How to Delete Google Play Purchase History

Manage your Play Store history and digital spending with this guide!

As our curious fellow tech-savvy individuals, may we ask if you are worried about your Google Play purchases? Undoubtedly, the store offers a vast array of paid apps, games, and digital treasures that often tempt users. However, if you have made impulse purchases that you would rather forget, let’s discuss how to delete your Google Play purchase and payment history.

Delete payment history in Google play

Can I Delete Google Play Purchase History?

Yes, you can delete Google Play app purchase and transaction history in your account from Android.

How to Delete Google Play Purchase History

It’s worth noting, though, that removing a transaction just removes the purchase record from your Google account. It neither cancels nor refunds the purchase. Furthermore, removing a transaction does not erase the app or content from your device. To find out more about it, keep reading.

To delete your Google Play app purchase history on your Android phone, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the Google Purchases page on your phone.

Google Purchases page

2. Select a purchased item from the list that you want to delete.

3. On the payment detail page, tap on REMOVE PURCHASE at the bottom. 

Note: A pop-up appears with a warning that to delete the history of that purchase, you would need to delete the original email.

4. Tap on VIEW EMAIL on the pop-up and then on the trash icon to delete the history, when redirected to the Gmail account.

How Do I Delete Purchased Apps on Google Play

You cannot technically delete any app, purchased or free, on the Google Play Store, but you can uninstall the app. Thereafter, you can delete app data and claim back storage space.

1. Simply long-press the app icon and tap the Uninstall option when it appears.

Long press Facebook and tap on Uninstall | delete google play purchase history

2. Then, navigate to Phone Settings, then to Storage, and select Apps.

3. Finally, select the desired app you need to delete and tap Clear data.

From storage usage tap on Clear data.

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How Do I Delete Purchased Movies from Google Play

You cannot delete purchased movies from Google Play. However, if you have downloaded any, you can delete it. follow the steps:

1. Open the Play Movies & TV app.

2. Tap on the hamburger icon at the top-left corner and tap on Settings.

3. Tap on Manage downloads under Downloads.

Tap on Manage downloads under Downloads

4. Tap and hold the downloaded video you want to remove and select Remove from this device.

How to Delete Budget and History on Google Play

To delete your budget and payment history on Google Play, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Google Play Store and tap on your profile picture.

2. Select Payments & subscriptions.

3. Tap on Budget and history.

Tap on Budget and history | delete google play purchase history

4. Select Remove budget.

Tap on Remove budget

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How to Download and Delete Books from Google Play Store

To download and delete books from Google Play Store, follow these steps,

1. In the Play Store, select Books in which journals you want to read.

2. INSTALL the Play Books app to continue to read books.

3. Then, select Add to add your book to the Library.

4. Select Download now and tap Library from the bottom of the screen.

5. Tap on three dots to delete the book.

Select three dots to delete the book.

6. Select Delete from library and tap on Delete to remove the books from history. 

Select Delete to delete the books from history | delete google play purchase history

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to delete Google Play purchase history. We hope that our doc answers all your doubts. You can also share your other queries and suggestions with us by leaving them in the comments section below.

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