170+ Cute Wi-Fi Names

When you move in to stay in a new neighborhood and you do not know anyone by name, checking up on the available Wi-Fi networks can be an interesting pass time. People do love themselves so, naming the Wi-Fi networks at home with their names has been quite a trend. Apart from naming their home network after them, another way to have some fun is by assigning cute Wi-Fi names. If you were still wondering if the name of your wireless network matter at all, setting cool and stylish Wi-Fi names may improve your image in the neighborhood as someone unique and different.

170+ Cute Wi-Fi Names

170+ Cute Wi-Fi Names

Before going into the advantages of having cute Wi-Fi names, let us understand first why we need Wi-Fi names and all. When you buy a new router or switch ON your hotspot, you need to provide a name for the same. Giving Cute Wi-Fi names is a way to identify your mobile hotspot or home network. So, instead of the default settings, a cool Wi-Fi name makes your network stand out amongst those of your neighbors. Sometimes people also resort to attitude Wi-Fi names to send a subtle message to someone. Recent times have seen even offices resorting to fast efficient wireless connectivity and knowing about a few professional Wi-Fi names can be helpful. Finally, if you have a lonely neighbor, setting inspirational Wi-Fi names may keep him smiling.

Stylish Wi-Fi Names

Naming your SSID can be a good way to exhibit that style statement. Let us provide you with a few names that you can use for your Wi-Fi network:

  • I am the spark
  • Protected AREA
  • Electrifying
  • Not a free network
  • Infinity Wi-Fi
  • Bandwidth Power-House
  • Too hot to handle
  • Cool Guy
  • Connect to Energize
  • Too hot to spot and connect
  • Atomic-Powered
  • Love in the Air
  • Get Hooked
  • Anchor to Wi-Fi
  • Connect if Lonely
  • Invisible Net
  • Limited Access
  • Limitless Speed
  • Restricted Network

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Attitude Wi-Fi Names

JAN23 170+ Cute Wi-Fi Names

We know that having a bunch of stylish Wi-Fi names will surely not suffice. Let us give you a list of Wi-Fi names that can show-off your attitude:

  • Set-up your own Wi-Fi
  • Pay before use
  • Never Condone Wi-Fi theft
  • Password is-pay up for connecting
  • Out of limits
  • Password protected
  • No free LAN here
  • Data pack exhausted
  • Go to sleep
  • Don’t LAN-d on this Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi out of range
  • Not a free Public Wi-Fi
  • First-cum First Serve
  • Hate free Wi-Fi lovers
  • Go-Away!
  • Password Changes Everyday
  • Recharge my internet to use
  • You’re not Poor enough to Connect
  • Internet costs money
  • Try using your Hot-Spot
  • $60 per minute
  • Password reset to …
  • You’re not Welcome Here
  • Maintain pin-drop-silence
  • Dial Dad for Wi-Fi
  • Stop the noise and let me sleep

Inspirational Wi-Fi Names

Your list of attitude Wi-Fi names may be enough for a few days but once in a while, you may need a few cute Wi-Fi names to motivate a family member or a neighbor. We have made a complete list of inspirational Wi-Fi names with stylish Wi-Fi names to help you provide strength to the people you care about.

  • Stop worrying
  • LAN here to find solace
  • Exhaust your problems
  • Life is Great
  • Perspiration valued more than talent
  • Begin to be expert one day
  • Build your Life-Line
  • Never Ever Give-Up
  • I-am-Possible for the Willing
  • Value Thy Life
  • Life is Precious
  • Every second is precious
  • Life is a garden of challenges
  • Anger is a bad habit
  • Lose stress to prosper
  • Struggle Maketh the Strong
  • Mind Decides your Limit
  • You are infinitely able
  • Every Sinew has a Story
  • There’s a Lesson in every Loss
  • Effort Maketh the Difference
  • Decide your Limits
  • Time Heals all wounds
  • Live for those who love
  • Let’s celebrate life
  • Never Feel Lonely
  • Mind Maketh n Mind Breaketh

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Funny Wi-Fi Names

You can give those stylish Wi-Fi names to your SSID but humor keeps us healthy and helps us live longer. So, we are giving you a long list of funny Wi-Fi names which is sure to lighten up a dull day for anyone who happens to search for networks nearby.

