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5 Simple Ways to Fix AMC Movie App Not Working

Don't miss the movie night, we'll fix it right now!

AMC Theatre is renowned for being the largest movie theatre chain worldwide. Its Movie app is a one-stop shop for buying tickets to making A-List reservations. But recently the app has been facing several glitches, making it quite frustrating for users to get exclusive offers. Therefore, we bring to you some quick fixes for the AMC Movie app not working issue. Let the movie marathon never end!

Fix AMC Movie App Not Working

How to Fix AMC Movie App Not Working on iPhone or Apple TV

Now before we begin with more complex solutions, here are some basic tips you can follow to easily resolve the issue:

  • Occasionally, heavy traffic in the app could put stress on the server and cause issues. Wait for some time and try again.
  • Make sure your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is working fine. So, fix the slow internet on your iPhone or Apple TV.
  • Update the AMC Theaters app.
  • Re-login to the app

If these tips do not help, follow the under-mentioned methods.

Method 1: Turn off the VPN

Users have often experienced the AMC app showing glitches whenever their VPN is enabled. So, make sure that your iPhone or Apple TV is not connected to any VPN service when trying to stream on AMC.

Method 2: Remove the App from Background

Sometimes, constant use of the AMC app results in a black or white screen, just like any other software. You can just remove the app from the recent apps menu and open it again for the glitch to be fixed.

Method 3: Restart iPhone/Apple TV

If the AMC app is stuck or is not working, you can also restart your iPhone or Apple TV. Doing so loads the app again and fixes the glitch. While you can turn off the Apple TV using its remote, if you do not have one, just remove it the plug from the socket. In case the remote is not working, check our guide on Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working for additional help.

Method 4: Offload the AMP Movie App

While the AMC app might have storage issues or corrupt cache files, to overcome it, you can offload the app from your iPhone. 

Note: Since not all versions of iOS offer the same features, some features mentioned in the article might not work. The following methods were tried on iOS 17.1.1.

1. Open Settings, tap on General and select iPhone Storage.

2. Select AMP Theatres from the list and tap on Offload App.

Tap on Offload App

3. Select Offload App again to confirm.

4. Reinstall the AMC app from the App Store.

Method 5: Uninstall and Reinstall the app

If offloading the AMC Theatres app did not help, you can simply uninstall and reinstall it. 

1. Follow the path: Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

2. Tap on AMC Theatres and select Delete App.

Note: You can also long press on the app from the home screen and select Remove App.

Select Delete App

3. Reinstall the app, log in to your account, and check if the issue is resolved.

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Now book your tickets on time and reserve the best seats to watch your favorite movies. Knowing how to fix the AMC app not working can save you a ton of bucks and avail exclusive offers instantly. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us in the comment section.

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