Dell Vs HP Laptops – Which is a better laptop?

Dell Vs HP Laptops: When you go to the market to purchase a new laptop, you get to see lots of options to choose from. Among them, the two most demanded brands are – HP and Dell. From the years of their inception, both have been huge competitors of each other. Both of these brands are well established and provide the best quality products to their fans. So, it generally creates confusion for customers as to which brand’s laptop are they ought to purchase- HP or Dell. Also, as it is not a cheap product to purchase,  so one needs to take a wise decision before purchasing any one of them.

While purchasing a laptop, there are few things that a customer should keep in mind and choose the laptop according to their needs, so they do not regret their decision later. The things that one should keep in mind while purchasing a laptop are its specification, durability, maintenance, price, processor, RAM, design, customer support and much more.

Dell Vs HP Laptops – Which is a better laptop & Why

What do HP and Dell have in common?

  • Both of them are market leaders and focus on providing value to the customers.
  • Both make laptops with the latest specification and comes within one’s budget.
  • Both produce laptops which are suitable for a very vast range of audience from students to professionals to gamers.
  • Both of them provides high-quality products which focus on increasing productivity.

As both of them hold so many similarities in between, so when you go to the market to purchase one of them, it is usual to get confused as to which one to choose. But the similarities do not come in isolation, so there are many differences between them also.

So without wasting any time let’s see in this article what are the differences between Dell and HP laptops and how you can use this guide to make a better purchase decision according to your needs.

Dell Vs HP Laptops – Which is a better laptop?

Difference between Dell and HP Laptops


Dell is an American tech company based in Round Rock, Texas. It was initiated in 1984 and now it is the world’s largest tech company that produces various products like laptops, desktops and many other hardware and software services.


HP stands for Hewlett-Packard is another American tech company situated in Palo Alto, California. It is also one of the world’s leading computer hardware manufacturers which has taken the design and technology to the whole new level.

Below are the differences between Dell and HP laptops:


HP performance is considered to be better as compared to Dell because of the following reasons:

  1. HP laptops are designed by keeping in mind that laptops are a totally entertainment-oriented device.
  2. HP laptops contain a number of features which Dell laptops lack for the same budget.
  3. HP laptops have a better battery backup & life than its Dell counterpart.
  4. HP does not pre-install it’s complementary software’s.

So, if you are looking for the best laptop, based on performance, then you should totally go for HP laptops. But the build quality of HP laptops is questionable, so keep that in mind.

But if you talk about the performance without comprising the quality then Dell laptops easily beat the HP laptops. Although, you might end up paying a bit more but every extra penny will be worth it.

2.Design And Appearance

When you are all prepared to purchase a laptop, the look of the device is a matter of priority for sure! There are some noticeable differences in the looks and appearances of both HP and Dell laptops. They are:

  1. HP uses a different material, unlike Dell, to manufacture its laptops which makes it customizable and navigable which is not possible using a plastic case.
  2. Dell laptops provide huge choices in color. On the other hand, HP laptops have very limited color choices left for the buyers thus, swaying between black and grey only.
  3. HP laptops have polished appearance while Dell laptops are average looking and not much enticing.
  4. HP laptops are appealing to the eyes with mostly follow sleek designs, while Dell laptops are just standard looking.

So if you are looking for a laptop with better design and appearance, then you should definitely choose HP if you are ready to compromise with colors. And if the color matters to you, then Dell is the best choice for you.


The hardware used by both the laptops are made by contractors so there is not much difference between the two. The hardware used by these laptops are:

  1. They have the latest specification and configuration.
  2. The Intel processor used by them is i3, i5, and i7.
  3. They contain hard disk of capacity ranging from 500GB to 1TB produced by Hitachi, Samsung, etc.
  4. RAM in both can vary from 4GB to 8GB. Meanwhile, they have a larger capacity as well.
  5. Their motherboard is constructed by Mitac, Foxconn, Asus, etc.

4.Overall Body

Dell and HP laptops vary a lot in their body build.

Differences in their overall body structure are given below:

  1. Dell laptops are quite big in size. Their screen size varies from 11 to 17 inches while HP screen size varies from 13 inches to 17 inches.
  2. Most of the HP laptops have an end to end keyboard while most of the Dell laptops do not.
  3. Dell laptops are quite handy to carry while HP laptops are more delicate and need to be handled with care.
  4. Many of the Dell smaller screen laptops does not support Full HD resolution whereas the larger screen laptops of Dell do support the Full HD format. On the other hand, every HP laptop supports Full HD resolution.


Battery life is one of the important features of a laptop which needs to be considered while purchasing a laptop. If you need a portable laptop, then checking out the battery span is the most important.

  1. The battery capacity of an HP laptop is more as compared to Dell laptops.
  2. Dell laptops hold 4-cell batteries in their machine whose life span is great but you need to charge it quite frequently.
  3. HP laptops use both 4-cell and 6-cell batteries in their machine which are reliable.
  4. HP laptop batteries can work efficiently from 6 hours to 12 hours.

So, if you are looking for a laptop with better battery backup, then HP laptops are the best option.


The sound quality of laptops matters a lot apart from other qualities aforementioned.

  • HP laptops invested a lot of time and money in providing the best quality sound to their users. The HP Pavilion line, for example, comes exclusively with sound systems designed by Altec Lansing.
  • HP laptops consist of high-quality speakers while Dell laptop speakers are not much efficient as compared to HP laptops.

