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6 Ways to Fix Cannot Send Audio Messages at this Time in iOS 16

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Remember the times when voice call was the only way to communicate with someone over the phone? Over time the ways have changed and now it’s just not text messages but voice messages as well which you can record and send to your contacts directly from the Messages app. However, occasional errors are unskippable. Recently some iPhone 14 users reported that since the iOS 16 update, whenever they try to send a voice note, an error prompt appears that says – cannot send audio messages at this time. In this blog, we will discuss why this happens and how to fix this issue.

Fix cannot send audio messages at this time

Cannot Send Audio Messages at this Time in iOS 16: Why and How to Fix It?

Audio messages are fun, aren’t they? You can express your tone and convey your emotions & nuances, which sometimes fall short in texts alone. Moreover, they are convenient when you are in the middle of something and typing isn’t an option. However, some of these factors could cause the discussed issue:

  • Network Connection
  • Problematic iMessage Settings
  • Outdated iMessage App
  • Sound Recognition Issues
  • Low Data Mode

Quick Answer

Restart your iPhone and then the iMessage app to fix this issue. If that does not help, re-enable iMessage following the steps below:

1. Open Settings, go to Messages, and turn off iMessage.

2. Restart the phone and then re-enable iMessage.

Tip: Check if iMessage is enabled on your and the recipient’s device. Also, make sure to update your phone as that will also update the iMessage app.

Suggestion: You can also use the Voice Memos app as an alternative to share voice messages. It is an audio recorder where you can capture audio as well as share it as personal notes.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Before we move ahead with complex solutions, let’s try out some easy-to-go solutions as they can potentially fix the issue in no time.

Method 1A: Restart App, then Device

Often it’s just a minor temporary glitch with iMessage that could be fixed by restarting the app. If that does not help, restart your iPhone once.

Method 1B: Switch from Mobile Data to Wi-Fi

Mobile data has always been comparatively slower when it comes to internet speed and connectivity, especially when you are in an enclosed space. If you have an active WiFi connection, connect the device to it. Doing so ensures a more reliable network for sending audio messages.

Method 1C: Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues

As we know iMessage uses the internet to send and receive messages, any discrepancy in the speed and connectivity can cause issues with the app sending voice notes. Hence it is important to ensure that the device has a stable connection. You can refer to our guide on How Do I Fix Slow Internet on My iPhone.

select 5G On or 5G Auto | cannot send audio messages at this time iOS 16

Method 2: Re-Enable iMessage

It may have happened that iMessage didn’t start properly recently which is why it isn’t able to send audio messages. However, disabling and re-enabling the app can fix the discussed issue.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap on Messages.

2. Toggle off the slider next to iMessage.

Toggle off the slider next to iMessage.

3. Now Restart the device and turn on iMessage once again.

Check if you are able to send voice messages now.

Method 3: Disable Sound Recognition

Sound recognition is a feature on iOS that recognizes certain sounds and then notifies you about them. Usually, these sounds include a doorbell ring, fire alarm, smoke alarm, coughing, etc. Interesting right? Yet it can potentially interrupt the iMessage app from sending audio messages at this time issue in iOS 16. Follow the steps to disable it:

1. Open Settings and tap on Accessibility.

2. Scroll down and tap on Sound Recognition.

Scroll down and tap on Sound Recognition | cannot send audio messages at this time iOS 16

3. SLide the toggle next to Sound Recognition to disable it.

Method 4: Disable Low Data Mode ( If Applicable)

Have you turned on low data mode to prevent the consumption of background data? If so, this might cause issues with sending audio messages in iMessage due to restrictions in data usage. You can turn it off to resolve the issue:

1. Open Settings and tap on Mobile Data.

2. Tap on Mobile Data Options.

3. Slide the toggle next to Low Data Mode to turn it off.

Turn Off Low Data Mode

Method 5: Disable Low-Power Mode (If Applicable)

Similarly, low power mode also restricts a few processes and functions on the device in order to save battery drainage. Follow the steps to turn it off:

1. Open Settings and tap on Battery.

2. Slide the toggle next to Low Power Mode to turn if off.

Turn off the toggle for Low power mode on iPhone | cannot send audio messages at this time iOS 16

Method 6: Clear Storage Space

Lastly, insufficient storage space can cause issues with iMessage sending audio messages at any particular time on iOS 16. However, you can clear out the internal storage by deleting unnecessary files from the device.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap on General, followed by iPhone Storage.

Select iPhone Storage

You will see a detailed breakdown of the storage usage, including for images, videos, and other files. Delete files you do not need and offload unused apps to free some space. If required, upgrade your iPhone storage.

We hope our guide helped you fix cannot send audio messages at this time on an iPhone 14 with iOS 16 issue. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay connected to TechCult for solutions to more such app-related errors.

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