Does Tinder Location Update Without Opening App 2024?

BTS of Tinder tracking system!

As a Tinder user, are you aware of how much information it collects regarding your location?

Yes, the app uses the device GPS to connect them with potential matches. 

And with all the talk about privacy in 2024, it’s really important to know does Tinder updates your location without opening the app and understand how often it keeps track of the same.

Let’s find answers to all these questions in today’s guide.

Does Tinder location update without opening app 2024

Does Tinder Location Update Without Opening App?

No, Tinder does not update your location without opening the app.

If you have allowed location permissions to the app, it updates the same only using GPS when you open and actively use it or it is running in the background.

Every time you start swiping, this information is refreshed to provide accurate potential matches nearby. 

Tinder does not share your location or any other details if you choose not to start a chat.

Do note that the location shown by the app is not accurate but an estimated area. 

How to Change Location in the Tinder App

You can also fake or change your location on Tinder in these three ways and set it somewhere else to hide your original one.

Method 1: Manually Change the Location

You can change your location using the Tinder Passport feature however, this feature is available to users with paid subscription plans only.

1. Open Tinder, tap on the profile icon, and select Settings.

2. Tap on Location and choose Add a new location.

Tap on Location

3. Now select the new location you desire.

Method 2: Change Facebook Location

If you have logged into Tinder through Facebook, changing your Facebook location via the official website via a web browser can help.

1. Open Facebook and click on your profile photo.

2. Go to the About section and click on the three dots parallel to your current city.

3. Click on Edit current city, change the location, and click on Save.

edit current city

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Method 3: Using Fake GPS

You can also fake your GPS location on Android if you want Tinder to update an incorrect one.

Doing so allows users to spoof their device’s GPS coordinates, making it appear as though they are in a different place than they acturally are.

When Does Tinder Update Location?

Tinder updates your location only when you open the app and your device’s location permissions are enabled.

If you’re frequently changing locations and opening the app each time you travel, Tinder will update your location more often for other users to see.

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Can Tinder Track Your Location When the App is Closed?

Tinder updates only when the app is active and location services are turned on.

This implies that when the location-based service/app is closed or not in use, Tinder doesn’t update your location or monitor your movements. Instead, it displays your last known location.

Moreover, when it comes to tracking, it also depends upon the permission granted to the app. If you have allowed it to access location all the time and the services are turned on, it can track you.

We hope our guide answered your query about whether Tinder location updates without opening the app in 2024.

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