7.Heating effect

Anything on earth, whether living or non-living cannot function efficiently without rest! Similarly, when you are using laptops for several hours they have the tendency to heat up as the components inside it start producing heat after a certain point of time. So the laptops which get heated faster matters a lot, as heating of laptops reduces its duration.

  • Dell laptops pay a lot of attention to the airflow so that the laptop does not heat up too fast. On the other hand, HP laptops heat up faster as compared to the former.
  • With Dell laptops, you may not always need a cooling fan, but with HP laptops you will always need one.

So, while purchasing laptops heating effect must remain as one of the main concerns in the case of Dell laptops.


The main concern when you purchase any laptop is its Price. None of your choices must dent your budget! Everyone wants a laptop these days which is the best and falls under their budget. As far as price is considered, Dell and HP laptops have huge difference in their prices. Let us see below the difference between their prices.

  1. As compared to Dell, HP laptops are cheaper.
  2. In the case of HP laptops, the sale of most of their laptops are done through retailers.
  3. Dell manufacturers avoid selling their laptops through retailers and thus, their prices are more as compared to HP.
  4. If Dell manufacturers sell their laptops through retailers, they do so through authorized retailers.
  5. Dell laptops are expensive than HP because some of the components and material of Dell laptops are very expensive which automatically increases the price of laptops.

So, if you are looking for a laptop that falls under your convenient budget without compromising on its quality, then you should go for HP laptops.

9.Customer Support

When you purchase a laptop you look for what type of customer service support gets provided by the company. Below are the types of customer service provided by the Dell and HP laptops:

  1. Dell is one of the world’s best company to provide top-notch Customer support.
  2. Dell customer service is available online and also over the phone for 24 hours a day and on all days of the week. On the other hand, HP customer service is not available on Sundays.
  3. HP phone support is not as good as compared to Dell. Most of the time, a customer has to spend a lot of time over a call talking to the customer support person until the problem is actually resolved.
  4. Dell customer support is available in several countries. So if you are a traveler, you must definitely rely on HP laptops.
  5. Dell provides a very quick customer support.
  6. If you have any problem regarding your laptop per say, if any of its parts gets damaged, or any part is not functioning properly, then Dell is there to the rescue which is not only apt but a fast replacement whereas, in case of HP it may take some time.
  7. Dell website is very user-friendly and is responsive. HP website is very user-friendly but still less in credibility, as compared to Dell.

So, if you are looking for a laptop that will provide you the best customer support and a quick solution to the problem, then your first choice should be Dell.


Warranty is something which every buyer looks for while purchasing an expensive device. He wants longer warranty as possible for ensuring the longevity of the device.

Let us see below what are the warranty differences between Dell and HP laptops.

  • Dell laptops outshine the HP laptops in warranty.
  • Dell laptops come with more duration warranty than HP.
  • Dell laptops have various policies related to warranty which are in favor of customers and provide them with maximum benefits.

So, in terms of Warranty Dell laptops are preferable.

11.Offers And Discounts

While purchasing laptops, the customer looks for what extra discounts or perks he can get with the purchase. In terms of offers and discounts, Dell laptops ace the market. Dell is very caring for its customers and wants its customers to get the maximum benefit for purchasing the same.

  • Dell offers deals like free memory upgrade at very affordable costs.
  • Dell also offers regular discounts on their laptops. Such discounts are also offered by HP, but insignificant as compared to Dell.
  • They both also provide opportunities to extend the warranty by paying very little or no extra price.

12.Range of Products

When a customer goes to buy a laptop he wants to get a plethora of options to choose from. Dell provides a wide range of options as compared to HP.

Customers purchasing a Dell laptop can almost get all the features they’re looking for where there is no need to compromise. On the other hand, customers who intend to buy an HP laptop may have to make some compromise and settle for something other than what they are actually looking for.


Let us see how Dell and HP laptops are getting innovated day by day. Which one is improving more to make their devices outshine the competitor’s laptops of all other brands available.

  1. Both the brands are making improvements in their product as the technology is becoming advanced.
  2. Dell laptops are continuously adding new features to their laptops like most of the Dell laptops now have borderless screens also called infinity edge.
  3. Most of the Dell laptops nowadays have a single chip that acts as the powerhouse for both the CPU and GPU.
  4. HP added touchscreen technology to many of its laptops.
  5. The 2-in-1 machine is also an added feature of HP.

So, when it comes to innovation, both the brands are making the best of improvements in their products.

Dell vs HP: The Final Verdict

As given above, you have seen all the differences between Dell and HP laptops and you must have also noticed that both the brands have a set of merits and demerits. You cannot say that one is bad and the other is good as both of them have something best as compared to the other.

But if you want to know the final verdict of the Dell Vs HP debate then Dell laptops are better than HP. That’s because Dell laptops have good build quality, better customer support, good specification, sturdy build, variety of options to choose from, etc. The only downside is its price, Dell laptops are costlier than HP laptops. Although HP laptops are cheaper but it is well known that HP compromises on quality, even though you will get a good specification laptop for the same price.

So, when you go to the market to purchase a laptop, always look for the laptop that can fulfill your needs the best and can fall under your budget without compromising on quality.


So, there you have it! You can easily end the debate of Dell vs HP Laptops – Which is a better laptop, using the above guide. But if you still have any queries regarding this guide then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.

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