Fix Amazon App Approval Parent Dashboard Not Working Issue

Approve or deny purchase requests on Amazon!

Amazon Parent Purchase Approvals features in Fire tablets offer a set of controls for parents to remotely manage online purchase requests made by their children. While it was a simple one-tap process to accept any request sent to the primary device, recently users have complained that either the approve button has disappeared or the Amazon Parent Purchase Approval dashboard is not working in the app. Let’s discuss how to fix this issue.

Fix Amazon App Approval Parent Dashboard Not Working Issue

How to Fix Amazon App Approval Parent Dashboard Not Working Issue

Parental controls are important as with it enabled, you can be aware of all the purchases or downloads made through your child’s profile from the Amazon App Store or Kindle Store. Once a download or purchase request is made, an email notification is sent to the parent account, with a link to the Parent Dashboard for review. Parents can also opt-in to text message notifications. Here’s what you can do if the dashboard isn’t functional:

Method 1: Switch to Alternate Network

Amazon Fire Tablet can work on both mobile data as well as Wi-Fi. In case you are unable to follow the request link, or the approval options do not appear then you can switch to an alternate network.

1. Swipe down the notification bar.

2. Tap on Wireless, followed by Wi-Fi or Mobile Network, and toggle on the appropriate option.

Tap on Wireless, followed by Wi-Fi or Mobile Network

Method 2: Clear App Cache and Data

Your Fire tablet saves a bit of information every time you surf or open new applications. As this information gets piled up over time, in some cases it can result in glitches. Here’s how you can delete cache files:

1. Open Settings and tap on Apps & Notifications.

2. Tap on Manage All Applications or See all… apps and select the Amazon app.

3. Select Storage and tap on CLEAR CACHE.

Select Storage and tap on CLEAR CACHE

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Method 3: Manually Add Content to Your Child Profile

In case neither of these methods solves the issue then manually adding content for the time being is the best option. You can do this in your child profile itself on your Fire tablet and also through Parent Dashboard.

Option 1: Using Fire Tablet

Here’s how to add content on your Fire tablet:

1. At the top right of the screen, tap on the parent overlay icon.

2. Tap on Manage Content and select from where you want to share content:

  • From your library.
  • From an Amazon Kids+ subscription.

3. Enter your device PIN or password, tap on Add Content, and select Share Content.

tap on Add Content

4. Select the appropriate tab for the content you want to share, choose the content, and tap on Done.

Option 2: Using Parent Dashboard

Follow the steps below:

1. Open Parent Dashboard and sign in to your account if not already. 

2. Tap on the gear icon next to your child’s name and then tap on Add Content under Additional Content.

Tap on Add Content under Additional content. | App approval parent dashboard not working

3. Select one of the five categories and toggle on the switch next to any content to approve that.

Method 4: Reset Opt-in for Text Message Notifications

Each time a child requests for app download or an in-app purchase, a notification is sent via mail which is mostly the default setting. But you can change this by going to the Parent Dashboard and then in notifications to receive them via text.

Click on Notifications tab in Parent Dashboard.

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Method 5: Update your Fire Tablet

Outdated OS on the Fire tablet can potentially affect other apps and operations and lead to app approval parent dashboard not working. 

Note: Mac computers with OSX 10.5 or above require a software download – Android File Transfer. Windows users do not require such software.

1. Download the latest Software Update from the Amazon Website.

2. Connect the Fire tablet to your PC with the help of its charging cable, swipe down the notification bar, tap on the USB charging notification, and select Transfer files.

3. Open the Fire tablet drive on the PC, then drag and drop the software update file you just downloaded onto the Internal storage folder.

4. Once the file transfer is complete, remove the device from your computer.

5. Now open Settings on your Fire tablet, tap on Device Options followed by System Updates, and select Update.

Now the Fire tablet will restart and then a message about the Installing system update will appear on the screen of your device. Wait until it gets installed.

Method 6: Recreate Child Profile

Your child profile can also face issues that you may not be able to comprehend. In this case, deleting your child’s profile from the dashboard and creating a new one is the only option left.

1. Go to the Amazon Website to manage your profiles and click on the profile of your child.

2. Click on Remove this profile and confirm your action by clicking on Remove profile.

3. Now, Sign In to the Parent Dashboard and click on Create child profile.

Here click on Create child profile.

4. Enter your kid’s name and date of birth and click on Add Child.

Fire tablets are popular for their parental controls and how they are designed to keep a child safe. But if the app approval parent dashboard is not working then it defeats the purpose it was made for. We hope our guide helped you solve this issue. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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