  • You can’t touch this Hotspot
  • Hook-on and Love is here
  • Never lust for other’s Wi-Fi
  • Connect and Get CURSED!
  • Wi shall Fi-Ght till the end
  • never try to silence the LAN
  • Sponsor lunch for the password
  • Don’t use during Take-Off & Landing
  • Wi-Fi wouldn’t serve food
  • You can’t steal this Wi-Fi
  • Boss has left
  • Learn to jump from Monkeys
  • Don’t flirt with me
  • Wi Find my Name?
  • Spider in the network
  • Long live my Wi-Fi
  • Boss is here
  • Wi never Fire employees
  • Wi will Fi New LAN
  • LAN-demic
  • Wi-Fi and Sci-Fi are friends
  • Proposal to be Wi-Fi
  • Stop leaping on my bandwidth
  • Better not get hacked!
  • Wi-404-Fi
  • Wi will Fi new friend
  • It’s cool to love your Wi-Fi
  • Make friends with your Wi-Fi
  • Call me for dinner
  • 2G-Net active
  • Harmful for PC
  • Dead connection
  • Connect for 1G internet
  • Connect & get infected
  • Take-off from my LAN
  • Cannot stream OTT
  • Infected Wi-Fi
  • Users under Surveillance
  • Wi-Fi-ght the invincible
  • Help! I am trapped in Work
  • No internet
  • Top-Secret-Net
  • Wi need not Fi-gure out
  • Wi Can’t I Fi Love
  • Free with Coffee
  • Guess the Password
  • Order lunch for me
  • This is not a Wi-Fi

Professional Wi-Fi Names

I am sure that you may have already planned to try out a few of these funny Wi-Fi names. Let us now have a look at some professional Wi-Fi names that you can use for your office wireless network.

  • Link and work
  • Come on time
  • Time and Attitude Limits your work
  • Work is Worship
  • As efficient as you are
  • Connect to Work
  • Take Shorter Breaks
  • Wi are Fi-red!
  • Work Hard to get Paid
  • Meeting at 4pm
  • Appraisal Tomorrow
  • Plan Your Work
  • Daily Targets
  • We are achievers
  • Use Time Wisely
  • Office lunch tomorrow
  • Working lunch today
  • Work Safe
  • Team-Spirit
  • Safety first
  • Use only for Work
  • Drive away distractions
  • Employee of the Day
  • When in doubt ASK
  • Team-Work Wins
  • Customer is King
  • Meeting -Room-Wi-Fi
  • Office-Network
  • Value in Cooperation
  • Genius at Work
  • Password not required
  • Great minds at Work
  • Don’t need Wi-res to Work

Cool Wi-Fi names

Have you already renamed your office network? We are sure you may have. Now let us finally go through a few cool Wi-Fi names.

  • LAN of Mystery
  • Wi-reless n yet connected
  • Band-With-Us
  • Wi-reless helps you Go-Green
  • Connection Lost…
  • Smile when we meet
  • I love my network
  • Loving Neighbours
  • Breath-in-Breath-out
  • Blazing Speed
  • Life line of Wi-Fi
  • Lightning Fast
  • Routed to Magic
  • Power-up your browsing
  • Be Smart and Connect
  • Blazing downloads
  • Welcome to Band-With-Us


Just like clothes, cute Wi-Fi names need to fit the occasion, time, and situation. We are sure you would be wise when choosing just the right Wi-Fi name for your network. But a word of caution: you need to respect the sentiments and local laws while assigning Wi-Fi names. It is important that the Wi-Fi names that you assign for your network don’t hurt people’s sentiments and also don’t violate any statutory laws.


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