How to Create Fake WhatsApp Account for Free

Create a mock messaging account at no cost!

Whether you want to separate your personal and professional life, or simply hide your real identity, using an alternative WhatsApp account always helps. However, it is not always straightforward and cost-free to create one. This comprehensive guide will shed light on how to create a fake WhatsApp account for free.

how to create fake whatsapp account free

How to Create Fake WhatsApp Account for Free

The first and foremost step of creating a fake WhatsApp account requires using a fake phone number. This is because registering a phone number with WhatsApp account and verifying it with a one-time password is mandatory. To find out how, keep reading the guide!

Is it Possible to Fake a WhatsApp Number?

Yes, it is possible to create a WhatsApp account using a fake phone number. However, it is important to note that this is strictly against WhatsApp’s usage policies. It is crucial to keep a safe digital environment even if you are hiding your identity.

Can I Make a Fake WhatsApp?

Yes, you can make a fake WhatsApp account. WhatsApp has become quite strict regarding its policies to combat scammers using fake accounts to conduct their mischief.

Following are some of the methods that can help you create a WhatsApp account with a fake phone number.

Note: Some of the methods listed below might not work well. So, you are advised to proceed with caution and not do anything that goes against the safety policies of WhatsApp.

Method 1: Use Virtual Phone Number Applications

WhatsApp sends you a six-digit verification code when you enter a phone number. Hence, you cannot just put in a random number and expect your fake account up and running. To overcome this, you can obtain a virtual phone number.

1. Visit the official website of virtual phone number providers like Hushed and Burner.


2. Choose a phone number from the service list.

3. Select a desired plan, whether paid or free.

Note: Free plans may offer you limited functionality with phone numbers.

4. Open WhatsApp on your phone and put in the phone number.

Enter your phone number and tap on NEXT to verify the phone number with the verification code | create fake whatsapp account

Note: The six-digit verification code will arrive on the application that you are using to generate the phone number.

5. Put in the verification code on WhatsApp and get your fake account up and running.

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Method 2: Subscribe to an eSIM Provider

An eSIM lets you have multiple phone numbers on the same device without having the hassle to get physical SIM cards. eSIMs are flexible, since you do not need to stick to one service provider and switch depending on your needs and preferences. Numero eSIM and US Mobile are two popular brands in this field, which can fetch you virtual phone numbers without an extra SIM card.

numero esim

Method 3: Link WhatsApp with Landline Number

If you have a working landline number, you do not need to generate a fake phone number in the first place. Here is how you can open a WhatsApp account using your landline number:

1. Open WhatsApp on your device and make sure you are logged out of your old account.

Tap on Log out | create fake whatsapp account

2. Enter your landline number in the phone number field.

After entering your landline number, tap on the Next button.

Note: Let the verification via SMS fail.

3. Tap on Call me option when it pops up.

4. Receive the call on your landline phone to get the verification code.

5. Enter the verification code on WhatsApp to get your new WhatsApp account.

We hope that this detailed guide has helped you create fake WhatsApp account for free. Even though it is not illegal to do so, but make sure you are not using it for any activity that goes against WhatsApp’s policies. Keep visiting our site for more cool tips and tricks. Don’t forget to leave your doubts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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