Android Studio Versions List: Electric Eel to Hedgehog

Explore the evolution of Android Studio versions and unlock the full potential of the latest features and tools.

Android Studio, the primary integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development, is updated frequently with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. To take full advantage of the newest features and tools, developers must keep up with the history of the Android Studio versions list, from Electric Eel to Hedgehog. This guide will help you enhance the performance of your Android device right away and show steps to download each!

Android studio versions List Electric Eel to Giraffe

Android Studio Versions List: Electric Eel to Hedgehog

Whether you are an experienced developer or a novice, monitoring the version history guarantees you have access to the greatest tools for creating Android apps. Below is a list of different versions of Android Studio:

S.No.  Android Studio Versions  Release date   Patches  Required AGP version  Features 
1.  Android Studio Dolphin  September, 2022  Patch 1 (October 2021) 


  • Animation coordination composed  
  • Multi Preview annotations composed 
  • Recomposition Counts in Layout Inspector 
  • A new Wear OS emulator pairing assistant and toolbar  
  • New Wear OS run configurations 
  • Logs formatted by logcat 
2.  Android Studio Electric Eel  January, 2023  Patch 1 (February 2023) 


Patch 2 (February 2023) 




  • App Quality Insights from Firebase Crashlytics 
  • Live updates to your Preview changes 
  • Use Compose Preview with different devices 
  • Recompositions  

are highlighted  

  • Checks visual linting issues for views 
  • New Universal Problems panel to view issues in the design panel 
3.  Android Studio Flamingo March, 2023  Patch 1 (May 2023) 


Patch 2 (May 2023)

  • App icons with themes 
  • Dynamic color 
  • Updates to Live Edit 
  • Compose tracing 
  • Project templates updates 
  • Device Mirroring 
  • Shows traffic data Network Inspector traffic interception 
  • Modify headers and response body 
  • Auto-connect to apps by Layout Inspector 
4.  Android Studio Giraffe      April, 2023  Patch 1 (August 2023)


Patch 2 (September 2023)


Patch 3 (November 2023)


  • Android Gradle plugin
  • Android Studio compatibility
  • Live Edit is used to update compostables in real-time
  • New UI preview
  • New API support for Compose Animation Preview
  • Support for Grammatical Inflection API
5. Android Studio Hedgehog November, 2023 Patch 1 (November 2023) 3.2-8.2
  • Android vitals in App Quality Insights.
  • Power Profiler.
  • Target Android 14 using Android SDK Upgrade Assistant.
  • New UI updates.
  • Device mirroring.
  • Embedded Layout Inspector.
  • Compose Preview’s Gallery Mode.

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Android Studio Version List History

Android OS versions introduce new features like performance, UI, debugging tools, emulator capabilities, and compatibility with each release. Let’s check out following is the following list of Android Studio version history from start to finish:

  • 1.0 – December 2014
  • 1.1 – February 2015
  • 1.2 – April 2015
  • 1.3 – July 2015
  • 1.4 – September 2015
  • 1.5 – November 2015
  • 2.0 – April 2016
  • 2.1 – April 2016
  • 2.2 – September 2016
  • 2.3 – March 2017
  • 3.0 – October 2017
  • 3.1 – March 2018
  • 3.2 – September 2018
  • 3.3 – January 2019
  • 3.4 – April 2019
  • 3.5 – August 2019
  • 3.6 – February 2020
  • 4.0 – May 2020
  • 4.1 – Oct 2020
  • 4.2 – May 2021
  • Arctic Fox (2020.3.1) – July 2021
  • Bumblebee (2021.1.1) – January 2022
  • Chipmunk (2021.2.1) – May 2022
  • Dolphin (2021.3.1) – September 2022
  • Electric Eel (2022.1.1) – January 2023
  • Flamingo (2022.2.1) – April 2023
  • Giraffe (2022.3.1) – July 2023
  • Hedgehog (2023.1.1) – November 2023
  • Iguana (2023.2.1) – To be released 

Which is the Latest Android Studio Version?

The latest Android Studio version is Android Studio Hedgehog 2023.1.1 released on November 30th, 2023.

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Android Studio Version Features 

Now let’s explore Android Studio development with its different revisions, each brimming with unique features to meet the changing demands of developers.

1. Android Studio Dolphin

The Android Studio Dolphin (2021.3.1) focuses mainly on making high-quality apps. It has several features like:

  • Tracking of logs across app crashes and restarts
  • Gradle managed device
  • R8 supports the use of mapping files based on DEX instruction offsets and avoids verification slowdown on Android runtimes
  • Support for JDK-11 APIs with Java 8+ API desugaring
  • Stateless lambdas are no longer considered as singletons
  • Multiple logcat windows
  • Switch between view presets

2. Android Studio Electric Eel

The Android Studio Electric Eel (2022.1.1) comes with a new set of features and improvements like:

  • Resizable emulator
  • Desktop Android Virtual Device to check how your app works on a desktop
  • Check time spent on downloading dependencies using Build Analyzer
  • Insights on SDK 

3. Android Studio Flamingo

The Android Studio Flamingo (2022.2.1) is regarded as the official IDE for making Android apps. It comes with new enhanced features like:

  • New filters and filter search
  • Close issues or read and attach notes to issues in app quality insights
  • Operate some functionalities when offline
  • One-click automated profile-able build and run
  • Lint support for SDK extensions
  • IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2 platform update
  • Android Studio bundled with JDK 17

4. Android Studio Giraffe

The Android Studio Giraffe (2022.3.1) comes updated device file explorer and many new features:

  • Bug reporting tools and diagnostic tools enhanced
  • New make selected modules toolbar button to check code includes everything without being more than needed
  • Info downloaded during sync
  • Updated device explorer to view and manage processes
  • New Android SDK Upgrade Assistant

5. Android Studio Hedgehog

The Android Studio Hedgehog (2023.1.1) offers Android SDK Upgrade Assistant and many new features:

  • App Quality Insights’ Android essentials
  • Strengthened Profiler
  • Use Android SDK Upgrade Assistant to target Android 14
  • Fresh UI modifications
  • Mirroring of a device
  • Inspector for Embedded Layouts
  • Create the Gallery Mode in Preview

How to Update Android Studio Version

Follow the steps mentioned below to update the Android Studio version:

1. Open Android Studio.

2. Go to File and select Settings.

3. Click on Appearance & Behavior.

4. Select System Settings > Updates.

select system settings and click on updates | Android Studio version history 

5. Click on Check Now to see any new version.

Click on Check Now

6. Click on Update and Restart.

Click on Update and Restart

7. Click on Proceed.

Click on Proceed | Android Studio version history 

8. Select your setting options and click OK.

click OK

The new version of your Android Studio will be downloaded.

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How to Download Android Studio Versions 

To download Android Studio versions, follow the steps mentioned below:

Note: You can the aforementioned steps to download any Android Studio version.

1. Open the web browser on your device.

2. Search Android Studio Hedgehog download in the search bar and open the first page.

3. Click on download it here link from the Android Studio official page. 

click on download

4. Click on Download Android Studio Hedgehog.

click on android studio hedgehog

That’s it! Android Studio will be downloaded on your PC.

Hope this article helped you to know the full version list of Android Studio. Now you can download and update the latest features and enjoy the best Android experience. Leave your suggestions and queries in the comment section below. 

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