature on.

Enable Roaming Network

4. Your device should now connect to a mobile network.

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Method 4: Manually Select the Network on Your Device

There are tons of network providers all around the world, offering connectivity to different network servers. There’s a slight chance that your device is connected to another provider resulting in the loss of cellular connectivity. Here’s how you can choose a network provider for your smartphone and fix the unavailable cellular network issue:

1. In the Settings app, open Network and Internet settings and then tap on ‘Mobile Network.’

2. Scroll to the bottom and tap on ‘Advanced.’

In Mobile Network Settings click on Advanced | Fix Cellular Network Not Available for Phone Call

3. In the section titled ‘Network’ tap on ‘Choose network’ to manually select your service provider. Make sure you choose the provider with whom your sim card is configured.

4. Alternatively, you can enable the ‘Automatically select network’ option and let your phone connect to the correct mobile network.

Enable Automatically Select Network

Method 5: Change Radio Signal Settings from Testing Menu

The testing menu is a hidden feature that allows you to make intricate changes to your device settings that are otherwise unavailable. This feature can be accessed by typing a specific number on your phone app. By changing the radio signal settings from the testing menu, you can force your device to connect to the closest feasible network.

1. Open the Phone app on your device and enter the following code on the dialer: *#*#4636#*#*

2. You will be redirected to the testing page, as soon as you type in the code. Here tap on Phone information to continue.

In testing menu, tap on Phone information

3. Tap on ‘Run Ping Test.

In phone information menu, tap on run ping test | Fix Cellular Network Not Available for Phone Call

4. Then on the ‘Set preferred network type’ drop-down list, change the settings to ‘GSM auto (PRL).’

From the list, select GSM auto (PRL)

5. Tap on ‘Turn Off Radio.’

6. You can then restart your device. Your smartphone will connect to a feasible mobile network and fix mobile network not available error on Android.

Additional Methods

The steps mentioned above should ideally fix the cellular network not available issue. But if your phone refuses to connect to any network despite all the abovementioned measures, here are a few additional steps to help you along your way.

1. Reboot your device: Rebooting your device is an often underestimated and classic fix for most software related problems on your smartphone. Once you have switched off your device, wait for a few seconds before turning it on again. Rebooting has an uncanny ability to fix most issues and it might just help your phone reconnect with a cellular network.

2. Remove and Reinsert the Sim Card: The cellular network on your device is only possible through the sim card. Make sure the sim card is of the correct size and is inserted properly on your device. Try removing and reinserting it a couple of times while your device is switched off and then reboot and see if it fixes the ‘cellular network not available’ issue on your device.

3. Factory Reset your phone: If all other methods fail and you are certain that your area provides a feasible mobile network, then resetting your device becomes a viable option. Your device could be infected with a bug that could disrupt its mobile connectivity. Resetting a device rids it of most errors and might help you fix your issue. Before performing a factory reset make sure to backup all your personal data.

4. Take your device to a service centre: If despite all your best efforts, your device is still unavailable for phone calls, then taking it to a service centre is the ideal choice. More often than not, problems like these are caused by hardware related issues. Unless you are a professional, do not tinker around with your phone’s hardware and consult a specialist.


Being unable to make phone calls through your smartphone can be frustrating, after all, that is the fundamental function of a mobile device. With the steps mentioned above, you can help your phone reconnect with a service provider and perform its duties to the fullest. We hope this article helped you fix the ‘cellular network not available” error on your smartphone. If any of the aforementioned methods feel confusing, feel free to contact us through the comments section below and we will reach out to you.

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